The Religion: Chapter 4

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Chapter 4


Benson sat his massive form in his E-class, waved at his wife and eleven years old daughter and drove out of Opara Street. Benson has always been a big guy, but his big body had witnessed an increase in form in recent times. There had been a tremendous decrease in his involvement in physical activities but a boost in his amount of food intake.
As he drove out of Aladinma housing Estate, he harked back to the brief family meeting that was held at the family house yesterday. He always gets a flush of childhood memory whenever he entered the family compound. It was a very big palace like compound with six structures of different sizes and shapes. The Omenka family was likened to a mafia cult group by neigbours and the society at large.
“Source informed me that there might have been a witness to Chief Orji’s murder. Are you sure nobody saw you yesterday?” The big old man was referring to Emeka and Joe. Emeka was his son, a junior to Benson, while Joe was his late brother’s son. Both were the ruthless killers of the family. They always lead on any violent activity that the family undertook. A large body size and crave for violence was a dominant trait in the Omenka’s family lineage.
“We were careful enough Papa, but I have an idea of who the witness might be. You know we can’t be too careful Papa,” Emeka said. They all respected Papa but he didn’t train them in a way that would make them fear him. Papa believed that such fear of one’s object of respect could inhibit the person’s ability to be bold and daring in the outside world.
“Well, it’s your mess; you have to take care of it, we are not yet sure what the witness saw. He is supposed to give a clear detail of what he saw to the police tomorrow morning. So… you know what to do. Meanwhile I want to congratulate you for successfully taking that fool out of the picture. He had always had a way of giving me sleepless nights.” Papa was a man of few words whenever he was unhappy but many words when elated. He was always proud of his boys; they have proven to be the true sons of Omenka. He was confident that whenever they were asked to do a job, they will definitely get the job done.
“We will take care of him first thing in the morning before he causes any damage.” Joe assured. He couldn’t help but imagine what he would do to the goddamned witness.
“Benson, you have to ensure that Hon. Iwu fulfills his end of the deal. I spoke with him yesterday and he asked that you come around the usual meeting spot tomorrow afternoon, I hope you wouldn’t be much busy?” Papa said.
“No Papa, I will definitely see him. I cannot miss the appointment for anything, knowing how important this business is to the family.” Benson actually wished he would join his younger brothers in tomorrow morning’s mission. He was really missing out in the action. This was why he was always picking fights in bars; he wanted to feel a piece of the action.
Benson had always wanted to be on the street like his brothers but Papa’s had been wise enough in ensuring that he became a lawyer. Papa had felt that it was important that the family have a family lawyer just in case of unforeseen circumstance. That decision had been a perfect one. A family lawyer was more important than a dozen ruthless family killer members. Saving Emeka’s Bottom from rotting in jail twice was one of his achievements for the family among other legal supports.
Well, he was still glad with the turnout of events. Right now he was the richest member of the Omenka and also their only somewhat legitimate source of income.
The final fact was that they all protected each other. At the mention of their family name, all enemies run.
“Yes, if you can seal off this deal, things will really turn around for us. Iwu was very glad when we spoke on the phone yesterday and from the look of things, I am positive that through him, we will definitely have more access to coke than we can imagine. This must be done; otherwise I cannot guarantee how we can cope with the bankruptcy that awaits us within the next three months.”
Iwu had insisted that he deals with Benson only, mainly because of his legal status in the state. This wasn’t surprising as most of their business partners had always insisted that they must deal with Benson. Benson was a confident Lawyer and so distils all feeling or air of fear with his presence and actions.
As he parked in front of his office, he still felt uncomfortable with the fact that someone might have seen his brothers kill Chief Orji. Somehow, he felt if this was not handled well, the situation might blow out of proportion and to an extent that he might not be able to handle. This was a drug issue they were dealing with and overtime the family had learnt to thread with caution in their drug activities.
Only very few observant people knew the Omenka’s family was involved in drug. All thanks to their constant delinquent activities which had served as a cover to their main source of income.
Recent government activities had made business slow. Hon. Iwu had approached them with a new business idea that would ensure constant flow if coke but his problem was Chief Orji who was known to be secretly taking steps to reveal Hon. Iwu’s involvement in drug. Eliminating Orji was the only option and he was now a bit relieved that the snitch was gone. Somehow he still knew that they had to be careful since it was now eminent that this deal must be successful.
He got to his office at Omenka plaza, one of his family’s few achievements, parked his car in a space which was a few distance from the plaza and walked into the plaza.
He was just about to open his office door when his mobile phone alerted him. He obviously didn’t hear his secretary greet him.
It was a text message from Emeka.
‘The witness has been eliminated.’
He smiled and quickly replied ‘Good, now I feel better. Thank you, now I can handle the rest,’
Now, Hon. Iwu can continue his transactions without any hitch. The family was going to make so much money from this deal. He couldn’t wait to speak with the drug baron.

*** *** *** ***

Emeka and Joe went straight to their hideout after the hit. Two other accomplices were with them. The hit had been successful and they were here to discuss the details and make sure there were no loopholes.
“My angle was clear, I was sure nobody suspected anything.” The first accomplice said, he was popularly known as Bullet.
“Good, how about your side?” Emeka asked the Afam.
“No, no, everything was very smooth on my side. The town was seriously sleeping the whole time of the operation. Forget it; nobody had idea of what was going on.” He said with full confidence.
“That’s nice to hear. I am glad we are able to clear this mess, we would have put the family in serious trouble and this would have gotten us more broke.” Joe said, his cloths were covered in blood and he was changing them as he spoke. He had handled the machete.
They had left for the witness home as early as 4am. They already had information that he was going to meet the police and discuss what he saw first thing that Tuesday morning so they beat him to it. The police didn’t think it was necessary to put him under protection because they weren’t sure of what he saw. The witness himself didn’t think that what he saw would be helpful.
The fact was that Joe had noticed him during the cause of shooting Chief Orji around the area. Joe had seen the window slightly opened but didn’t think that whoever was behind the window had clearly seen enough of them, so without wasting much time, he had let it go.
But their informant in the police force had notified Papa yesterday that there could be an informant who felt he could try identifying Chief Orji’s killers. He contacted the police via phone and revealed only his name but not his address. That was enough for the Omenka boys. A little investigation after their brief meeting yesterday revealed that Joe’s suspect had the same name with the unidentified informant.
Both Emeka and Joe were also aware and perturbed by the recent financial situation of the family. They were already known as one of the richest families in town. Their family wealth had been instrumental in ensuring that they were untouchable even by the law.
It made them above the law.
Now the money was fast running out. Drug business was becoming riskier and this was a chance to redeem the family and they could afford to miss it.
“That would have been serious. Are you aware that Papa is already planning to sell the Prado Jeep? I also over heard him talking to one of his political friends about borrowing some money.” Emeka chipped in. He was more handsome and witty of the two.
Both behaved like twins. They graduated together form the same institution, protected each other, were always seen together, and both were 30years old.
“God forbid. Well, I believe barrister will seal off this deal and the money will come rolling once again.” Joe assured. He was the more brutal of the two.
Upon successfully breaking into the witness one room apartment with Emeka, Joe had softly tapped the sleeping man. As he woke up, Joe had quickly covered his mouth with his large palms while Emeka skillfully tied his hands and legs with a rope.
Without wasting anytime Joe had slashed him into pieces with his knife cutting off his tongue first. Afam and Bullet had kept watchful eyes on the surrounding just to ensure that the slight sound coming from the room did not wake the neigbours.
“let’s quickly clean up and alert him that we are through, meanwhile…” Emeka said, as he walked to the edge of the bed in the room, and picked an uncorked bottle of Brandy, “…we can have a cheap party starting this morning. I already informed three chicks to join us, they will be here soon.” He opened it and soon everyone was having their share.

*** *** *** ***

Chidi got to his office by 8.30am. This morning he decided to skip his normal routine of morning exercise so that he could see Nkiru before the police talked to her. He also didn’t want to miss her by the time he got to her house. The fact that he was actually going to see her and interact with her had influenced the way he dressed that morning.
He was looking smart in a Navy blue T-shirt and a black chinos trouser matched with a brown and white sneakers.
He got to the workshop, got little information from his boys on the situation in the neigbourhood and workshop, and then drove straight to where she lived with her sister.
Nkiru and her Sister lived on the down floor of the building which had six flats on the whole. It was a neat building with an equally neat surrounding located on extreme left of Ikenegbu Estate, Owerri.
He noticed the window curtain shift indicating that someone had peeped to see who was visiting. He didn’t have to knock twice before the door opened.
His heart beat stopped as he beheld the angel of his life.
“Good morning she said,” trying hard to maintain a poker face. Chidi could still see a trace of fatigue in the pretty face. He also noticed that she was already dress up.
“Good morning, umm… I am aware that Adanna is not back home yet, I will really love to offer any assistant that you might require, besides I might have information that might help.” Chidi managed to say.
“Information?” Nkiru’s face relaxed a bit. She had always been aware that Chidi like her, the way he always stared at her whenever she passed his workshop already made his feelings for her obvious. It was nice knowing that she had such effect on a good looking guy like him. She also knew he didn’t have the courage to approach her. The day he eventually tried making his feeling for her known said it all. She can’t forget how he almost pissed on his pants and how the sweet handsome face became red with embarrassment.
She really couldn’t tell how she felt for him. Yes, she always saw him as an extremely good looking and well to do young man which most girls would die for. But she had always remained indifferent in her feelings for him. Perhaps his inability to approach her and say something meaningful had inhibited her feelings from moving either direction.
She always pitied him, but enjoyed the show.
Now, she couldn’t help but notice how adoring he looked. She also wondered what information he had and hoped it was something positive.
“I can see you are all dressed up. Why don’t you allow me to drop you wherever you are going while I fill you in as I drive?” Chidi said.
“Okay, I am actually going to the police station. Please give me a minute; I will join you in the car.”
He waited for almost five minutes but he didn’t mind, he could even wait for a whole day just as long as it was Nkiru. He continued to hold his breath as he waited for the magnificent structure to actually come into his car.
She was beautiful.
When she finally came in, he prayed to God he would be able to concentrate and drive well. The air in the car was redolent of her sweet perfume; it made him feel like he was driving a private jet.
“I spoke with an Inspector friend of mine yesterday about Adanna, and I learnt from him late last night that Adanna fits the description of a lady who escaped from City Hospital in the early morning of Monday. She is said to have killed three nurses before leaving.” He slightly looked at her as he spoke.
He could now see her resemblance with Adanna. Their main similar feature was their lips. While Adanna’s face was straight, Nkiru’s was flat and accommodated he facial features perfectly. She was also lighter in complexion but with an equally dark hair. Adanna was a little bit taller than her sister with slimmer body features than Nkiru. Like her sister, Nkiru had full legs that carried her admirable hips and full body perfectly.
“You know that is not possible right? There must have been a misunderstanding somewhere.” She looked very sure that the information was wrong.
“I thought so too, but Inspector Bassey sounded like he knew what he was saying. In fact they were even planning to come to you this morning and to ask you some questions about her behavior in recent times. The lady at the hospital was delusional, they said.”
There was a little smile on her lips, “They must be joking. Well, let’s get to the station and hear what they have to say. I just wonder where she is. Is she safe? How could she just disappear just like that? It makes no sense. You can’t imagine how last two nights were for me.”
“I understand. It worries me too. I am sure we will find her. We have to remain hopeful.
Somehow, she was glad she was with him at the moment. She hopped he would be with her all day, helping her and saying those comforting words to her. She noticed that he was trying hard to avoid her eyes as he spoke.
“Have you contacted your parents?” he asked.
Yes, I have… my dad is late and my poor mother has been worried since she got the information. Everybody is keeping their hands crossed. Like you said, we are just hoping for the best.”
They finally arrived at the police station near government house. Chidi found a good place and parked.
Inspector Bassey was in his office. It was a typical Nigerian police office, scanty with a filling cabinet on the far left, two leather chairs for visitors and pictures of the president, governor and top police officials on the wall. His table was also scanty with few writing materials and a plastic name tag. This wasn’t the first time Chidi was entering the office.
Bassey looked tired, which was surprising because the day was just beginning.
He sat up immediately he saw Chidi and the pretty young lady, “Oh, I am glad you are here, please have a seat… is this the missing girl’s sister?”
“Good morning Sir,” Nkiru greeted as she sat down.
“Yes, this is Nkiru… the air here looks more excited than the usual, what is happening?” Chidi was trying to make himself comfortable as he spoke.
“Welcome young woman,” the Inspector said to Nkiru, then to Chidi, “Like I said yesterday, Owerri is becoming something else. A young man was butchered in his house this morning by unknown persons. In fact we just found out that he was the same individual who informed us yesterday that he might have information on Chief Orji’s murderers. We were expecting him to turn up in person this morning as he promised, only for him to be found in pieces at his home.”
“Wow! that is organized crime. Some well informed people are a step ahead of the police,” Chidi exclaimed.
“Yea, and it now seem obvious that we have a mole in the force. Well, that is the reason why we couldn’t make it to your place this morning young lady. I am guessing you have not heard anything from your sister yet. Did Chidi inform you on the latest development?” he automatically switched to their reason for being in his office.
“Yes sir, but I didn’t think that the lady I question is my sister.”
“You can say that, but does your sister have a twin?” The Inspector asked.
“Then how possible is it that she could be missing, yet someone who looked exactly like her is being identified as the lady I am talking about?” he stretched his hand and searched through a pile of few files on his table as he talked. He located a flat file with just two sheets of papers inside and opened it. This is the case file of the lady that escaped from the hospital yesterday. I took interest in the case after I realized that the lady’s description was the same with the description Chidi gave me yesterday.”
Nkiru collected the paper he handed to her. It described nobody but Adanna. “How could this be possible,” she muttered under her breath.
“The report the hospital gave was that she was found unconscious on Ajah Street, off Wetheral Road. She was brought in by good Samaritans who claimed they didn’t know her. It was discovered, after she became conscious, that she was not in touch with reality. This the hospital staff found strange since she was well dressed and all that.” Bassey explained.
“Yes, the hair salon she patronizes is somewhere around Ajah Street.” Nkiru confirmed, she was now almost certain that the lady in question was Adanna.
“Our main reason for wanting to talk to you is to find out more about her state of mind, so that we declare her a danger to the public. We would have done this since yesterday, but we are really overwhelmed by rampant murders in the state.”
“She is not the type that would hurt anybody and I can assure you that she was in a perfect shape when she left the house on Sunday evening for the salon.” Nkiru desperately explained.
“Like I told you yesterday, Adanna is a very nice girl who avoids getting into trouble with anyone.” Chidi added.
“What is her occupation?” the inspector asked.
“She is a small time interior decorator with her shop outlet at Douglas Street. She had never had any problem with any of her clients.”
“Well, we know for sure that an unaccounted incident led her to an unconscious state which was why she was brought to the hospital in the first place. While I instruct that image of her be put in every corner of the town as well as mass media public announcement, we will also investigate on what actually happened between when she left the salon a healthy person and when she was found unconscious.” Bassey said
“Should we have the impression that this process will start immediately?” Chidi asked.
“I cannot assure you investigations and even public notifications on her case will start immediately. We are under pressure trying to locate Chief Orji’s killers. But I promise that I will do my very best to ensure that your case is looked into as soon as we have a small chance.”
Chidi immediately noticed the disappointed look on Nkiru’s face.
“That is not assuring Inspector, it is not fair that my sister’s case be shoved aside for another case which I can see that the police force regard as more important.”
Bassey stood up; well if I had the power I would have started rolling the ball in your case even before you arrived here this morning. Chidi is my friend I am aware of how concerned he is about Adanna. But let’s see how it goes, I will communicate with you as soon as something comes up.”
It was a helpless situation. The policeman had indirectly made it clear that Adanna’s case wasn’t important enough to be given immediate attention since more attention was directed at Chief Orji’s case which was more important than Adanna’s.
They silently got into the car and drove off the police station in silence.

*** *** *** ***

“I’d better rush to the clinic,” Dr. Samuel got up and headed for the door. He had been with Daniel and the amnesic lady for the past thirty minutes and was glad to see that she was doing much better than yesterday. The headache had reduced, according to her and she felt a little bit stronger. The latter, he confirmed by the neat condition of Daniel’s abode when compared to how it was yesterday.
“Thank you very much Samuel, I really appreciate your effort.” Daniel said as he walked him to the door. The doctor had come with extra cash and enough breakfast in a food flask for two people. Daniel’s heart had further been gladdened with the awareness that the patient was feeling much better and might not be in danger after all. The only problem that remained was that she was still amnesic.
“Thank you Doctor, you have been most kind.” Adanna said to him as she observed the two friends from the background. She had noticed a change in Daniel’s behaviour when the doctor came into the environment. There were brief moments of unwarranted hesitations and Daniel was trying very hard to avoid the doctor’s eyes. But the doctor’s response to his needs showed that they were or used to be good friends. Well, she was feeling better this morning and that was enough reason to embrace the tiny feeling of happiness within her and nature it into hope and great expectation.
Daniel closed the door and sat down on the nearest seat in his sitting room. His house was different. His mind set had also changed.
He had been surprised when he woke up and found her cleaning the house. Daniel was a deep sleeper and could, whenever he felt sleepy, sleep anywhere available and be comfortable. He was still sleeping on the long leather seat in his sitting room when she was half way through with cleaning the whole house. It had been like waking up in a new environment.
It was just strange having a woman in his house. She looked good in his boxer and T-shirt.
“You didn’t have to do that,” he slowly said, still trying to shake off the sleep in his eyes.
She was cleaning the dusty furniture with a piece of cloth she found in the house. “Oh, I am sorry but, unlike you, I am not used to staying in this kind of environment.” She said before looking towards his direction. “Good morning.”
“Yea, morning.” Daniel was now sitting instead of lying down. “Are you trying to tell me that you remember the kind of environment you are used to?” he asked in all seriousness.
“No, I don’t remember anything yet. But I am feeling much better today. The headache has subsided and I don’t feel the dizziness anymore. That drug the doctor prescribed must be very good.”
He was just gazing at her as she spoke. The house was just alive with her presence. And for the first time in a long while he felt a little less lonely.
He liked her. The way her lips curved when she talked and smiled. The ease at which she was adjusting to his environment and making him feel at home, something he had never felt since he parked into this house.
Wow, he thought, it’s been a long time I felt this relaxed.
“Why do you like such a dirty environment?” she broke into his thought, “I bet some pigs wouldn’t even want to live here. Do you believe that when I woke up this morning, I thought I was in a refuse dump?”
She might not know it, but she just reminded him of why his house was unkempt. He remembered that twenty four hours ago, he didn’t care about anything or anyone in this world, not even himself. The feeling started creeping in again.
He stood up and walk towards the bedroom, “Well thanks for helping me out, like I said before, you didn’t have to do it. I don’t give a damn if the house is neat or not.” He concluded from the bathroom.
She could detect slight disgust in his voice. “Well, cleaning here wasn’t a big deal. Honestly, it felt like something I am used to doing. I just have this desire to clean here up and love-vendor it into a magnificent state, like I am trying to remember something.”
He walked back into the sitting room and sat down, “That is nice, perhaps your memory might not take long to come back after all. We will wait and see what the doctor has to say.” From nowhere, the image of Benson flashed in his mind and he became lost in his world of thought again. Then he felt that anger and hatred for him. How can he be here, in his home, with a strange lady while Benson was still walking a free man all over Owerri? What will Akudo and his daughter be thinking of him from the world beyond? He regretted not having been able succeed in his plan yesterday. He knew he would never be a happy man alive, not with Benson alive and not caring about what he was going through.
But he wasn’t angry with this pretty lady for disrupting his plan. Helping her had impacted positively on him and had made him felt different for change. The feeling was good, but he couldn’t explain it. That was why he was hell bent on trying to ensure that he helped her to the end.
“Daniel!” she called
He was jolted out of his rumination by the sharp feminine sound of his name. He suddenly looked at her, “Sorry, I was lost in thought, what were you saying?”
She stared at him for some seconds, “I was thanking you for helping me yesterday and was also wondering why I was in the hospital and why those men wanted to abduct me.” She said. What was bothering this man? She thought. The disarray in his room was a sign that he was going through some emotional problems; he didn’t even have food in his house. And she could recall that yesterday he had said something about God not helping him with his wife and kid. Could he be going through financial or marital problems? Was she a burden to him? How would she make it out there without his help? God! She didn’t even know who she was!
Somehow she was beginning to get attached to him, she felt protected by just being around him.
There was a sharp knock on the door and Daniel quickly rushed to open the door. He was already sure that it was his doctor friend. Funny, he couldn’t even remember the last time someone knocked on his door.

*** *** *** ***

“You know I will feel much better if you can let me in on what is bothering you.” She said to him as she ate from the plate of rice in her hand. It was thoughtful of Dr. Samuel to bring food along with him. The food tasted nice but Daniel had refused to eat, claiming the he was not yet hungry. She remembered that he ate very little last night before going to bed.
He looked at her for some seconds. She was easy going and her presence was helping in calming his nerves. She was the only reason why he had not gone totally crazy for not succeeding in doing away with both his life and Benson’s yesterday.
Why did she think he would want to tell her what he was going through? Will she understand and tell him something different from what he had been hearing from his friends? What difference will telling this pretty confused lady a little about what he has been going through for the past two years make?
“Don’t worry; we should concentrate on helping you instead of complicating things with my problems.”
“I really think I should take my mind off my problems for a while. You can’t keep it all to yourself, I am really concerned.”
He smiled at the way she talked while eating, perhaps he should just tell her and hear her opinion from a stranger’s point of view. Besides he was already enjoying her company… something he had denied himself of for a long time now. It would do him no harm talking to someone about his problem after a long while.
“I will need you to pay attention. What I am about to tell you is very important to me and I wouldn’t want to say it if you will not pay attention.”
“I am all ears she said,” as she took the last sip from the sachet water in her hand.
“Two years ago, I was a happily married man with a beautiful daughter. I and my wife, Akudo, were a perfect match for each other and I have never had such wonderful times with anyone in my life. We really loved each other and were there for each other in times of need. She was perfect for me and I felt I was perfect for her too.” He stopped; he was already in a thinking mood.
The way he looked made Adanna wonder if he remembered she was there with him listening.
He sighed heavily and continued, “She was a teacher in the same school my four years old daughter schooled. And I always made sure I took my time off work and picked them whenever school was over for the day. I remember always looking forward to seeing her, like I didn’t see her every morning or like she didn’t live with me. I could never have enough of her. I loved her.”
Tears were already coming from his eyes. The emotions emitting from him overwhelmed her and every object in the sitting room. She could only remained immobile as goose flesh flushed all over her skin.
“I used to run a consulting firm and was pretty comfortable with my family, finance wise. It was all good until one unfortunate day that I was too busy to pick Akudo and my little girl. I got a call from a stranger informing me that my family was hit by a drunk driver on the spot they were waiting for bus. Both died at the spot. Tell me who gets drunk by 4pm?”
“Wow.” It was a soft whisper that escaped from Adanna’s lips. She didn’t realize that such extent of harm had been done to this man.
The tears that flowed from Daniel’s eyes were uncontrollable. He didn’t attempt to stop them from flowing.
“Could you imagine that the drunk Driver was Benson Omenka a renowned barrister in the state?”
The name didn’t ring a bell to Akudo, but from the way he called the name, she was expected to know the lawyer. She remained silent and listened to him even as he took deep short breaths as if letting out piles emotions that have been built in him all these years. He was struggling to speak; the words were coming out from the subconscious where he had repressed them for a very long time.
“I tried to seek justice when I realized that the law wasn’t even making any attempt to punish the offender whose recklessness had led to the demise of my lovely wife and kid. But I came to the realization that he was above the law, in fact every of the Omenkas where above the law. They were licensed to be reckless.”
“How could that be possible?” the surprised Adanna asked.
“That was even the most painful part of this whole experience. They made it look like my family deserved what happened to them. And before I knew it, the offender became the victim. The Judge and a lot of prominent bad people were good friends to this notorious family…” a wiry smile escaped his lips and he looked up thoughtfully. “It is quite funny how evil attracts friendship and love. I was subdued by the family’s clout. They made me realize that I was just an ordinary citizen and shouldn’t think that I was anything more than that just because I lost my wife and kid. But I tried my best to fight for them. I didn’t relent in pursuing the case, and then I started receiving threat messages. I was simply asked to decide if I will like to join my family and the favour would be granted to me instantly.”
Adanna observed that the tears had stopped flowing. The man opposite her was now an angry man. The eyes were now different and she was afraid that he might have done something terrible in the cause of grieving for his family.
“I wasn’t afraid of death, but I became a nuisance to those who were supposed to uphold the law. Benson was a very good criminal lawyer and he knew how to manipulate justice to his favour. I couldn’t prove he was drunk even though it was obvious at the time of the accident and gradually, the case was swept under that carpet.
I became devastated after this, I couldn’t function well in the society and my firm crumbled. Gradually I started isolating myself from people and even thought of suicide but couldn’t bring myself to do it. I was now living on just my savings and soon I became broke. I sold my how after a year and six months, and parked in here. So many people didn’t know my new home even Samuel who tried his best to be there for me.”
“But why did you push yourself away from someone who genuinely wanted to help you?” Adanna asked, she remembered seeing how the doctor was making so much effort to be there for him even for the short period of time she had met him.
“I wanted to hurt Barrister Benson by hitting him with car; I wanted to give him a taste of his own medicine. But Samuel discouraged me and asked me to let it go. How could he not understand? How could he feel that I’d rather go through sleepless night thinking about my family and feeling incompetent of giving them justice? Taking his advice did me more harm than good because I suffered more but he wouldn’t know; no one knew what I was going through. The world moved on like nothing happened. All around me I saw lovers shearing wonderful moments, the rich and evil enjoying their wealth and fame and nobody really cared about what happened to Mr. Daniel. Nobody really understood what I was going through so I decided to stay on my own.”
“Was it better? Did it make the pain go away?” Adanna asked. The look on her face showed that she really wanted to know if staying alone was the right decision, because she didn’t think it was.
“I wouldn’t say it was better because while I isolated myself from the world, I unconsciously stayed away from my own self. I didn’t feed well, didn’t clean my home and wasn’t making money for myself. But I was able to build up the courage to take a firm decision. I decided I was going to kill Benson and take my life too. So I started following him, and waiting for the right time to strike. Yesterday was the D-day. I was just about to strike when, from nowhere, you came and disrupted my plan.” He stopped.
There was a lingering silence in the room.
What happened yesterday was a miracle, Adanna thought. He wasn’t meant to die yesterday; nature had used her to save him. He had met her for a purpose.
This got her asking… who am I?

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