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“Hey Jason, welcome back from the dead, ha ha ha, common , come here man, missed you big time” my best friend Luke said to me as I resumed school after been discharged by the Doctor for what he actually called a miracle. “I can’t seem to explain this, but Jason shouldn’t even be talking considering the gravity of his injuries, just yesterday I and my team stitched up his IVC for the second time in as many days. This morning I checked up on him and I saw him eating. That was my first surprise. I did a routine check on him and found his heart beating normal, that shouldn’t be since his IVC was still bleeding. We did a quick scan on him and found his broken ribcage to be fine and no sign of internal bleeding. In all my years as a doctor, I have never witnessed something like this. Jason, whatever god you worship, you need to thank him. You are discharged son. “the doctor concluded in front of Mr Richard. I knew this had nothing to do with any god, the person he should be thanking was directly in front of him – My coach.
Mr Richard was so happy after I was discharged. He said he would be coming after school but came first thing in the morning. I haven’t witnessed such care and affection since my parents death in a car accident Some years back, not even my girlfriend showed up as much as he did, and regarding her, i will call off the Relationship with her once I resume school. Whatever Mr Richard is and what he did to me to warrant such drastic change of fortune for me is a mystery to me but I am ready to do anything for this man. He was the best thing that have happened to me since dad and mom.
” Sir, when are we gonna talk about this morning ” , I asked him on our way to school. He tried to convince me to stay at home and get some rest. But I didn’t want to, so he brought some clothes for me to change into. He looked at me and smiled, “not now, but soon. Just be careful because you will be seeing some things you haven’t before now, just keep calm and learn to control your rage”. My rage? I have never been the angry type. I have always been calm and even though I have been bullied since the 5th grade, I have never thought of going the violent way. I said OK.
We got to school a little Past 10am. As soon I got to my Class, the class erupted in “ohhh, OH my God, he made it, I can’t believe this, Jason you are back, I have missed you……” and the likes. I wasn’t the most popular person in school but at least I held my own in some aspect. I was tall, about 5ft 11, that was ok for a 17 year old. I had this aqua coloured eyes which I always get teases for every blessed day and add the fact that I was a Blondie. I am the team b football captain, and I think that is the reason for my little popularity.
Miss Lucy didn’t seem to mind despite the fact I had just ended her lesson for that day as the pupils were never gonna listen after I came in. “Welcome Jason, are you Alright now” she asked. I looked up to answer her and I just couldn’t talk, my jaw was opened and I couldn’t just close it.
She was stunning, her curves on that skirt was something else , I thought I was weird with my aqua eyes but hers were weirder with green eyes with some blue here and there, her Roman nose and Greek chins made her look like one of those Greek goddesses, one could stare at that face all day long, goddammit! I wish I could have her.
“Jason, Jason……. are you Alright” she asked again. I realised all eyes were on me as my jaw was opened and my gaze fixed on the seemingly old lady of yesterday. “um…. yea…. yea… I.. I am fine” I stammered. She seemed to be amused by what happened and threw a quick wink at me.
That was the beginning of my wonders seeing spree through out that day. It was break and I was taking some books for my next class when Chelsea, my girlfriend came. “Hey Sweetie pie, I am so happy you are well and strong now. I know that you are pissed and all but know that I did come to visit but wasn’t allowed in by that bit.chy nurse in charge. You’re cool?” she rapped. I didn’t answer her, I just took what I needed and headed for Spanish class. Chelsea was actually the b.itch. I don’t know how I have put up with her this long. She came to visit her boyfriend and wasn’t allowed in, and yet my neighbors and enemies came and were allowed access. She couldn’t even come up with a good lie, pathetic. “Proud son of a b.itch, what’s so special about him, he can’t even Bleep, mitch”…. Huh? I just heard Chelsea talk about 70metres from where I was. How was that even possible and she said I couldn’t fvck. I am so gonna rip her smelly public hole to shreds today.
I went to do a little field practice after school hours when I saw some of team A members doing some practice too. I decided to give them space, I wasn’t ready to end up in hospital any time soon. I watched them and finally discovered why we haven’t defeated them in years. The way they ran, their ability to see before you do anything, their distribution, their kicks were amazing. But it wasn’t human, I mean how is it possible for one to run 200m in less than 5secs. We could never beat them like we were. I knew I was able to see all this because of my new eyes after whatever Mr Richard bit into me. I needed to see Coach and urge him to even the odds if we are ever gonna have any chance of winning the cup this year.

I got back from the hospital after what I had done that morning, I was happy and felt a huge burden lifted up my shoulder. I came in and found Lucy already asleep, she was didn’t even bother covering herself, the whole ritual must have taken a toll on her. I decided to get some rest and we will both read that book after the close of school today.
The alarm Woke us both in the morning and we kissed ourselves good morning. We brushed our teeth and took our bathe at the same time, dressed and she was teasing me all through. It was fun as we giggled like little kids. I decided to visit Jason that morning and told Lucy to drop me off in school. I bid her good bye but didn’t kiss her We had to be careful. I went in to see the medical doctor who after some medical nonsense finally discharge Jason. I wasn’t surprised at what he called a miracle, it was to him but not to me. Jason was stubborn and wanted to resume school that very hour, I told him otherwise but be wouldn’t listen. I had to get some leftover clothes from the hospital, he wore that and while on transit he asked if we were gonna talk about what happened earlier. I knew he would ask, but not yet – soon. I was in my office later that day marking some test scripts when he entered, he had this determined look on his face and I knew I was in for a lot of questions.
I entered his office and saw him marking. I was determined this time and wasn’t gonna be shoved off again. “Good afternoon sir, ” I started,”Good afternoon son, sit” he replied me. I sat, “Sir, I just want to say thank you for what you did, whatever you did save my life and I shouldn’t be here bothering you with questions but I have to after what i have been able to see all day” I began. “And what are does things you saw?” he asked obviously amused, “I know Miss Lucy ain’t really Miss Lucy and I know I can hear from a very far distance and I was able to discover why we haven’t been able to defeat Team A even in practice because they are obviously not humans” I concluded. “Hmmm, you have seen a lot today then, yes they are not human but you can’t let them know anything about you now , not yet” he answered. I couldn’t show them my new me but they can showed theirs with impunity and almost take the life of others not in the same league with them,that doesn’t make sense. I snapped, ” But why coach, all you have to do is do whatever you did to me to the other members of our team and we will kick their”. He looked at me with a sober face and said, “it’s not that easy Jason, what I did to you I did to save your life because you were dying and I just couldn’t watch you die after your parents death some years back. It would mean the end of a beautiful family, but still the decision should have be yours and yours alone to make, but I had to make yours for you because I was sure you wouldn’t last that day. You still have a lot to learn about whatever is in you, but just take it easy and slowly. I can’t turn every one of my team to what I am just because of a competition, it goes beyond that and it’s not something you can easily turn off and on, Ok? . Just go home have some rest and in 14 days time, meet in the woods, is that understood?. ” ” yes sir” , I said and left his office.
I wasn’t happy but it’s all good, in fourteen days time every secret will be laid bare. I got to my little apartment where I lived alone, a boring and lonely life at just 17. I ate some apple pie and slept off on the couch. Someone was knocking, I struggled to my feet and opened the door, only to find the bi.tch – My girlfriend. I let her in with her just screaming and cursing me, why I was late in opening the door and all. I didn’t let her finish, I took her in my lips and carried her to the couch. “waoh, that’s new, what has gotten into you” she said between hot kisses. I didn’t answer her, I just remove her bra and took my lips to her boobs, “yes, yessss, suck those bosoms, ooooh, bite my Tips…..,” and several nonsense left her wh.orish lips. I didn’t like her gibberish, so I took off her Jean, and her panties and straight away inserted my stick into her and straight off, we fvcked the doggy way. I later carried her, turned her around and banged her with me carrying her, with her legs around my waist , “yessss, that’s it, faster, faster!!!!” she started with her orders again. But I was taken aback by my brute strength, because we fvcked like that for the next 10 minutes in that position before we finally both came with me Approaching outside her hole. She was breathing hard and was smiling from ear to ear. “That was awesome, we could do more, you know ” she said. “Nah, just take your things and get the hell out of my house and life, the relationship is over, now out!” I practically screamed.
I got home and found Lucy cooking something in the kitchen. “Hey Venus, what’s in the fire” I asked with a kiss. “Will you stop with the Venus name and it is spagetti with some sauce.” she replied laughing. She was so beautiful, can’t still believe I scored her. “I think your boy saw the real me and he was beyond stunned, you needed to see the way he left his jaw opened and the look on his face was priceless” she concluded laughing again. “Yea, he told me this afternoon, he is a good lad and shouldn’t be a problem, no man will see you for the first time and not open his jaw, you are that beautiful” I answered her as I took her in my arms.
After eating, we decided to open that book . We drew both our blood, mixed them in a cup and then used a brush in tracing some lines in the book. Surprisingly, it work, we saw some texts and Lucy was able to translate it. We finally found what we were looking for – the exorcism of her demon. We read the process, it wasn’t hard until we got to the last sentence, where it read, I would have to stab Lucy in the heart with a Knife laced with Holy water. Now, I just couldn’t do that.

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