The Religion: Chapter 9

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Chapter 9


The call from Chidi came in earlier than expected in the morning. Bassey had thought he would be able to go to the station and secret health center and get information from those arrested in yesterday’s saga before hearing from Chidi. But he had barely had his breakfast before the call came. It wasn’t even 7 am yet.
Chidi had asked him to meet them that the girls’ apartment in Ikenegbu. He had thought they would meet some where more discrete given how his friend had spoken yesterday.
He was feeling much better this morning and he could feel his brain was well alert for the day’s activity. He hoped other police officers would feel the same. It was important they achieve as much as they can today.
Well, this could be all for the best. Perhaps it was better he heard from Chidi and his friends before speaking with the Omenka boys and the victim at the hospital. This will better guide him on what to ask his suspects.
He already knew where Chidi’s workshop was located so it wasn’t difficult for him to locate their hideout, if they would call Adanna’s residence that.
Daniel, Adanna and Nkiru were all seated in the small girlish sitting room when he was ushered in by Chidi. His heart skipped a bit when he beheld Daniel. He hoped the information he gets from them would help in the investigation. Somehow, he was glad that the day was starting like this.
Within a few seconds, they were all seated and ready to talk.
“We didn’t bring you out here this early because we think we have all the answers to what happened yesterday, we just want to fill you in and tell you what we know so that the police can take it from there.” Chidi said after a brief salutation.
“Yes, there are definitely more questions than answers. Perhaps we should start with Daniel and Adanna.” Bassey couldn’t wait to hear what they had to say.
Soon they were all through with telling him everything they knew. Yet the question on who killed Benson still remained unanswered. There was also the question on who was trying to abduct Adanna.
“If I am to believe you, then Benson was killed by someone who wanted to get to Adanna. I am still puzzled at why someone would be after Adanna,” Bassey said.
“Why would I kill Benson or send thugs to kill him and still implicate myself by writing down stuffs about my wife and kid only to come out and deny committing the crime?” Daniel said.
Bassey didn’t see any reason why anyone would want to attack such a nice and quiet looking lady but what Daniel had just said made sense and it got him thinking. “I remember my contact at the Road Safety Commission telling me that someone else was interested in identifying Daniel’s car. Whoever it was got information about Daniel’s car before we did yesterday.”
“Perhaps those two men who were after me memorized Daniel’s plate number when he drove off with me on that Monday morning.” Adanna suggested. She wasn’t feeling any better that morning even though her memory was fully back.
They had decided to call Bassey this early because Daniel wanted to take her to the Samuel’s clinic as soon as they were through with the cop.
“And if you are sure that those two who tried to take you away yesterday were the same men who wanted to abduct you on Monday and Sunday, then we can conclude that they killed Benson and made it look like Daniel did it so as to reach to You.” The cop said. “And I want to believe that they discovered who Daniel was after they found out he was the owner of the car that took you away.” He was getting excited as it all began to make sense to him.
“I believe so too, because I was with him throughout yesterday and he didn’t make any suspicious call, neither did he leave the house.” Adanna quickly put in.
The cops nodded in agreement.
“If killing Benson was all in the bid to get to Adanna, then they must be intelligent and systematic.” Chidi said. “But who could do such a thing? Why would anyone want to go through such stress just to abduct Adanna?”
They all suddenly starred at her.
“What have you done to these people that made them want to get you by all means?” The cop asked.
“Nothing… I have done nothing to anyone.” She said defensively.
“Perhaps you have not regained you whole memory.” Bassey said. If he was going to believe in all they were telling him, then he must know why these strange men wanted to abduct Adanna. It didn’t make any sense to conclude that they just wanted her for no reason.
“Well, she said she didn’t do anything to them and didn’t know why they wanted to abduct her. I think the police should concentrate on looking for these men. We could set a trap for them or something. I believe they are still out there looking for her and planning their next move.” Daniel put in.
“I think we have one of them. We have the one who was injured by one of the Omenka boys in our custody.” Bassey said. He had purposely withheld this information all the while he had been listening to them. He wanted to be sure that whatever they tell him wouldn’t be influenced by their knowledge that the Omenka boys and the injured person were in police custody.
“Then he will be in a better position to tell us why they are after Adanna since Adanna has already identified him as one of her pursuers.” Daniel quickly said.
“I will take care of that. But we will still need the both you to come to the police station so that we can keep you with us until the investigation is over. With that, you can be assured of your safety too.” Bassey said.
“I really don’t think that will be a good idea. Remember we cannot trust the police yet. Someone in your station is definitely giving out information to the wrong people and the police have not proven to be capable of handling the situation, not with the way they had poorly handled Adanna’s case. Daniel and Adanna almost lost their lives because of the leak in the force. We cannot entrust their lives into your care for now,” Chidi quickly insisted. His close relationship with the cop was coming in handy.
This got the cop thinking for some time. Chidi was saying the truth and he felt bad about it.
“Okay, I will assign two trusted officers to discretely follow you and watch over you.” He suggested. He wanted to ensure that they were safe and also that they wouldn’t disappear into the thin air.
They all seemed to agree with the suggestion.
Bassey immediately picked his mobile phone and made a call. They remained silent and waited for him to finish with the call.
“I have given them this address and a description of your vehicle,” Bassey said to Daniel. They will follow you wherever you go and ensure that you are safe. Don’t look out for them because you will not see them. They are already on their way.”
“Thank you very much inspector.” Chidi said.

Bassey shook hands with Chidi and Daniel before leaving. As he shook Daniel, he became certain that he wasn’t the killer, but his conclusion had to wait until he interrogated the injured man in their custody.

*** *** *** ***

Bassey couldn’t wait to get to the station and personally monitor the Omenka boys’ interrogation. On his way to the station, he allowed his mind to run through what he had just discussed with Chidi and his friends. The interaction was revealing but not conclusive. No, it would be unprofessional of him to just assume that Daniel and Adanna were no more suspects just because they looked and sounded like innocent citizens. Their statements made sense also but something was just missing. They all knew it; he could see it in their eyes. Who was after Adanna?
Was she lying? Had she done anything in the near or distant past that she just couldn’t talk about?
They were trying to make it sound like all these events were just a coincidence, but he wasn’t sure that they even believe that. He didn’t believe in coincidence also.
He just wished he was a better cop. Like the ones he watched in foreign movies. Those cops in foreign movies were very intuitive and could think out of the box. He and everybody in the force were in dire need of investigative training. All these guessing and trying and error will never take them far.
But he was bent on getting to the end of the matter and with that motivation alone, he hoped he would succeed. He was going to trying his best in this case despite all limitations.
Another problem was how he would catch the informant in the force. He had been living in denial that the force had no informant who had been giving out information to the Omenka family, but he knew that was a lie and now was the best time to fish him out if his investigation was to be successful.
He got to the station and asked that Emeka and Joe be taken to the interrogation room. “Let us see what they have to say.” With the little information he had gotten this morning that had giving him a clearer picture of the situation, he was sure of the right questions to ask. He was also going to interrogate them separately.
Emeka was the first to be questioned. His face was swollen and his right eye was reddish.
For the first time in a long time, he was fearful and hopeless. Barrister was gone, Papa was sick and he was in the police net. Who will rescue them?
“What is your name?” Bassey asked
“My name is Emeka Omenka,” his jaw ached as he spoke.
“Can you give us a brief description of what happened at the junction yesterday? Why were you present at the scene?”
Emeka had been thinking of what to say all night if he was asked this very question. Nothing reasonable had come up in his mind and now he didn’t know what excuse to give for being present at the scene yesterday. Only if barrister was here, he would have asked them not to say a word until he was present. Barrister was always wise enough to come up with reasonable excuses in time like this.
He was still angry at Daniel.
Bassey repeated the question.
“Daniel killed my brother and we were angry and wanted to get back at him, so we waited for him at the junction.” He managed to reply. Emeka was sure that it was Daniel who killed his brother. He thought he could always claim that their action yesterday was out of anger.
“You decided to take matters into your own hands,” Inspector asked.
“We were angry and we weren’t thinking.”
“How did you know Daniel was coming to the station? Who told you that he was coming to the station at that time?”
Emeka remained thoughtful for a minute. “We didn’t know he was coming to the station, we just waited for him at the junction hoping that he would be caught. We just wanted to ensure that he does not go free in case he manages to leave the station a free man.” Emeka replied. Of course he wouldn’t tell he cops that the family had an informant in the force. Emeka didn’t know this informant, but he was sure a thorough search through Benson’s phone contact would reveal the informant because it was through Benson’s manipulations that Papa got one in the first place.
Bassey knew he was lying. But the young man’s statement made some sense. He smiled for Emeka to see. It was apparent that they get whatever information they needed from him before it was too late. The cop was sure that through the family’s connection, Emeka and his brother could be out of police custody in a matter of days. Papa Omenka wouldn’t just sit in his palace and do nothing about his boys’ situation. Even with Barrister out of the picture, the old man can still pull some strings. “We know you killed Chief Orji and the witness, we have read the text message you sent to Barrister before he died.”
“I didn’t kill anybody…” Emeka defended himself. He was really scared especially with this new evidence about his text message to the barrister that the police was aware of. Now that barrister was gone he was sure the police will never let them go even if they were just suspects. Papa would definitely have started making calls that would ensure they leave the cell within three days if he was stronger. He hoped that the old man would recover soon. He was their only hope.
“Between you and Joe, whoever tells the truth first will be punished less. Right now, I want to know who told you about the witness. We will never let you go unless you tell us the truth.”
Emeka remained silent. The situation was far more serious than he had thought. He regretted attacking Daniel without giving their action a second thought.
“Who is the girl with Daniel? What role did she play in all this?” Bassey asked the most crucial question that has been bothering him.
This time Emeka looked surprised. “What girl?” he remembered Joe telling him at the cell about the girl with Daniel whom those intruders had tried to rescue. He was also sure these men were with the man that had disrupted his assault on Daniel and disfigured his face. “I don’t know who she is.” He replied, not understanding why he should be asked about a stranger. Perhaps she carried out the attack on Benson with Daniel.
The rest of the interrogation with both Omenkas didn’t yield anything interesting again. The boys were obviously buying themselves sometime and hoping that Papa will pull some strings on their behalf. At least Bassey was able to establish that they didn’t have anything to do with the girl and the boys were sure it was Daniel that killed Benson. This also revealed that they didn’t know who the men after Adanna were.
Nobody was still sure of who killed Benson. This was why he mustn’t waste more time on the Omenkas; he would come back to them much later on, but right now he must talk to the injured and unidentified man in the health center.

*** *** *** ***

Jack was in a total mess. Physically, he looked like a wrecked ship. His body couldn’t even handle the pain he felt at the moment. The doses of morphine the nurses have been given him since yesterday was not helping in reducing the pain. He had lost almost every blood in his body before he was finally brought here by those careless policemen. Jack would have preferred they left him there to die instead of bringing him here to suffer.
He was sure the Omenka boy’s axe had broken his shoulder bone. Damn! The boy really meant to chop off his head from his neck. It was silly of him not to think that the death of their dear barrister must have turned him into a complete mad man. He could hardly move his neck and the bandage around his neck was very bloody.
Jack was in a serene health center that was a quiet as the burial ground. He was sure that he was the only patient in this facility. They had first of all taken him to the station and after delaying for a long time they had pretended to take him to Federal Medical Center Owerri, only for them to bring him to this junk that was located somewhere in the outskirt of Amakohia. He wondered why they didn’t just take him to FMC because he was sure he heard someone gave some cops instruction that he should be taken there. He was aware of the time they reached FMC, they wasted some time again speaking on the phone and then brought him here.
He had fainted few minutes after he was brought here and waking up this morning still felt like he was dead.
He still felt very dizzy as a result of shortage of blood in his system and could hardly make sense of the world around him.
But he could remember the face of the lady whose fault it was that he was here in this hopeless state.
She was sure a real devil, she was evil.
The thought of her only made his failing heart beat faster and his brain dysfunctional. The thought of her made him feel like a mad man.
Why was such a strong evil lady designated to Priest as his earthly enemy? With the way things were going he wasn’t sure Priest would ever be able to conquer her. And if Priest can over eventually overcome her, then he must be a great man and a great god indeed.
He loved Priest and felt bad that he couldn’t help him capture his enemy. Priest had given him and every member of The Religion a purpose to live life to its fullest without any guilt or shame.
Now he had failed him yet that evil of a woman was still out there trying to kill Priest. It wouldn’t be fair for Priest not to overcome in this battle. It wouldn’t be fail for the man who had given them the most important message that had changed their life forever. A message that they wouldn’t have ever heard if they had never met him.
Even if he was going to die, he must help Priest the little way he can. Adanna was too strong for Priest and he would need all the help in the world from those who love and cherished him.
Jack wasn’t afraid of death. The only regret he had was that he was going to die without conquering his own enemy. But he didn’t allow that to bother him since he was going to reincarnate and seek his enemy out.
The door to his room opened and a skinny nurse entered. Her look was as distasteful as the situation in his tiny room. The room was redolent of history; Jack was sure no one had been here in ages. The only furniture it had was his bed and an ancient looking drip stand.
The nurse looked like someone who was cursed to be disliked by anyone who sets eyes on her. Jack was sure that she used to be a maid to a witch before retiring as a nurse.
When she entered the first thought that came into Jack’s mind was that she had come to strangle him. But she just looked at him like she came to confirm if he was still alive. Then she left without saying a word only for two cops to enter.
At the sight of him, Inspector Bassey didn’t think the patient would actually live longer than two days. The doctor who had attended to him last night had told him that the possibility of the patient surviving was little if better medical attention was not given to him. Unfortunately, the police force wasn’t ready to afford a proper medical care for him. He wasn’t going to be well taken care of despite his wounds and he will be left to rot to death. The only luck the young would have will be if a friend or family comes to take care of him and pay for his medical bills.
For now, Bassey hoped he could get as much information from him before he dies.
“May we please know your name young man, Bassey asked the obviously weak patient.
“Uh… she is evil… ahh,” Jack managed to say.
This didn’t make sense to Bassey so he repeated the question.
“Jack… my name is Jack. Please… take her to Priest, she is evil… Priest… she is strong… powerful, Priest must kill her.”
“What are you talking about? Who is Priest?” Bassey couldn’t help but wonder what the sick man was ranting. “Did you kill Benson? Who sent you to kill him?”
“Benson… had to die… she is the enemy…Priest’s. Please…take her to Priest, he deserves it” Jack felt his life draining out of him. The more he tried to speak, the more he felt he was in dreamland”
Bassey and the other cop with him thought Jack’s situation must have made him lost touch with reality. Perhaps the pain he was going through and the loss of blood had made him gone out of his senses.
Jack was now breathing hard and he unconsciously struggled to keep his weak eyes opened.
“Did you kill Benson?” Bassey asked again.
“Mmmn… ahh…Yes, Benson… Priest…Priest…”
“Did Daniel pay you to do it?”
“Priest… Benson had to die… she is evil, she is strong.” Those were the last words that came out of Jack’s mouth.
Bassey called the doctor when he realized that Jack was not responding any longer.
The doctor cross examined him briefly, “his body can no longer take the pain. So his system has shut down and now he is in comma. I am afraid you wouldn’t be able to get anything from him now.”
Bassey left the health center much disappointed. He had hoped that he would get reliable information from Jack. All he had gotten were incoherent and meaningless words from the man. Now, what was he going to do?
He still hadn’t confirmed if Daniel sent those men to kill Benson.
And what was this about a lady being evil and needed to be taken to a Priest. Was Adanna an evil girl? Was she possessed? The man also said she was strong. The girl he saw this morning didn’t look anything like that sick dying man was describing. Were they a religious body? He had said that Benson had to die.
Bassey was more confused than ever.
Well, he needn’t bother so much about Daniel for now since he was already under their watch. He’d better get back to the station and see what more he can cough out of the Omenka boys. He was surprised that he hadn’t gotten any call on their behalf by now.
He gave the doctor instruction to call him if Jack comes of comma and left for the station.

*** *** *** ***

Nkiru watched her sister dress up after the Inspector had gone. Adanna’s dressing pace was slow because of the calls she was receiving. Right now she was speaking with their mum on the cell phone and apologizing for making her go through the stress of worrying about her.
That was very much like Adanna, Nkiru thought, always putting other people’s problem before hers.
“He is quite a handsome man you know.” Nkiru said to her, after Adanna had finished with the call.
“Yes he is and he has always liked you. He is also a very nice guy, better than most doctors, lawyers and engineers that you would love to date.” Adanna replied, still busy dressing up.
I wasn’t talking about Chidi, I meant Daniel.” Nkiru had always encouraged her sister to get herself a date instead of devoting her whole time to her business. Adanna had great vision for her interior decorating outfit and would sacrifice her social life to see her dream come to pass.
“Oh, Daniel… I really feel for him. I mean… all the poor guy had gone through and now this. He is such a nice man too and doesn’t deserve all the sad things that had happened to him.”
“So, are you going to date him?” Nkiru asked.
“Nkiru! I am not even thinking about that now. Some lunatics are out there trying to do God knows what with me and you expect me to think of dating Daniel?”
“Well, when this is over, you could give him a chance. I think he likes you.”
Nkiru was very much happy to see her sister wake up by her side this morning. It was a great relieve to have the burden of wondering about what had happened to Adanna taken away from her. And she had Chidi to thank for it.
He had won her heart; there was no denying that fact. That was why she had moved to give him a good night kiss last night. He deserved it from her and even much more.
Nkiru would have loved to follow her sister and Daniel to the clinic but Chidi had asked to see her alone before he leaves for his home to freshen up. She would also like to do some cooking and cleaning before Adanna comes back from the clinic.
The sweet way Chidi had starred at her all through the time they were talking with the inspector had surprisingly gotten her excited.
Soon Adanna was all dressed up and ready to leave for the clinic. She had refused to say anything about giving Daniel a chance.
Nkiru was still on her light blue coloured night gown when she joined Chidi in the sitting room. It was a sexy night gown but not very revealing, though she looked great in it.
Chidi was still thinking about last night’s kiss, the feeling was still fresh and all he wanted was to hold her in his arms and do everything loveable to her.
God! She looked like and angel. She had always looked like that, but having her so close to him and dressed like that was beyond his imagination.
“I guess everything will be okay from now. Soon the police will find out who is after Adanna and it will all be alright,” he said. Although he would have preferred to tell her how much he loved her.
“Yes and you saved the day, how can I show my appreciation?” she said. She was still standing while she spoke.
“Well, you can start by giving more of that kiss you gave me last night.”
She smiled. She wouldn’t mind. He had made her so happy and all she could see in him was how irresistible he was.
“How is your hand,” she said.
He didn’t like the change of topic, “the pain is still there but it’s nothing I can’t handle,” he tried to raise his hand up as he spoke. “Thank you for taking care of me.”
She smiled again.
Oh God! She was killing him with those lovely smiles. It was really nice having her smile at him. This was the Nkiru he had always dreamt of and crushed on. She had always had a place in his heart and here she was, smiling at him in a very lovely way. He couldn’t control the beating of his heart.
“Why don’t you come and take a look at it?” he said.
She smiled once again but didn’t move.
“Come here,” he said softly.
It was a romantic command and she like it. So she went to him.
He stood up and held her by the waist breathing very hard.
“I have always loved you right from the first time I set my eyes on you. And I want you to know that if you give me a chance in your life, I will do everything I can to make you the happiest girl in the world,” he whispered.
She continued to look into his handsome face as he spoke. She knew he meant every word. She allowed herself to be held by him in his strong arms.
She felt protected. She felt loved. She wanted him to stop talking and give her a warm kiss.
He wanted to kiss her but he felt she deserved a fresh kiss from a fresh breath. But he brought her close to himself and hugged her tightly.
The hug felt real good and she enjoyed the soft caress of his strong hands on her back.
She pulled herself out and looked at him, “I will…”
She was disrupted by the ringing of Chidi’s mobile phone.
It was Inspector Bassey calling.
“Inspector,” Chidi answered, hoping that he had some good news about the men after Adanna. His left hand still held unto Nkiru.
“I couldn’t get anything reasonable from the injured young man who identified himself as Jack. He wasted my time mumbling some stuff about Adanna being evil and needing the attention of a priest. I believe he was hallucinating because he had lost a lot of blood from his injury and was in so much pain.”
“Adanna evil? The attention of a Priest? That is insane.” Chidi said and noticed Nkiru scowl.
“Yes, he said something about her being very powerful and when I asked him who killed Benson, he only said that Benson had to die. With that we know he must have known who killed the barrister, or perhaps could be involved, but we don’t know who sent him.”
“This means we are still left with unanswered questions,” Chidi said, unhappily.
“Well I just want to let you know that we still don’t have any evidence to let Daniel off the hook. He might have sent those boys after Benson for all we care.” Bassey said.
“I understand where you are coming from my friend. But you have to be careful not to have the wrong person arrested. All I am asking is that a detailed investigation should be done, instead of jumping into conclusion with little facts.”
“Definitely, that’s why we are communicating right? That is also why he is not in our custody but is allowed to move freely while investigations are on.”
“Any information on how and why those three nurses were killed at the hospital?” Chidi asked.
“No… the guy was a mess. I couldn’t get anything reasonable from him.”
“Okay, I will ask Adanna if she knows anything about Jack or has any clue of what he was talking about.”
“Alright. It also seems the Omenka boys were working independently and as far as they are concerned, Daniel killed their brother. I will give you more information if any comes, meanwhile, talk to Adanna and find what she thinks.”
The call from inspector obviously spoilt the mood. Chidi could notice this from the look of anxiety that had suddenly taken over Nkiru’s sweet face.
“What was all that about Adanna being evil and being in need of a priest?” She asked.
“Yes, that is what the Inspector just said. He said the suspect’s name is Jack… and he claimed Adanna was powerful. It makes no sense.”
“It sounds more like a religious group or something. I am scared.” The look on her face really confirmed this.
Chidi quickly held her close to him, “hey, there is nothing to worry about… the inspector said he was really injured and could be hallucinating. The information were the words of a sick man, you shouldn’t take him serious.” The need to go home and freshen up became eminent. “I’d better go home and also check out what is happening at my workshop. I will see you when I come around.”
She wished he wouldn’t leave, “Are you going to talk to Adanna about your conversation with the inspector?” she asked, as she went to get his shirt. She had soaked and washed it last night before going to bed.
“Yes, I will,” He watched her leave, feeling like he had just won a jackpot.
He was sure that everything will turn out fine. He will definitely be here to protect here and her sister even if anything happens.

*** *** *** ***

Daniel intended to drive her straight to his house and freshen up before taking her to the clinic but later decided against it when he noticed that Adanna was really worried about the persistent headache she felt. So he decided he would go home after seeing the doctor. Then he would make out time to see how his car can be fixed. Chidi had promised him that he would help him take care of that since he had friends who where specialized in car windows and screens.
Immediately the inspector had left them earlier on, Adanna had quickly gone into her room to dress up. She couldn’t wait to see Dr. Samuel and explain to him how she had been feeling since yesterday. It had taken her a little time to get ready because she had to take a break to either make a call or receive one, Nkiru also wanted to talk about her romantic life
When she came out all dressed up, Daniel had, at first, thought it was a different lady that had appeared in the sitting room. She looked really sweet and smart in a flowered designer’s gown that revealed much of her full legs and her lovely figure.
He instantly felt glad for having met her.
Bassey had called a few minutes before they left the house, instructing them that the cops that would follow them around were already in place and assured them that their backs will always be watched by the cops until the case was resolved.
“I am glad that you have regained your memory and everything is working out fine so far.” Daniel said as he drove out of her street.
“Yes, but somehow I still feel unsafe. I can’t wait for the cops to talk to that wounded guy. I will like to know who it is that really want to get me by all means. I mean… if they really went through the stress of killing Benson just to get me, you can imagine what else that can do.” She became thoughtful, “I haven’t hurt anybody recently and can’t really figure out why anyone should be hell bent of getting me.”
“Relax and avoid stressing you brain. I believe that by the time the police are through with the interrogation, the real facts will be out. At least we have the cops watching our backs for now.” He consoled her.
She nodded in agreement, “I am really grateful for all you have done for me and I am sorry for putting you through all this stress. Look at your car… being with me has exposed you to the danger of being arrested and killed.”
“I should be the one thanking you Adanna. Knowing you is the best thing that had happened to me since I lost my wife and kid. You have given me a reason to live and fight for survival and because of you I have avoided killing someone. You have finally given my heart a reason to be peaceful.” How he felt for her was beyond all he said. She had rekindled him back to life. She had made him find the strength to finally say good bye to his wife and kid.
There was also that strong effect she had on his emotions. Was it just her beauty and easy going nature or was he falling in love? He had once read somewhere about that sort of behavior pattern which psychologists call transference. They described it as a situation when individuals undergoing some sort of emotional stress start having emotional feelings for their healers which are in most cases their councilor. Perhaps that was what he was going through and not just because she was beautiful.
Doctor Samuel was already expecting them by the time they got to the hospital and entered his office. He was happy to see that Daniel looked much livelier this time around. He could see that she had somehow stirred up that life in him.
Daniel quickly filled him in on their experience yesterday while on their way to the station.
“Wow! I am really glad you guys are safe,” Samuel said. He was really surprised at the incredible story of what his friend had gone through just after he spoke with him yesterday. Then to Adanna, he said, “You are quite lucky to have regained your memory so soon. I think the little hassle you guys went through yesterday has a lot to do with it.”
“But the headache I feel is much; can you prescribe me something that can relieve me as soon as possible? Last night I finished the one you prescribed for me on Monday” she requested.
‘”I will do that right away, Samuel said as he wrote down some drugs on a piece of paper, and handed it to Daniel “The headache you feel is quite normal because your brain have really been stressed. Right now what you need is a serious bed rest. But if it persists, I will refer you to FMC for further examination. They have the facility to run a head scan that would enable us see if you incurred any other head damage.”
“Alright doctor.”
Daniel was already standing up, “I will quickly buy the drugs, while you guys can continue with your doctor-patient session,”
Adanna couldn’t help seeing him as a very nice and caring guy. He had really shown that how she felt was of great concern to him.
“I want to thank you for what you have done to my friend,” Samuel said with a very serious note.
I did nothing to him doctor,” she bantered. “Instead I had made him undergo so much stress. I am the one who should be grateful.”
“I have never seen him look so bright in a long while. You need to see how he looked a few months ago to understand what I mean”
Adanna blushed and smiled. “He is such a nice man and deserves much better; I wish I could do more for him.”
“Yes you can, just continue to be the lovely lady I have seen all these while.”
“I wish I could, not with my life in danger and both of us under police suspicion.” She said with a genuine worried expression.
“Well, you have to relax your brain and not allow all these worry you. You look very much better than the last time I saw you and I am really impressed. I believe you have recovered for good and soon all your worried will be over.”
“I hope so doctor, I am just scared.”
Samuel asked her a few more questions about her health and by the time Daniel came back, she was sure and glad that she was recovering fast.
“I need to go home and clean myself up,” Daniel said, after giving her the drugs to take.
“Alright friend,” then to Adanna, “Just give me a call if you feel any way you don’t like,”
Soon they were driving off MCC Road, towards Maris Junction.
“I am hungry,” Adanna said as they approached Crunches.
He looked at her and smiled. He liked the way she expressed her hunger, just like a cute little baby.
He found himself pulling over in front of Crunches. He wouldn’t want her to be stressed out because of hunger.
“Now that you have recalled your memory, can I get to know who Adanna is? Tell me more about your childhood and how growing up was like.” He said as he watched her put a spoon of rice garnished with salad into her mouth.
She tried to smile with her full mouth. It gave her face a funny look. He liked it, she was just natural.
“Growing up was fun. My dad ensured we never lacked and we were the envy of most kids in our neighborhood. We went to the best schools and had good relationship with our parents.”
“Is Nkiru your only sibling?” He asked.
“No, I have a younger brother, Obinna, he is younger than Nkiru. Right now he goes to school from home and stays with my mum. She loves him a lot and does not joke with him, especially since we lost our dad.” She sadly replied.
“I am sorry to hear that.”
“I really missed him he was the best dad and he made growing up fun.”
“So what were you like as a kid?”
“I was gentle and I was believed to have special luck. My family, friends and distant relation, say that I have a way of making people escape danger. Because of this, I was my dad’s favourite. I was his angel of luck. Once, I stopped him from making a journey that, according to them, would have led to his demise. The bus he’d booked his ticket for had a terrible accident and everybody died. There were other similar instances that people escaped death through my innocent interventions”
“Do you believe that? I mean, do you actually believe you were the angel of luck?” he asked thinking she was really an angel of luck.
“I really don’t believe that. I mean… if I was an angel of luck, why wasn’t I able to stop my dad from dying? A lot of bad things have happened to people around me and I couldn’t stop them. I think everything was just a coincidence. People find it easy to read meaning to things they can’t explain.” She answered thoughtfully.
“You saved me from committing suicide and murder, remember?
“No, you saved me from the hands of those terrible men.” She returned, jokingly
“Well, I am glad I met you. And to me, I think you are an angel.” He said.
She scowled, “You don’t think I am an angel of luck?” she bantered.
“You are a very beautiful angel and I believe you are luck itself. Your boyfriend must be very proud of you.”
“Boyfriend? Did I say anything about having a boyfriend? If you want to ask me if I have a boyfriend, why don’t you ask me directly?”
He loved her sense of humor. “Do you?”
“Now why wouldn’t such a beautiful girl have a boyfriend? Do you hate men?” He asked, with sincere curiosity.
She was through with the food.
“I will tell you when we get to the house. Right now we have to go home and get you freshened up. She stood up and they both left the fast food.
They drove in silence for a while.
“Do you know I was once almost raped?” she suddenly said as they drove towards his residence at World Bank Estate.
Adanna had always kept that part of her life to herself, but didn’t know why she felt like telling him about it. Perhaps she felt like she had known so much about him and it made her comfortable to open up to him. She liked him too.
“And I was wondering why you were such a tough girl. What happened?”
“His name was Blessing, but he was popularly known as Priest.” She said thoughtfully.
“What an odd name for a”
She smiled absent mindedly, “our surnames were similar, they were the Okonjis and we were the Okontas. Everybody thought our families were meant to be neighbors. The Okonji family was a very religious one and mostly kept to themselves. They were such a sad family. Blessing’s younger brother, Praise, was very fund of me and we were good childhood friends until he lost his life when he fell from a tree.” She remembered feeling really scared after the news of Praise’s death. She had found it difficult to stay alone in her room or in dark places.
“But Blessing was on the quiet side and he even got worst when he lost his father. He kept his distance from my family and I was always scared of him. Then one day, I was coming back alone from an errand and he stopped me in a lonely place. He looked at me with so much hatred and tried to me.”
He continued to listen.
“I have never been so scared in my life. I was lucky to have been rescued by neigbour who heard my scream. God! He almost succeeded.” She said and covered her face with her hands.
“How old were you?” Daniel asked.
“I was twelve and he was seventeen or thereabout.”
“Twelve? The guy must be a pervert. What happened to him after that?”
“It was discovered that he had been molesting other kids so he was convicted and sent to jail. I didn’t see him again until we left the neighborhood.” She replied.
“Such people shouldn’t be left out of jail. He should be allowed to rot there.” He parked his car in front of his house and both came out. He wondered what his neigbours would think happened to his car.
The estate was a lonely place where everybody minded their business. He hardly knew those living around him. His state of mind all these months had also contributed to his lack of knowledge of who they were.
He led her to the house and suddenly loved the feeling of not coming home alone.
The story she had just told him had gotten him angry and he saw how it had affected her entire mood.
Was that why she didn’t have boyfriend?
His mobile phone rang just as he was about to unlock the door. He gave her the key and took a step back to answer the call.
It was Chidi.
“I hope all is going fine with you guys,” Chidi said. He had already gotten ready to go to his workshop.
“Yes, the doctor said she was getting better and the drug he gave her seems to have stopped the headache. She is feeling much better now.”
“Nice. I spoke with my inspector friend earlier today and he told me that nothing serious came out of the interrogation on that guy after Adanna. He said his name was Jack and something about Adanna being evil and powerful. He also said she needed the attention of a priest.”
The word priest was like a magic word to Daniel. Didn’t Adanna just tell him about a guy named Blessing, known as Priest who tried to rape her a long time ago? Perhaps he was just getting things twisted.
“Funny, Adanna just told me about a guy named Blessing but popularly know as Priest who used to be her neighbor a long time ago.” Daniel said.
“Jack said she needed the attention of a Priest, like she was possessed or something. Bassey thinks he was hallucinating.” Chidi returned.
“Isn’t that strange? What sort of people will go though all these length just to dispossess a lady even without her knowledge. Is does not make sense.”
“I have been thinking about it all day. Nkiru didn’t make sense out of the information either,” Chidi said, “just talk to her and tell me what she thinks.”
“Okay, I will get back to you.”
Daniel got into his house and quickly gave her the information from Chidi.
“Why would somebody think I am evil and powerful?” she was really surprised at the information. It was also scary. “Could it be Blessing?” she asked.
“Needing the attention of a Priest and needing the attention of Priest are both different and similar. I think we should confirm from the inspector what he actually heard. The man might not be hallucinating at all.” Daniel suggested. He was wondering if the child molester was out of jail and is seeking revenge on the girl whose fault it was he went to jail.
She agreed with his suggesting and he quickly called the inspector.
“I remember him saying that Priest must kill her,” Bassey replied after Daniel tried to jog his memory. He hadn’t taken the sick man’s statement seriously.
Daniel quickly told the inspector about Adanna’s experience with Blessing after she had given him the go ahead.
“It can’t just be a coincidence. We will defiantly have to look into it. I will need more details please.

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