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Dear Runners, we have been  making some changes on our website to make it mobile friendly and better. We wish to explain to you, some of the things we have already done.

We will start with the ability for members to now post interesting articles on Global Runs. The images below will teach you how to create your own topic and post it for us.
Every topic you created will be automatically added to one Section called “General News”

It will not show up on our front page until we review and approve it.

However, i still remember the reason why you are here; it is because of the Main Story.
The Main Story continues and the last four Chapters will always remain at the top of the homepage. It means that each time you open our website’s home page, the first four posts you see are the Life on the Run Stories.
We have our reasons for what we are doing and we believe you will understand us.

If you are using a mobile gadget to browse our site, you are most likely to be seeing the Above Image. The link circled with red is the Menu. If you click on it, you will see the entire Menu Links as shown below.

The “Create a New Topic” above link takes you to the page where you are required to create your new topic.
It could be on any interesting news or Article.
Remember that you are required to register or login before you can be able to create a topic for us.


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  1. Cool! Runs to nairaland to copy a topic and post here!

  2. What an interesting webpage you have created. Globalruns now becomes easily accessible and more interesting.
    Well done Oga Zubby, more grease to your elbow.

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