The New Rules

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Solomon and Jennifer Ebot

Solomon and Jennifer Ebot

We are going to adopt a different method of posting updates and it starts from the next update in a few minutes. Any time the last update gets up to 20 comments, I will post a new one. It means that we can actually have more than three updates daily. It also means that we can have less than that as long as the comments remain below 20. This is just an attempt to make the story more engaging and carry many people along at the same time. There are questions people ask me privately which I am sure some of you here can easily answer for them. I will be posting only one update each day if the comments doesn’t meet the required numbers.

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  1. Joe Derin Adebisi

    Oga zubby, ride on. Comment go full now am sure. Very soon, i will be going to where you started from, Cottbus in Brandenburg, Germany.

  2. Zubby activate your blog comments…i dnt know what happened …it was there bfo…or why u removed it..not everybody might like postng via facebook..i for one dont like it…activate it and you we see that u wud ve more comment..Even if i try using my laptop i cant access the comment box on the full site. plus having ur blog comment opened is more interactive i think..some peeps myt like to comment as anonymous also..i hope u understand what am saying..activate it ok

  3. Nze Josh-Dannyboy

    I support this move Boss

  4. i want to comment o, but these change of websites is really getting me confused.

  5. Nice one zuby. Pls keep it up.

  6. You know me na…..Zuby!

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