The Religion: Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Blessing Okonji used to be a neighbor to the Okontas a long time ago. The Okontas parented Adanna, Nkiru and Obinna. Blessing used to observe the Okontas and think that they were a lovely family, but his opinion about them changed with time.
Blessing was the first child of his Christian, born again parents. The religious status of his family played a major role in forming the wired personality later developed. His father, Mr. Okonji believed he was a special son of God as he ensured he missed no church service, prayed at every time he was alone, and ensured he brought his children up in the way of the Lord.
This way didn’t go well with Blessing but he had to obey his father anyway. He hated the church. It tried to make him everything he wasn’t. He was supposed to be an extrovert but the church forced him to be an introvert, he knew he had violent attributes in him but they forced him to be a weakling, he was a very intelligent kid, but they made him dull. They dampened his self esteem and relegated him to the background when deep down within him he knew he was supposed to at the forefront in every situation. He blamed everything negative in his life on the church.
Blessing was dying inside even at a very young age.
“Christians don’t walk like that, Christians don’t speak like this, you are the vessel of God, you don’t go there, and you don’t keep such friends, it is wrong to talk to girls so flee from fornication.” His father, a quiet but strict man would, always say. His father believed in the bible verse that said, ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child.’
Blessing and his only brother and sibling, Praise, were forced to become who they didn’t want to be.
His father killed their social life with his belief. And blessing’s real nature was seeking expression inside despite sometimes trying to talk to his few friends out of doing something wrong. He couldn’t tell how much he became a nuisance to his friends and soon they began making jest of him, calling him a priest just to mock him. The name stuck.
Blessing was an angry child. He wanted to be heard but he was obviously saying the wrong words.
Blessing always craved to be a leader in everything he did. But how could he be a leader when he had low self esteem and couldn’t even get his friends to listen to him? Everything about his life was going the wrong way. He hated his life. He hated his parents.
His father wasn’t even a prominent member of the church, a common usher who had no say in the church.
Sometimes Blessing wondered why his father got himself attached to the church in the first place. The man was so poor despite his fervent prayers; they couldn’t even afford to eat three square meals or even attend good school.
Yet, Blessing was somehow inclined to religion.
Then there was the fact that Blessing was left handed. He got scolded at in everything he didn’t, not only from his parents but church members and teachers in schools.
“You are a very disrespectful child; you want to insult me with your left hand?” his elders would tell him. He almost felt that his left hand wasn’t part of a human body.
He was always scared of doing the wrong thing. He was just a troubled youth.
When Blessing aka Priest was JSS3, his social studies teacher in the course of teaching veered off topic and mentioned something about left handedness. This picked Priest’s interest so he waited after classes and approached the teacher who took so much delight is telling Priest everything he needed to know. He gave the young inquisitive boy a psychology/medical text book which explained everything about handedness.
Priest took his time to read the book and that became the beginning of his reading habit. He read motivational books, religious books, mysterious books and scientific book.
From the book given to him by his teacher, priest understood the reason why he was left handedness.
He discovered that the left hemisphere of the brain controls the right side of the body and vice versa, therefore the dominant hemisphere which could be as a result of certain social factors or genetic factors determines if an individual will be left handed or right handed. In Blessing’s case, his right hemisphere was more dominant than the left. Only about 10% to 30% of the world’s population was left handed. Blessing liked that. To him, that signified that they were special people.
He found out that left handers also tend to have unusually good visual-spatial skills and the ability to imagine spatial layouts. They were also better in mathematics than right handers who tend to be better in English language.
Who cares about English, Blessing thought, to him mathematicians where more intelligent than their counterparts.
This gave rise to the beginning of his delusion about himself.
He started seeing himself as a special person. His religious mind started taking a different toll. He was going to be a leader, come what may.
Only that his idea of religion was different from his father’s. He wasn’t going to be a worshiper forever, not here on earth and not in the world beyond.
He then started seeing himself as a god. Okay, even if he wasn’t a God on earth, he was definitely going to be one when he dies. The idea of going to heaven and worshiping god forever didn’t appeal to him. So he started seeing life after death differently.
Blessing had always known that this world was full of mystery; of course he had seen pastors perform miracles in the church and heard testimonies of strange happenings. In his own world, he had witnessed strange things occurring around him. Calling someone’s name or thinking of him and he suddenly appears, having a weird feeling because something bad or good happened to a loved one, all proved this world was a mysterious place.
Everybody had secrets, and Blessing had his too, he was a child molester not to mention the evil violent thoughts that always pop up in his mind.
Yet, he was religious.
He tactfully molested all the kids in his neighborhood but for one reason couldn’t touch Adanna, the wonderful and perfect family’s first daughter.
She was his enigma.
He couldn’t understand what it was about her that makes him stand straight at the sight of her. She was a little younger than his younger brother.
Praise liked Adanna. He was just 13 and had strong juvenile feelings for the 10 years old and could do anything for her. She knew he liked her so much, but her innocent soul didn’t allow her think she was supposed to reciprocate, so she enjoyed the attention he gave her. She knew she could tell him to do anything and he would do it.
Adanna’s parent always believed she was a special child. To them she was a bringer of good luck. Her birth had been associated with the family’s wealth and her presence always brought good tiding. Once, when she was seven, she had playfully stolen her aunt’s cell phone, causing her to miss her flight while searching for it, this got everybody mad. Later it was discovered that Adanna had taken it. The flight crashed.
Adanna had also once persisted that her dad didnt travel on a said date with the excuse that she wanted to be with him. She had cried and cried until he postponed the journey. The bus he was meant to travel on had a fatal accident and everyone died. All these she did, ignorantly. But adults around her quickly associated her with good luck.
Blessing associated her with bad luck. He couldn’t just stand her yet he had no reasonable explanation to this.
Blessing continued to observe Praise as her adored her.
“Adanna like fruits, I am going to get more cashew so that I will have enough to give her,” Praise had once said. He had just climbed down the tree and felt he didn’t get enough for himself, his friends, brother and off course Adanna.
This had gotten Blessing angry, “Adanna this, Adanna that. She never takes anything from you, yet you force things on her. Did she ask you for cashew fruit?”
“Leave me alone, who told you she takes nothing from me? I know she likes fruits and she will be glad if I get some cashew for her.” Praised had protested while he moved to climb the tree the second time. His friends only observed, they could do with more cashews.
“Keep on fooling yourself. She does not even know you exist.”
Praise fell from the tree that day and lost his life. He was 14 years.
Blessing’s delusions increased. His hatred for Adanna worsened.
To him, she had killed his brother, but he had a strong feeling that he was her target.
Blessing continues to dig deep into life mysteries. He began to read mystery books. He wanted to understand what power Adanna used and how he could conquer her.
His parent’s wealth financial condition worsened and soon his father died of a strange illness. Blessing had to drop out of school and the future became scary.
His self esteem dropped more and the only way he could awaken his dying spirit was to molest little girls.
He decided he was going to molest Adanna, it was a suicide mission, but he already had a death wish. The future had nothing for him.
He was caught trying to molest her and other kids opened up after this. Blessing was sentenced to two years in prison; he was just nineteen years old.
Again, Adanna had gotten him. He came to believe that she was responsible for every bad thing that had happened to him.
He made a lot of friends in jail as he became popular with his preaching. His religious belief was different and it was suitable for criminals. They liked it, and they liked him. There he baptized himself and did away with the name Blessing. His name became Priest. Blessing was the old him, Priest was a completely different person.
Priest was a leader, a ruler. Priest controlled his world.
His self esteem was boosted and he clearly saw himself as a special person, his left handedness said it all.
By the time he came out of prison, Adanna’s family had relocated and he didn’t see her again. That didn’t stop him from having her somewhere in his long term memory.
But Adanna didn’t have any knowledge that Blessing blamed her for his misfortunes. She was aware that her friend, Praise, had fallen from a cashew tree and died but didn’t know that he climbed that tree because of her. She was just glad that Blessing, whom she had always been scared of, didn’t succeed in molesting her.
Priest joined a group of thugs, who invested their time in harassing people, petty stealing and rapping girls. Whenever he Molested any girl, he always pictured it was Adanna he was Molesting.
He still continue to dig into spiritualism and even joined some secret spiritual groups, but they didn’t give him what he wanted and soon he found himself jumping from one spiritual group to another. The leaders wanted to be worshiped, but Priest also wanted to be worshiped.
Once, one of the spiritual groups came sent three members to harass him for leaving their group. They were of the opinion that Priest already had their secret and was meant to be with them forever. He had made a blood oat and sworn to serve their belief forever. Priest had surprised them by stabbing their leader to death. They were perplexed as he took them by surprise and continued to stab his victim in cold blood.
He enjoyed it and loved the look of fear in their eyes.
The other two had to take to their heels and no one harassed him again.
Religion flourished in his environment, different churches grew with members and then he thought… there was no religious group for bad people like Molester, murderers, looters and thieves.
His journey into spiritualism made him realize that he was a god; everybody was a god and deserved worship. Not everyone can be worshiped here on earth, but everyone can be worshiped in the life after death. You can be worshiped as a devil or as a god.
But how can you achieve this? KILL YOUR ENEMY OR BE KILLED BY YOUR ENEMY. This was what he preached, this became their motto.
And so that was how the religious group called ‘The Religion’ was set up.

*** *** *** ***

Recently Priest saw Adanna in his neighborhood. She was doing some interior decoration work for a client’s house. He knew it was her even though she was much older. She should be twenty six by now, he rightly guessed. She still had that childhood innocence and God, she was prettier.
Then fear gripped him. She was his enemy and had come to finish what she started.
She had come to torment him again.
His life was going on well, his congregation was growing in number. He was revered beyond his expectation. His followers would do anything for him, they could die for him.
He had succeeded in giving the rejected in the society something to belief. He had given them a reason to live. No more guilt, just a mission.
Now what did she want? Why was she back in town?
Well, this time he will get her before she gets him.
So he sent Chinedu and Jack to get her. But once again she had proven stronger. He really wanted to bring her alive so that he could r.ape her before killing her. She would make a nice r.ape, he had thought.
He must come up with a good plan. He must get her before she gets him.

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