Chapter One

Am a native of owan west local government area in Edo state, my dad is a retired civil servant while my mum is a nurse, she work in Owan East local government thus growing up with her makes me know every area in Owan East because they always transfer her from one community to another, but my dad live in Owan West, this event took place in Ogute Emai, Afuze is the headquarter of owan east local government, owan east have many villages i cant really name all, though i still remember some like Afuze, Uanhumi, Eteye, Okpa, Ogute, Ojavun, Okpohumi, Evbiamen e.t.c (please remember those names because i go drive una go there) Ogute is where i grew up
while the last is where my mum chemist store is located, they are not that far from each other though you have to walk from Ogute for at least
10minutes and cross the dangerous bridge before you get to Evbiamen where my mummy store is.
when i was born my mum told me that i was very hairy like lion because of the hairs on my body, thus they call me Ozeto in school meaning (hairing person).
This story start when i was 18 years old, during my SSCE exam.

Chapter One
Me and Austin my friend coming back from school in a hot afternoon, me dey think how I go take sama garri when I reach house while Austine dey talk about kiss of the dragon film wey im go watch when he reach house how jet li take use needle kill boaz, I live in ogute while Austin live in Eteye we go to school together our school dey Uanhumi, from my house to Austine house na ten minutes walk while from austine house to school na like 45 minutes waka, so imagine the distance.
We dey road jejeje dey waka dey go house after a boring day in school, after five minutes of walking and discussing something happen, one small boy was trying to cross the road then out of nowhere a fine peugeot car came out and pump the boy up like champagne bottle, the car almost smash one building for im front after e don jam the boy finish but the driver reverse the motor go enter one corner for inside bush and land in a gutter almost resulting to a summersault, austine run to meet the boy while me i run follow the motor, as i near i saw two guys on suit they look like lawyers with their dressing, they are bleeding badly on their head i try to help them by opening the door, but the door no want open so i took one big stick from ground and break the glass of the door i put one hand inside and open the door, the two wey stay like person wey don die for front sit begin shake head as i open the door, i hold his hand wanted to drag the first person out of car then my eye saw something, i saw a brief case small one at the back seat of the car, i look at the case e be like say na money go dey inside oh, i look main road people don gather for where the car hit the small boy, augustine dey center kneel down for the road blowing air inside the boy, none of them even say make them come help me rescue those guys, i took the case from the back sit (make i run go hide am before i come back come help those people) as i say make i carry the briefcase commot one of the injured guy inside the car grab my hand, (i think say im faint, u hit small boy you nor think of that one na briefcase you de think about, thunder fire your head) i took the stick i used to break the glass and use it to hit him on his injured head he fell back on the seat i took the briefcase and dissappear like wind.

Me: guy how far na, the boy survive? I ask austine after he met me from where i was waiting for him
Austine: na only God go save that boy oh.
Me: them don carry am go hospital abi?
Austine: yes one good samaritan carry am go hospital after i don try revive am with no success, by the way na where you enter?
Me: i be go rescue the guys wey dey drive the motor na
Austine: so wetin happen i hope them nor injure.
Me: injure for where, them escape, i reach there i nor see any of them again.
Austine: na wa oh, people dey heartless oh, how them go just hit small boy like that and escape, and the boy just return from school im go buy groundnut wey im go take drink garri na im them go hit am so, god no ever forgive them in Jesus name.
Me: how you know say na groundnut im go buy and na garri im want drink.
Austine: the sister na im talk am oh, and the groundnut even scatter for ground self.
Me: eyaa i pray he survive it oh.
Austine: Amen oh, wetin make you bag come get belle like this?
Me: na mango wey i plug for here just now wey i dey wait for you.
Austine: me go eat oh.
Me: make we reach house first.

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