The Adventure of Zuby

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The Beginning.

Chapter 1: Who is Zuby?

The world has become evil. Every Nation fights against one another. Super Nations manufacture weapons to destroy others; they no longer help the poor nations. Money meant to feed the people is being used to manufacture dangerous weapons capable of wiping away human race. Under development, hunger, hopelessness and disease has hit mother Africa and as a result, her children scattered all over the World. It is for that reason that Zuby set out for Europe to look for greener pastures but what he saw will keep you glued to this adventure to the end.

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My name is Samson, Popularly known as Zuby.
I was born in 1980 in the Eastern Nigerian City of Enugu to a Christian Parents and Teachers. We lived in the neigbouring town called Ihe and despite Enugu metropolis being 5 minutes away; it took me 12 years before I visited the Metro area for the first time. The visit marked my first travel out of my small village without a guardian. I marveled at the level of life people lived in the metro areas. That was the first time I noticed that water was for sale. My entire life, we fetched water from the local stream in the village. That was also the first time I saw electricity without generator. The visit to Enugu City was back in 1992, I was in Junior Secondary JS 2 Class.
After that wonderful visit to Enugu City, i realized that the world was such a big place. I remembered looking at the Nigerian map hanging on a wall in our house as soon as I returned from Enugu, other cities such as Lagos, Sokoto and Kano began to make more sense to me. I also had a look at the world map and discovered that the world must be a vast place. There and then, I decided that traveling would be my hobby.
From then, I started fantasizing over how wonderful it would be to visit Lagos, Kano and other cities I had seen and heard of. What about Going to Germany, France, England, Spain, Japan, Italy, United States and China? That would be heavenly I concluded.
I took my West African Examination Council (WAEC) and Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) exams in 1996. The last WAEC paper was on June 18 1996. I zoomed of to Onitsha that same day. My Elder brother Albert was a fairly used vehicle spare parts dealer at the old spare parts market Onitsha.
When the JAMB result came out, it was time to go to the University but it didn’t happen. The major reason was to join my brother and make money faster. With money, my dream of globe-trotting would be realized. I believed I could go to the University when I had enough money of my own.
I started trading and making small money. By the year 1999, I met one Mr. Sunday, a friend of my brother who goes to Ibadan to buy imported used vehicle spare parts, and then sell them at Onitsha. I asked him how much it would cost me to join him and he said I could start with N100, 000 (about 500 USD). I sold up all my goods in the store and came up with N220, 000. The following week, I followed Sunday to Ibadan. That marked my first real travel outside the Igbo dominated Eastern Nigeria.

Chapter 2: Profit and Risk

I spent two days following Sunday around Ibadan. After the second day without buying anything, I decided to do something different. I had seen Lagos bound buses the previous day and since they were mini buses, I figured out that Lagos would not be far from Ibadan. I made up my mind to go to Lagos the following morning. I had spent two days carrying bundles of money around Ibadan without being able to buy anything.
Around 5am that faithful morning, I woke Sunday up and told him about my plans. He tried to discourage me but to no avail. I picked up one bundle of N20, 000 and headed to Lagos. I left the remaining money with Sunday in Ibadan. My reason was that it would be too risky to go to that dangerous city with a bag of money. I had heard about ‘one chance’ boys in Lagos and how they snatch people’s belongings.

On arriving in Lagos, I didn’t know where the Ibadan bus stopped me. I asked someone where Ladipo spare parts market was located, he directed me to cross the nearby railway tracks and enter a bike. I did what he said and that was how I found myself in Lagos.
I asked people where the Peugeot dealers stay since I knew a few of them that usually came down to Onitsha to supply us spare parts. There was no GSM in Nigeria then, there was no way to contact anybody except to ask questions. On getting to the Peugeot line, I saw Izu.
Izu lived in an apartment with someone in our building at Onitsha. He was surprised to see me in Lagos and asked what I came to do. I told him I couldn’t buy anything in Ibadan and decided to come to Lagos.
He was delighted because there were some goods for sale in one warehouse but there was no money. He asked how much money I had and I told him. We went to the warehouse to check on the goods. It was a heap of 505 wagon back Axels, about 18 pieces of them at N12, 000 each. Being a clever person, I quickly discovered that I could get them cheaper since I had cash. I eventually negotiated my way to a cut price of N10, 500 each. The goods were sold at N14000 in Onitsha then. I paid an advanced fee of N15, 000 and told the owner to wait while I go to the bank for the rest. When we got out, I told Izu that I left my money in Ibadan and that I was going to get it. He took me to a Station where I got a bus back to Ibadan. I decided to sleep over in Ibadan and go to Lagos again the following morning.
The following day, I paid up for the goods and loaded them in a bus down to Onitsha. The goods arrived at the Onitsha spare parts market the following morning and I made over N50, 000 profits from my first trip. My elder brother Albert who was furious over my decision to travel without his approval had to relax from then. He was impressed with how much money I made. I made a few more Lagos trips and got bored with it. The idea and opportunity to go to Cotonou had emerged. It was going to be about profit and risk.

Chapter 3: Life in the Border

Chike, (RIP. Died in South Africa in 2004) who lived near my building in Onitsha was my friend. He used to go to Cotonou and Porto Novo both in Republic of Benin to buy used spare parts as well. Each time he returned from Benin, the whole area would know. He would buy drinks for us, impress girls around the street and wear better cloths. Fortunately for me, I met him in Ladipo market Lagos one day where he came to look for money to complete the payment of two Peugeot vehicles he had bought in Cotonou. He proposed that I bring money and we share the profits after selling the car in Nigeria. The excitement of heading outside Nigeria for the first time was enough for me to agree to the deal. We traveled to Cotonou through Sango -Idiroko border in Ogun State.
I was very surprised at the beauty of the small city called Cotonou. It was cleaner and more organized compared to Lagos which was bigger and noisy and where everybody seemed to be in haste.
It was in Cotonou that I noticed electricity can be stable. That was also my first time of touching a foreign currency; the CFA. We had changed our naira to the CFA at the border.
Since the seaport/wharf was in the Ocean, I had that rare opportunity to touch the ocean waters. We ate some food that I forgot its name. We paid for the two 505 Peugeot vehicles and proceeded to the Custom office for clearance. After clearing the cars, we hired two drivers to take us and the cars to the border for crossing. And alas! I came to know about smuggling. As dangerous as it was, I was still excited. I have heard about smuggling but never thought I would be part of it someday. That night we followed some agents to meet some rogue custom officials. We paid some money and they told us the route to use that night. They told us to move around 12am.

Chike and I decided to have some fun at the border before the smuggle job. We found ourselves in a small hotel where Chike used to lodge. He insisted that we go there. I didn’t know that he knew some prostitutes there. That was my first time of going close to prostitutes. I used to think that prostitutes were chronic sinners who would go to hell. I grew up a Catholic and we saw that kind of things as sins.

Chike called two young girls to our table; he noticed that I was not comfortable and as a result, he negotiated for both of us. My mind was playing some Heaven versus hell puzzle while the negotiation lasted. Finally it was agreed that we pay 700 Naira each for the quickie, piece of cake!.
Chike took one of them upstairs while the remaining one sat there and stared at me as if I was a thief.

“It looks like you are shy boy,” she said.

I smiled and denied the obvious. She then took my hand and led me upstairs to her room.
Chapter 4: Fallen Faith

She led me to a room with a single bed, a single window and a bathroom. She asked me to have a seat while she went to the bathroom. I was nervous and it led me to my first mistake.
“Can I take a bath in your bathroom?” I asked.

She looked at me with a frowned face. “Do you think you come to live with me here?”
Then I decided that it would be better to just keep quiet and I did. She came out a minute later with a park of condom
My mind was racing up and down. I instantly recalled the last time I had sex, it was over one year ago and I couldn’t remember if I enjoyed it or not.
It was with my first girlfriend back in the village. She liked me a lot then because I was the most brilliant boy among all our age mates back in the village. She was a tall slim dark beautiful girl who loved to dress like boys. She had more jean trousers than all the boys in the village. Always smiling and willing to give me anything I asked as long as I didn’t leave her for other girls that were after me.

The sight of naked boobs jolted me out of my reverie. My instincts told me that it was time for action. I stood up and started removing my shirt. I started with the shirt because I thought that it was not appropriate to remove my trousers and dangle my manhood while removing my shirt.
After the shirt, I sat on the bed beside her trying to figure out the next thing to do.
“I love you,” I blurted out of nowhere.
She cast an indifferent look at me and asked me to repeat what I said.
“Do you know me?” she asked.

I had no answer to that question. She just looked at me and laughed. She must have noticed that I was nervous since she grabbed my belt and started unhooking it. She removed my trousers and started rubbing my already hard manhood. She opened a condom and inserted it perfectly on my Joystick. I stared like a Japanese robot while she worked on me for another minute. When she lay on the bed facing the ceiling, I didn’t need a prophet to tell me it was time for action.

‘You are going to burn in hell’ my religious mind said.
‘There is nothing like hell’ my atheist my mind countered.
Whether there was hell or not, it was not the time to think about it. The damage had already been done since I had seen a beautifully shaved cunt staring at me. The only thing that occupied my mind as I mounted her was that as a catholic, I can always go for confessions. Whoever invented confessions and added it to the catholic system must have known that humans couldn’t stay away from man made sins.
The war of right and wrong continued between my religious mind and the other half as I counted 700 naira from my pocket. I told her she was a sweet girl and that I will be there the following week.
Chike was waiting for me downstairs. We had a few more drinks and chats with the girls and left to prepare for our smuggle job.

Chapter 5: My Car My Girl

With the help of two hired drivers, we crossed the border into the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It took us about 30 minutes as we had to stop at custom checkpoints to show them the card we got from their rogue officer. We busted out at a small town called Owode somewhere along the Sango-Idioroko road. We had to stop there as we saw numerous other smuggled vehicles crossed from Benin Republic that night. Owode was like a rendezvous point for the smugglers.

“Since we paid clearance and custom duties, why did we have to go through the bush?” I asked Chike.
“The cars that uses the bush path are the cars that are ten years old or more,” he said as he educated me on the Federal Government laws on imported used vehicles, cloths, tires etc.
We waited at Owode as more cars came out of the bush like rabbits coming out of their underground holes. We relaxed the in the front car seats as time headed towards dawn. Around 5am, it was time to start moving again. Some of the cars had left already. We waited until a man I had never seen before, came and gave us some forged documents for our vehicles. The documents were for the two vehicles we purchased with their Engine and Chassis numbers written on them. The surprise package yet was that this new documents showed that we cleared our vehicles at the Apapa wharf Lagos Nigeria. Chike explained that we would need that since we were going down to Onitsha to sell the cars. We left Owode around half past 6am and moved towards Sango. We arrived in Lagos later and headed towards Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.
During our drive to Lagos, we encountered a few more police check points, army, navy, air force, boys brigade, boys scout, Man o war etc as each group received some more tips from us. At a stage, Chike had to go down and settled them upfront while giving them our vehicle number. Worthy of note here was the fact that the forged documents also came with a fake number plate. Some cops proved stubborn but we eventually made it to Ibadan expressway and the rest of the Journey to Onitsha was smooth except occasional tips here and there.

We arrived at Onitsha that same evening amidst cheers from our peers and some young ladies who lived in the same street with us. We ate some foods and took one of the cars out for merriment; after all we just bought two cars. Whether we will sell them or not was our business. After drinks and foods that evening, we took up some girls and headed to a chalet called Royal G in a reserved area called Fizel Estate in Awada Onitsha. We had more drinks and booked our rooms for action. Worthy to note here again was that the girl I picked up had been on my most wanted list for a long time. She has always snubbed me, claiming one thing or the other for a reason but things were different on that very day. I just bought my first car and I had not announced that it was for sale.
Our romance started as soon as we hit our room. This time, I initiated the romantic attack. It must have been the alcohol coupled with some confidence derived from buying a car. Her name was Azuka, the most beautiful girl in the street; at least to my own eyes. They sell liquor along the street and men frequent their shop just because of her. I was one of them.
I started by kissing her hands, I got no slap or scolding so I extended the kiss to her neck as she gave me a welcome onboard smile. Then I kissed her lips which was the original target all those while. She responded.
Money has a way of bending the rules since time immemorial.
We hugged and kissed and caressed. Later we lay on the single bed with white clean sheets and two pillows. She asked if I would marry her when she finished school.
“Yes, of course, I will marry you,” I blurted out unconvincingly.
How can any sane man refuse to marry her date at a dangerous time like that?
She smiled as she reminded me that men can promise anything just to get into a woman’s pant.
Thank god she knew that
I brushed my hand past her beautifully packed boobs. She did not beat or remove my hand. I touched them again, this time pressing them harder as she moaned inaudibly.
I remembered that we were given just an hour to round up otherwise we pay more money for the room. That didn’t bother me anyway, I just bought a car; what effect was a 400 naira per hour room going to have on my money.

I touched her pants and started removing them while my mouth played ludo with her two pointed boobs. My manhood was already hard as I fumbled to remove my trousers.
Condom! No condom, What!
How come Chike didn’t cover that part? I was torn between doing her with or without condom as my mind raced through the dangers of not using condom. I wasn’t scared of contracting any disease. I was more afraid of getting her pregnant.
‘If she gets pregnant, run to Lagos and don’t return until after nine months’ the war in my head started again..
‘Go out and look for condom’ one said
‘Don’t worry she won’t get pregnant’ another mind concluded
Eventually I did what almost every naive young man would do. I drove into Azuka without tires and hoped for the best to happen. It was a memorable evening.

After the show, she insisted that we drove them back to their shop; I guessed they wanted to show off their new boyfriends who just bought two cars.
As we packed in front of their shop, a woman came from behind and grabbed my shirt while shouting.
“Where did you go with my daughter? You will marry her today”

The whole alcohol in my system vanished like a disappearing Rainbow. Some small crowd started to gather while Azuka sobbed. I slapped off her hands on my shirt and bolted out of her reach.
Chike can own the two cars for now
I disappeared from the vicinity down to my building where my elder brother was eagerly waiting for me to give me advice on how to save money.

Chapter 6: Millionaire at 21

The Cotonou trips continued. Sometimes we sold our cars at Ladipo market in Lagos and head back to Cotonou. Sometimes we crossed through Seme borders while going to Cotonou but used the Idiroko border for crossing the vehicles.
I returned home one Christmas and was invited by the richest man in our community. He told me that he heard I deal on imported used cars from Cotonou and I nodded in affirmative. He told me that he wanted to start a car dealership center in Enugu and would want to work with me. He gave me the first assignment which was to buy two Mercedes 190 series from Cotonou and bring them down to Enugu. He paid over 90% of the total value before I set out for Cotonou. Chike was surprised when he saw me paying for two Benz cars. We had already divided our company two months earlier since we had enough money to buy four cars at once. My total capital had increased to over 800,000 naira and I was only 21. That was in 2001.
During that very trip to Cotonou, I bought two Peugeot and two Mercedes. I cleared them as usual and drove them down to east.
The total cost of the two Benz was about 290,000 naira each while I was given N370, 000 for them. I made approximately N150, 000 out of them. I added the profit from the Peugeot cars and I made my first million naira.
Millionaire at 21 years changed my attitude towards everything. I became the talk of town. Every girl in the street wanted to hang out with me. Azuka, the girl whose mother chased me out of their shop claimed to be the first lady of the young millionaire while Chinwe, the daughter of the richest man in our street kept making advances. Ironically they were friends.

How on earth was i supposed to deal with these two extremely beautiful babes? A plan came to my mind and it was a very cute plan.
May 27 2001: the famous children’s day was two days away. I and Chike had planned to visit the College of Education Nsugbe to be with Chike’s girlfriend. The plan was that the girl would hook the young millionaire with her friend in school.
On 25th May, I had gone to buy ingredients to make stew since I lived alone with my elder brother in his apartment. I ran into Chinwe the daughter of the richest man. She smiled at me and I smiled back. She asked where I would be going on 27th and I told her I would be going to Nsugbe with Chike. She said she would like to go with me. What!.
I suggested that we go to Enugu instead since I already had a date in Nsugbe. I told Chike the new developments. He suggested that we go to Nsugbe immediately and inform her girlfriend so that all of us go to Enugu.
Two days later, we headed to Enugu for what turned out to be one of the most memorable sex escapades in my Cotonou business career.

Chapter 7: The Enugu Encounter

The plan was that we return back to Onitsha that same day but things changed. I remembered May 27 2001 was a rainy Sunday. We had visited the Zoo, the Enugu Airport and some other interesting tourist places. We ate at the Emily restaurant where a plate of food went for over 400 naira then. It was expensive but I was a millionaire in the company of a millionaire’s daughter. She actually insisted on paying for all the food we ate, Chike objected but I didn’t care. Money was money irrespective of where it came from. Chike eventually paid the whole money since he wouldn’t let my date pay.
At about 4 pm while we were getting ready to go back to Onitsha, the heavens opened its gates and heavy rain enveloped the entire Enugu. It poured down heavily for hours to the extent that the city stood still. Movements were halted; buses couldn’t load in that condition. We were still at the Emily restaurant and we were forced to drink more beers.
I silently prayed for the rain not to stop since I had already known that we were not going anywhere in that condition. The rain eventually stopped at about half past 7pm and by that time, no sane driver would be loading for Onitsha and even if there was a bus going to Onitsha that night, a young millionaire wouldn’t risk his beautiful life just to get back to a city that will offer only rice and stew and a bed for that night. The alternative was better; staying back in Enugu was the best option. Thanks to the gods that my girl’s father had a Nokia cellular line. It wasn’t a GSM but it was a mobile gadget. I didn’t know how it worked but we went to a business center and called him that night. His only daughter informed him that she will sleep at her friends place and come back in the morning. She came out with a smile after making the call and I instantly knew that the night will be a memorable night.
We asked around and got a cheap hotel where we paid N1000 for a room. Chike and her girl took one room and I took one room with Chinwe who was smiling all through the evening and I wondered why.
I took my shower and came back to the room wearing my trousers and shirt. She looked at me and asked if I was going to sleep in those clothes. I said no and started removing them instantly. I was left with only my white singlet and my black boxers. She went into the bathroom to take her own bath.
“Zuby, Zuby,” I heard from the bathroom.
I listened carefully to make sure it was my own Zuby I headed to the bathroom. I knocked at the closed door and heard “Come in.”

I went in only to be confronted with two perfectly created and standing boobs. I could swear no man’s hands had ever touched them. I looked at her face, then the boobs, and then her face and her boobs again, deciding to rest my eyes on her boobs finally. I had seen enough of her face to last me a lifetime.
She smiled and asked me to come and rub her back with soap.
Rub her bare back with soap, a job I would do for free of charge any day.

I smiled and grabbed the soap from her hand, rubbed her back up and down while she poured water on her shoulders with a plastic cup. My manhood was already pressing against my boxers. She poured water all over my body with my singlet and boxers still on. That was a situation that could have instigated a fight if a male counterpart did that, but it was done by a beautiful tall slim girl. I had forgiven her even before she poured the water on me.

I stopped rubbing her back and removed my singlet. I left my boxers on as a defense bargaining chip if she asked why I removed the singlet. She turned and looked at me with a smile.
“You know I love you Zuby,” she said with a smile.
Things were getting even better. This was a girl I had always dreamt of, right here in front of me, stark naked with a smile on her face. Even if the world was going to end at that moment, nothing would have stopped me from tapping that honey pot. Rapture can take other people if it happened at that moment.

She stretched her hand and grabbed my standing manhood, I became helpless. She removed my boxers and rubbed the manhood up and down with the soap while I moaned with immense pleasure. She increased the momentum while bending down very close to my manhood. I held her shoulders as she squeezed the manhood with her smooth right hand. I kept moaning until I busted. She smiled at me, washed off the cream with water and stood up. We completed our bath and headed to the room.
She lay naked on the bed while I dried and spread my singlet and boxers on top of the bathroom door. I romantically crawled towards her while she spread her hands to welcome me.
How could this girl have known how to do all this, girls!
I started caressing and sucking her bare boobs while she wiggled with pleasure. The nipples were so hard that I hard to suck them like a newborn baby. I was a newborn that night.
Here was a girl I admired so much, on my bed, naked and asking me to make her happy.
I slipped my right hand down her laps and as soon as I got close to her honey pot,
She halted me and said, “I am still a virgin.”

Chapter 8: We Were All Virgins.

“A virgin,” I managed to repeat what she said. I didn’t know the next thing to do. I just managed to conjure a weak smile from my dry mouth.
“What about you and George?” I asked. The expression on her face changed.
George was a handsome quiet guy who played in the same football team with me in Onitsha. He was a fine player which endeared him to most young girls in our area. I suspected they were having an affair
“George” she managed to say with wide eyes.
“I thought you and George are going out,” I fired back.
“I don’t know the George you are talking about,” she said again while staring at me.
I had to believe that she didn’t know George or at least she wasn’t dating him, what other options do I have?
Things were heading towards the wrong direction. That was not a time for Q&A. It was a time to make love. I moved my body upwards and kissed her. After a few more kisses, I summoned enough courage to break the nervous moment hanging in the air.
“So baby girl, what now? I know that my manhood is hard now and I know how
much I want you but I don’t want to break your heart.” I managed to say.
She smiled at me and said “If I didn’t want to do it, I wouldn’t be naked in
the same bed with you.”
Strange enough, Chinwe was one girl I have always placed at the top of my potential life partner list. I would have made my move long ago but business between Lagos, Cotonuo and Onitsha stood in the way. Not that there was no time to talk to her then but men naturally have enough courage to approach women when there was much
I looked into her eyes and promised her that I will never leave her. At least
I believed that was enough to take her virginity.

We made passionate love twice before going back to Onitsha the following morning.
That marked the beginning of my love affair with Chinwe.
At about 11am on the following morning we arrived in Awada Onitsha where we lived. Her Father was standing in front of his building when the Bike carrying us arrived. He looked at me with some suspicious eyes and I instantly believed that he
suspected I was with her only daughter throughout the night.
I was right because, the following morning, a knock came on our front door and my elder brother who was on his way out of the house opened it to know who it was.
“Good morning sir,” my brother had greeted, I heard him.
“Morning” I heard a voice responded.
A voice I knew so well. The voice belonged to Chief Omenka, Chinwe’s father.

Chapter 9: Do Not Be Afraid

“Is Zuby inside?” I heard from Mr. Omenka.
“Yes, is everything alright?” replied my brother.
“Everything is alright. I just want to discuss a few things with him.” The man said.
My brother asked him to come inside the apartment and offered him a seat in the sitting room. I ran to my room when I heard my brother invite him into our apartment. My mind was racing from the sex I had with his daughter to the possibility of him knowing that and the consequences that could arise from the whole set up. One thing I have learnt was that ugly situations have a way of surfacing from good deeds too.
When the man settled in one of our chairs, he declined to drink anything. My brother called out to me to come into the sitting room. I mentally braced myself for whatever was going to happen and went to them. I greeted the man as if I didn’t know he was in our apartment. He smiled at me and responded. Somehow I relaxed a little bit. I was expecting this multi millionaire to start shouting and accusing me of running away with his daughter. I was surprised when the man said, “Zuby, my daughter said you deal on imported cars from Cotonou.”
The statement was unexpected but I managed to calm myself down before giving him an answer.
“Yes sir. That is what I do,” I said.
“I want you to buy a pathfinder jeep for my wife in Cotonou.” he said, “How much do you think it will cost?”
My brother was there staring at me as if to say ‘Quote big price, he has money.’
I told him that imported used vehicles never had a specific prize but I could get one between 900, 000 naira and 1.2 million.
After trying to beat the price down, we agreed that he will pay a million naira.
He wrote an advanced cheque book of half a million naira and gave to me and left.
My brother took the cheque and examined it, then said it was real one.
The following day Chike and I left for Cotonou again. There was no mention of the Pathfinder deal to him until we finished buying our own cars. Then I told him that I wanted to buy a pathfinder for someone. He helped locate one in the wharf and we priced it. We bargained and bargained until we eventually got it for about 600,000 naira. The crossing and the clearing gulped another 250,000 naira. The overall price of the car when it got to Onitsha stood at almost 900,000 naira.
Mr. Omenka paid up the remainder of his money and added another N30, 000 for me. The deal also gave me access to his building. They lived in a duplex two blocks down the street from our building.
Each time I returned from Cotonou, I would visit them with a bottle of foreign hot drink. The main reason (Chinwe) was never discussed, even though I believed the man knew my mission. Who wouldn’t like an industrious man as an in-law?

The mother noticed that my frequent visits were not really about the car but who cared.
I and Chinwe continued dating until I eventually left Nigeria. On one of my business trips, I purchased a GSM in Cotonou with Benin Republic Number. I returned with it to Onitsha and the whole street wanted to take a peep. Chinwe loved it so much that she never allowed the Alcatel to rest each time we go out.

Chapter 10: Ghana Wasn’t Too Far.

In early 2002, I traveled to Ghana for the first time. I had met Boniface, a yellow short guy from Anambra state at a burial ceremony. We got talking about business and he told me that he imported peanuts from Accra. He said that he supplied the goods to some retailers in Idumota market Lagos Nigeria. The following week, I agreed to give the business a trial. My main drive was the prospect of going to another Country; not the profit.
I went to Lagos Island and changed some naira to 3000 dollars. We got to Cotonou and boarded a 505 Station wagon to Lome Togo. That was my first time in the city. We arrived at Lome in the night, so I had no opportunity to take a good look at the city. We stopped at the Lome-Ghana border town called Aflawo. The border town was located beside the Atlantic Ocean. While we waited for the man who was supposed to cross us into Ghana, I strolled down to the ocean beach to have a look. It was night and there were not many people at the beach. I also avoided venturing further down the ocean shores because I had some dollars with me.
Strangely I paid much more security attention to the 3000 US dollars in my pocket more than I had ever done to its naira or CFA equivalent.
I approached two ladies smoking cigarette and asked them to give me one. We got chatting and they told me their names which I can’t remember now. They were Togolese girls who lived not far from the border. I told them that I was Nigerian who was going to live and work in Ghana. I didn’t want them to know that I was a businessman. I sat beside one of them and lied about how beautiful she looked even though I knew that the blue light bulb hanging above us played tricks to my eyes.
They were sex workers because one of them told me that we could make out in her place if I could pay her. I told her that I was going to inform my friend so that two of us could go with them. I disappeared out of their sights and never returned.
Time to cross the border was a few minutes away. People had gathered around a man who claimed to be an immigration officer. We all paid him equivalent of N500 naira each and he disappeared into the darkness. He came back twenty minutes later and asked us to follow him. It was still very dark. He led us through the ocean shores for about 5 minutes until we reached another busy border town. My friend Boniface announced the town as Aflawo Ghana. A hiace bus was already waiting to take us to Accra. We got to Accra around 5am and waited inside the bus until the day broke.
We took a taxi to the warehouse where we were supposed to buy the burger only to see some Igbo boys from Idumota already packing everything. Boniface recognized one of them and approached him.
It happened to be that the man was among those Boniface supplied the Burger a week earlier in Idumota. Boniface was angry because the man still owed him from the last supply. They had seen the address on the cover of the burger and came to Ghana before us.
The only option facing us then was to buy a different thing or go back to Nigeria with our money. We drove back to the Accra city center. Boniface told me it was time to go back but I was interested in touring the city, so I told him to go. Traveling never ceased to be my main drive; the business was to make enough money to be able to go everywhere I wanted. Boniface left Ghana that morning while I stayed back in Accra. I asked around and got a small map of Accra. I first of all visited Nkrumah square, a very busy commercial center where first class super markets and malls were located. I bought springle and ate while I window-shopped for hours. Then I went to Accra Township stadium. Finally I went to the beach. The sight of the ocean was glorious as it stretched for hundreds of miles until it somehow touched the sky.
I had no bags or even change of clothes, just my Cotonou handset and some dollars. It was at the beach that things started to get interesting.

Efuah, a beautifully endowed tall slim dark girl was swimming alone. I had watched her for a few minutes and decided to make a move. A lot of things attracted me to her; her curves, her height, her weight and above all, the bikini and the two heavy round objects hanging on her chest. I strolled down towards her direction and sat down near her small bag and sipped on the small bottle of hot drink I purchased at Nkrumah square. She slowly came out of water and headed straight towards me and her bag.
“Hi,” I said as she bent down to towards her bag. She looked up and smiled.
“I saw you from up there and decided to come closer and have a look at your wonderful body,” I said.
She smiled again and murmured something I believed to be some Ghana native language.
“What is your name?” I continued.
“Why do you want to know?” She asked.
Her response increased my hope.

“I wanted to meet with a beautiful Ghanaian woman before I travel back to Nigeria,” I said.
I must have stroked an interest of hers because she stood up instantly and asked, “Are you are from Nigeria?” I nodded with a smile.

“What are you doing in Ghana?” She asked.
“Nothing much, just sight-seeing.” I lied, “I got bored in Nigeria and decided to look around West Africa coastal cities. So far, I have seen Cotonou and Lome, my next stop is Abidjan.”

“Wow.” she exclaimed, “It must be costing you a lot of money,” she said.
“I don’t really care about such things, my happiness comes first,” I lied again, “You haven’t told me your name yet.”

“Efuah,” she said.
“What does it mean in Ghana?” I asked.
She said something i couldn’t recall now.
“Would you like to show me around Ghana today?” I asked.
“I am going back to school in Kumasi today.” she said, “but if you will promise to pay for my hotel room this night, I will take you around Accra and leave for school tomorrow.” she said.

I smiled and said “Deal.”

Efuah dressed up and asked me to bring her bag and follow her.
I carried her bag and walked beside her as if we had known each other for long. I would have even carried her if she demanded.
We left the beach and she called a taxi. We drove for about 25 minutes until we arrived at a high gate. She knocked and a gateman opened up. She entered and motioned me to follow her, I did. We entered a magnificent duplex. She took the bag from me and asked me to have a seat. She went inside a room. Two minutes later, a woman came out from nowhere and looked at me suspiciously.
“Young man, who are you?” she asked
Run, Zuby run.

“Mom, she is Ziko from Nigeria, I met him at the beach and he is going to take me out tonight.”

“It is Zuby,” I corrected.
I was surprised at how relaxed she was while introducing me, something I have not witnessed in Nigeria.
“Take good care of her and bring her back on time.” the mother said.
“Mom, I am not coming back; I will leave for school from Accra in the morning” Efuah said.
I was ready to jump up and bolt through the door and run for my life. I was uncomfortable with such free and strange method of introduction.

“Remember what I said about too much alcohol.” the mother said as she walks towards the exit door.
I just kept quiet and listened to them; looking from one face to another while they talked.
Efuah went back to the room and came out later with two packed bags. I took one and we left the house. We trekked for a few minutes and stopped a taxi.
We drove back to Accra and found a three star hotel.
I insisted on paying for the room but she refused. She paid by herself and told me that I was the guest in Ghana. She joked that I will pay back someday when she visit Nigeria. We laughed at the joke.

We left her bags in the room and went down to the bars. I ordered for a full bottle of Johnny Walker and Ice. She drank like fish despite the warning her mother gave her. We drank half of the contents and she took me by the hand and led me upstairs while I carried the remaining drink. She unlocked the door and got down to business instantly. She pulled out my blue shirt and my singlet, threw them at the only chair in the room and went for my trousers. I was still unprepared for the drama. I stood like a tree watching with excitement as she stripped me naked and started rubbing my manhood with both hands.
I cupped her large boobs with both hands and started squeezing them as she swallowed the whole length of my manhood. I moaned with pleasure. My mind wondered to the dollars I left in my pocket and the whole pleasure varnished. I just stood there pretending to be enjoying the work while I figured out how to protect my 3000 dollars from this fearless beautiful girl. One thing about me was that everybody becomes a potential thief whenever I am with money. This beautiful girl was no different. I decided to enjoy the moment while remaining vigilant as much as I could.
She stood up and turned her back for me to unzip her long gown. I did and unhooked her bra too. She removed the cloths and turned around. Facing me was two heavy smooth welcoming boobs. I pushed her slightly to the bed and sucked on the melons one after the other. She moaned and held me tight while I sucked on them. I drew some milky liquids out of them as I sucked harder and harder. Then she suddenly turned me around and as she mounted me, I pointed at my trousers for her to get a condom from my wallet. She held one finger across my mouth and mounted me. She enveloped my manhood with her wet cunt and moved up and down while I raised my buttocks to meet her thrust. A few minutes later, I climbed down from the bed and dragged her with me. I stood in the middle of the room and carried her up in front of me until her cunt was touching my Joystick. Then I slowly inserted my manhood into the open cunt and started moving her back and forth. She kissed my lips while I kept raising her in and out.

I got tired of carrying her and slowly laid her on the bed while my manhood was still inside her. She cried out softly as I pumped in and out of her in a world of pleasure that made me forget the dollars on my trouser pocket. She had climaxed twice already while Mr. Johnny Walker was holding my liquids from jumping out. I hit the walls of her cunt several times while brushing the clitoris on my way out. Finally I exploded inside her…. continue reading below.

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  1. and stayed inside her for two minutes while we both breathed heavily. I kissed her and climbed down.
    I took my trousers inside the bathroom and cleaned myself up. I was not going to leave her alone with my money. She met me inside the bathroom while putting on my trousers and smiled at me.
    “That was the best fvck I have ever had.” she said with all seriousness, “You Nigerians are better in bed.” she continued.
    I was a good Nigerian ambassador in Ghana After all. If only the Obasanjo administration had recognized that and rewarded me.

    We cleaned up, dressed up and went downstairs and into the Accra city.

    Chapter 11: The Hall of Pleasure.

    Efuah took me to a Night club in the center of Accra. I forgot the name of the club but it was filled with many Nigerians. We ordered for Martini and ice. After a few drinks, she took me to a small hall behind the club where about six long seats were located. She spoke some native languages and gave some money to the two men at the door. About two of those seats were occupied. The light in the small hall was dimmed to the extent that one cannot recognize the people on the other seats. We sat on one of those seats and as I opened my mouth to ask what we came there to do, Efuah closed my mouth with her lips and started kissing away. I suspended the question and enjoyed the moment. We kissed and caressed each other until the desire to get naked once more kicked in. She started unzipping my trousers and I
    stopped her.
    “There are people in this hall,” I said.
    “They are here to fvck too,” she whispered in my ears.

    At that stage, trying to argue or stop her was useless since her hand had already brought out my huge manhood out of my trousers.
    She massaged my manhood while I kissed her all over the face, neck, lips and nipples.
    She was moaning to the hearing of the other people inside the small hall but we were also hearing the moaning of the other people as well, it was a hall of pleasure.
    A few minutes into the romance, she got down and knelt between my legs. She started
    teasing the mouth of my manhood with her tongue and gradually swallowed the whole length. She moved her mouth in and out, pausing occasionally to breathe and suck deeply on my manhood like a new born baby who thought that her mummy’s breasts would vanish if he or she removed the mouth. The alcohol in my system was doing a great job of not letting the sperm out easily, so I just sat back and supported my back on the wall while she took me beyond heaven and into a place I had never imagined existed.
    She stood up and pulled down my trousers completely while I raised my legs to let her
    remove them. I grabbed her romantically and sat her on the seat. Then I unbuttoned her blouse like Michael Douglas did on Sharon Stone in a film I watched a few days before going to Ghana. Then I kissed the boobs slightly while I unzipped her skirt.
    Surprisingly, this Ghana babe came to the club without under wears of any kind. I
    wanted to fake a surprise but I wasn’t there for a good-boy show. So I just smiled in the semi dark room.
    I slightly pushed Efuah back to lay on the seat while I dipped my two right fingers
    slowly into the already wet cunt. I intentionally clipped the clits on my way
    back and she let out a loud moan that reminded the other parties that something
    was happening over where we were. I did it again and again and slowly mounted
    her. My manhood slowly went in uninterrupted and pumped away. I fvcked her for ten minutes and since my Sperm wasn’t anywhere near coming out, I changed positions. I turned her around and went in from the back. Her robust moderate arse kept pushing back to align with my moves while I pumped in like there was no tomorrow.
    We eventually climaxed at the same time. As soon as I finished, it came to me that I did it without condom. There was no time for blame game since the deed was already
    done. So we just clothed ourselves back and kissed a little more before we left for the
    dance hall once more. We went back to our hotel around 3am and
    slept. The following morning, it was time for Efuah to travel to Kumasi and time for Zuby to head to Lagos.

    I did not find the products I came for in Accra but I found Efuah Kuffor. She gave me a phone number to be reaching her from Nigerian and when next I visit Ghana.
    To my surprise, she opened her purse and brought out a bundle of Ghana Cedis and
    offered them to me.
    “What is the money for?” I asked.
    “It’s for you.” she said with a smile.
    “What am I supposed to do with it?” I asked again.
    “Stop asking too many questions and take it, my father left a lot of money in my
    account, I am just giving you the money because I love you so much.” she said with a
    “You can go to the airport and use a flight instead of the roads.” she continued.
    I was torn between protecting my pride and taking the money when my Igbo mind
    shouted in my head ‘take the money, you useless proud dickhead’
    I smiled and said in defense “Efuah, if you insist, I will definitely give this money
    back to you someday.”

    “Don’t worry, you will spend it on me soon enough, I will visit you in Nigeria during
    Christmas period.” she said.
    When I got to Cotonou, I changed the Cedis and got 700 US Dollars.
    Who said I didn’t go to Ghana for business?

    Chapter 12: Christmas Came Fast Enough

    I remained in contact with Efuah. I called her almost on daily basis. How could I not do that after realizing that the money she gave me wasn’t fake currency?
    I had heard how sugar mummies gave people money and I had silently prayed to be
    lucky one day to get that kind of sugar mummy but here was Efuah Kuffor, a 20
    year Ghana sweetheart offering me herself and money to go with it.
    When I told Bonny my friend about my one night in Accra and how I got money from Efuah, he doubted it until I gave him One hundred US Dollars and allowed him to speak with Efuah on the phone.
    On the morning of December 21, Efuah landed in Lagos with Ghana airways. I
    drove with Okey my friend to pick her up at the Murtala Muhammed airport Lagos. We drove straight to Tettrazinni fast food restaurant to have some over-priced ice cream, burger and chicken. I decided to treat her like a queen since she had the mind to give me 700 dollars. After the lunch, she was tired, so we had to drive to Okey’s apartment in Sulurere Lagos. She slept for about three hours and when she woke up, it was almost 7pm. We drove out again to Festac to have fun and indeed we had fun. She was surprised at how fast life was moving in Lagos. Everybody seemed to be in haste and everyone seemed to be shouting for something. It was quite an experience for her. We drank and danced at a club in Festac and went back after midnight.

    The following day, we headed to Lekki beach. She came with swimming pants and camera. We took pictures and she swam in the ocean (very close to the banks anyway). Okey my friend came with his girlfriend too and they kept
    themselves busy under a coconut tree kissing and reminding each other how they could not have lived without one another.
    Around 8pm, we hired a small palm tree hut and a mat. It was dark except the main areas where people partied and danced. We bought a coconut drink which contained
    alcohol. We drank and kissed and touched. One thing led to another and before I could say Jack, Efuah’s mouth was already enveloping my mouth. She had insisted that I remained on my boxers only so that I looked sexy. She was my visitor and I wanted to do everything possible to make her happy. So I remained only on my boxers which made things easier for her when she wanted to playfully touch my manhood.
    As she kissed and sucked my manhood, I rubbed her back and touched her boobs since the position we were couldn’t allow me to suck on the boobs. We played and kissed until we couldn’t take it any longer. I made the first move as I pulled down her
    swimming pants and dipped my fingers into her already slippery cunt. I
    teased and played with her clits until she moaned and begged me to fvck her.
    I mounted her and fvcked away and as I released inside of her without condom a voice said behind me “Mr. Man, let’s go back home.”
    It was Okey and her girl standing there, watching a live blue film starring Zuby and Efuah.
    I asked them to excuse us and they did. We dressed up and left Lekki area of Lagos
    Island. We drove back to Sulurere via Western avenue Lagos.
    The following day, we packed and headed to Enugu, Eastern Nigeria. We got to Enugu towards the evening of December 23 and booked into the Zodiac hotel along Rangers Avenue independence layout Enugu. It was a very expensive hotel but I wanted the best things for Efuah. I didn’t know all about her and I believed there was something about her she was not telling me. From her behaviour and taste for things, I figured out that she came from a very wealthy family.
    As soon as we settled into the hotel, she called her Mother and told her that she had
    moved from Lagos to another city called Enugu. After a brief listening on the phone,
    she said, “Thanks mom,” and hung up. I advised her to rest while I followed Okey in
    his Mercedes 190 to drop some bags of rice and the other things we bought for
    Christmas. We got to the village and dropped off the items. We hung around for
    an hour to entertain home based boys with drinks and meat. Then we drove back to
    Enugu Metropolis. It was already 7pm by the time we got back to the hotel, so I told Okey to leave and return tomorrow in the morning. Okey’s parents had a house at the heart of Uwani Enugu, so he went there while I stayed back at the hotel.
    I and Efuah strolled outside and settled beside the swimming pool. The weather was
    cool and perfect for romance. We talked about things and for the first time, I realized
    that all those escapades with Efuah Kuffor was real and not a dream or fantasy. I asked her how she found it too easy to trust me to the extent of coming to Nigeria alone. She told me that she had always wanted to visit Nigeria and found the opportunity when I showed up in her life. We sat there and talked and kissed and massaged and tried out all sorts of romantic plays. When the blood started to get hot, we held hands like a newly wedded sweethearts and strolled back
    into the beautifully decorated room. As soon as we locked the door, she pushed me down unto the bed and started removing my cloths.

    “Baby, I want to ask you something,” I said.
    “Go ahead,” she said and continued her effort at keeping my clothes out of my body.

    ‘We have been having unprotected sex since we met and you seem not to be bothered by that,” I said while looking her straight in the eyes.

    “Zuby, what are you afraid of exactly?” she asked.

    “We could get into some serious troubles as a result of this,” I told her, “for instance, you could get pregnant.”
    She laughed out at what I said and I wondered what was so funny about that.
    “If I get pregnant, it would be nice. I can take care of my baby.” she said.

    “What about me, what if I am not ready to marry you now?” I asked.
    “It doesn’t matter, like I said, I can take care of myself even if you are not ready,” she
    continued, “I am in love with you and it would be nice to have a baby with you.”
    I resigned to fate but my only worry was that I had not built a house. We so much
    believed in Igbo that one had to build a house before marriage.
    She must have noticed that my concentration was not on the romance she
    was dishing out because she looked at me and asked, “Zuby what is worrying you?”

    “Nothing,” I lied.
    “If it is about the pregnant thing, you don’t have to worry. I can only get pregnant if I
    want it,” she said.

    I relaxed a little and smiled at her.
    “I was actually thinking about how beautiful our baby could be, he or she will look like you,” I said.
    She was surprised from what I said because she searched my eyeballs with hers and
    started crying. When she calmed down, she told me that it would be nice to have a baby with me.
    “My dad is a politician,” she said, “I could ask him to give us money so that
    we can go to the UK and live.”
    I pinched my left hand to find out if I was dreaming but I was not. I said nothing because I was always careful when money matters come up.
    “Personally, I have up to 50,000 dollars in my account and that should be enough for us but we will get more from my Dad,” she said again.

    “There is a place I will take you tomorrow,” I said trying to suspend the money topic
    “Where?” she asked

    “My village, it’s not far from here, it’s about 10 minutes. I would like you to meet my
    Parents,” I said without giving it a single thought.
    “That would be nice.” she said.

    How could this girl be so free with me’ we just ran into each other in Accra beach
    without prior knowledge of each other and here she was proposing marriage indirectly.
    * My mind zoomed off to Agnes, my village
    girlfriend. How was i supposed to tell her
    about this Ghana girl*
    * a part of my mind assured me that there
    would be no issues*
    My mind returned to the moment as i placed
    a long kiss on her lips to cement this whole
    new development. My hand was already
    brushing through her veegee while the
    clothes was still on.
    we kissed more and more before i removed
    her clothes entirely and threw it like Finidi
    George Into the only seat in the room. I
    carried her to the edge of the bed and
    parted her legs to expose her already
    swolled cu.nt. I parted some pubic hairs
    with my right hand and placed my tongue
    into the opening of her veegee.
    I teased the walls of her cu’nt with my lips
    and made her moan with pleasure. i
    continued and atimes clipped the opening of
    her cu,nt with my lips and pull it outside
    slightly. She was in another planet with
    pleasure while i worked on her like a
    professional sexxstar.
    * I wondered where i learnt all that and the
    whole Religious teachings of how pre marital
    sex was sin and bla bla bla was forgotten.
    There was a 50K dollars for grabs between
    me and god and the battle field is Efuah who
    was currently occupied by me*
    * The children of Israel who starved in the
    desert for fourty years would have been
    better off with 50k dollars, so why would i
    care what happens after life*
    I slowly moved out of the V-spot and moved
    up slightly to kiss her bosoms. I teased her
    niipples with my tongue as i moved my dicck
    slowly into her 50 grand worth of Veegee.
    * forgive me for attaching the price money
    to my thought but that was the closest i ever
    came to that kind of money*
    She moaned more and more as her wet c,unt
    recieved my hard Joystick in a most
    fashionable way available. I was so gentle
    during the entrance and the thought of using
    gold circle had long vanished from my head.
    *If she wanted a baby, fine with me. Aftreall,
    Tigana, my friend impregnanted Ada his
    girlfriend when we were in SS3 and they had
    their baby*
    She held my waist line tightly to encourage
    my thrust. We fvcked for many minutes
    before we cimaxed at the same time. We
    both lay on the bed Unclad and slept off.
    The following morning, Dec 24, we dressed
    up and drove with Okey down to Ihe, my
    village in Awgu area of Enugu state.

    Efuah Kuffor and I got to my village a little past 9am in the morning of December 24, 2001.
    The news that Zuby returned for Christmas with a foreign girl had somehow made it to the village ahead of us. There was even a rumour that it was the daughter of the vice President of Ghana that had returned with me. There was other versions of the news that stated that it was the daughter of the Ghanaian Ambassador to Nigeria. Some said she was from Liberia while the usual haters said she was a prostitute i brought from Lagos. Instead of denying any of the rumour, i chose not to make a comment on it at all except for some prominent people who tried to joke with me about it.
    My mom was the most skeptical of the whole lot. She wanted to know everything. She also wanted to know if i was about to Marry her. My father was indifferent. He didn’t care at all. He was more contented with hot drinks i brought back home.
    My elder brother lost control of me as soon as i became a millionaire. He gave me little advice and allowed me to lead my own life.
    My two sisters welcomed her like their old time friend and took her everywhere they went. I drove out with Okey my friend around town and many eyes were on us as we buy drinks everywhere. Girls were looking at us but none of them was brave enough to claim what belonged to a Ghanaian lady even in her absence. I was the new celebrity in town.
    Sometime in the afternoon, i went back to my house and met Efuah cutting pumpkin leaves with my younger sister Ify. They were chatting and Ify was trying to learn everything about Ghana in one hour.
    I greeted them and entered my room to have some nap. When i woke up Efuah was sitting in front of mirror in the room applying some red paints on her lips.
    ”Going somewhere?” i asked
    ”Yea, I and Ify your sister are going to look around the village” she said.
    I closed my eyes and tried to sleep again but couldnt, so i took my bath and opened another bottle of Johnny Walker.
    ”Azubuike” I heard from the compound, it was my mother. I answered and went outside.
    ” Your wife is such a homely girl” my mother said.
    ”My wife” i asked
    She looked at me as if to say – You must marry her- .
    ” Mama, Efuah is not my wife. She is a girl i met in Ghana in one of my business trips. She wanted to visit Nigeria and here she is” i said.
    ”But I like her and you can marry her if she agrees” my mother said.
    I told my mother that we will talk about it when i come back in the evening. I went to Okey’s house and we drove out again.
    There was a football match between my Village and the Neighbouring village in the central field, so we went there to watch the match. I saw Efuah and Ify at the field watching the match.
    Somehow i was surprised at how this beautiful girl felt at home.
    There was no network service in the village then, so Efuah couldn’t call her parents in Ghana. I told her that we will drive to Enugu around 8pm to make the call.
    After the match which our Village had won, I and Efuah strolled towards home. People were watching and greeting us. It was the first of its kind in the village.
    We got home and took our bath together. Then we ate Garri together in the open compound.
    *That was the love of village*
    My parents were teachers, so it wasnt difficult for them to communicate with Efuah. They asked her about life in Ghana and how she liked our country and town and village.
    They laughed and joked until sometime around 8pm. We decided to forget about phone call to Ghana until the following day, so we went back to our room and talked about our village, our culture, the hospitality of my people and how she loved being with me. She admitted that she was scared somehow but i told her that it was a normal thing. I reminded her that i was also scared the day she took me to her parents.
    When we ran out of topics to discuss, she turned and placed her lips on mine. I responded and took over from her. We kissed and touched every part of our bodies until the heat increased. I turned off the bulb in my room to avoid anyone seeing anything from outside.
    I pulled up her night gown and since she had no undies, i dipped my middle finger inside her dry cu,nt and touched her clitorisss on my way in. Then i parted her left leg with one hand and started licking her cu,nt.
    The sound of the big power generator from outside absorbed the moaning coming from Efuah. I licked and sucked as i ignored the fact that someone could actually contact disease from such things.
    *Who cared, one thing is going to kill a man, although we must be as careful as we can*
    *As long as i could tell, this girl before me took every necessary precaution towards being neat all the time. But still, one can never be careful enough-*
    The ” please fvck me now” jolted me back from my reverie as i turned her around and entered the heaven gates from behind.
    *St.Peter wasnt at the gate to ask me some silly questions about how i lived my life on earth, so the entrance was wide open and smooth and uninterupted*
    I intentionally decided to move in and out of her slowly to experience a different kind of pleasure from the ones i have been having. She moved her up and down to align with my thrust. A few minutes later, she climaxed and poured some juicy liquid on my Joysticks but i kept on moving in and out at the same pace like before.
    No hurry this time around. We are at home now.
    She cried out ” fvck me Zuby” numerous times as i took no pity on her but continued with the same slow pace.
    I was incharge and nobody was going to take that away from me.
    After about two more minutes, i turned her around again and dipped two fingers into the wet slippery veegina.
    She spread her legs helplessly and grabbed her breassssts by herself. The pleasure was unbearable for her.
    She begged me to fvck her again but that was my decision to make.
    Eventually i answered her prayers by mounting her again and moving my Joysticks slowly between the wet red walls of her cun,,t. She held my back tightly and flowed with the rythm of my thrust.
    We busted again at the same time and i remained on top of her for a few minutes before making a narrow escape from heaven back to Enugu state through the heaven gates.
    * St. Peter was already at the gate when i jumped off. There was nothing he could do since my name was not on the book of those to be admitted or chased away from his kingdom*
    ” i love you Zuby” i heard from Efuah twice before i responded.
    ” I love you too baby and to think that you are here in my village with me makes me love you more and more”
    ” I hope i will be able to pay you back one day for all your trust and love for me” i continued.
    We talked more until at about 10pm, then we slept off…
    We fvcked every other day until December 29 when Efuah left for Ghana.
    *** GET READY FOR HER SECOND VISIT TO NIGERIA, HER PREGNANCY, MY DAUGHTER, AND HOW SHE GOT MARRIED IN LONDON……. This and more will come between my travel to Europe and other sexapades***

    15: Samson & Delilah

    Efuah Kuffor, my beautiful princess left for Ghana on 29the December 2001.
    I saw her off to Enugu airport where she boarded a flight to Lagos before connecting another flight to Accra Ghana.
    I called her from a pay phone later in evening and she told me how their flight nearly crashed while landing in Accra. We thanked god for chasing satan away from crashing the flight at the last minute, then we reminded each other how miserable life was until we found each other AND how miserable life would have remained if we had not found each other.
    By February 2002, i was invited to Ghana by her Parents. After excuses and counter excuses, i decided to go to Accra again. It seemed that their little daughter Efuah wouldn’t talk about anything else except Zuby. She was the only daughter and unlike Nigeria, her parents were not so bothered about having another child or a male child. I was told to use flight to Accra but unfortunately i had nointernational Passport. I used cars to Accra via Cotonou and Lome again.
    On the evening of 15th Match 2002, i arrived in Accra but this time, i came with a small luggage containing a pair of my Italian MISTER shoes and a sports canvas.
    Two pairs of jeans excluding the one i wore to Ghana, My GSM alcatel which unfortunately works only in Benin Republic then, some condoms and Money.
    They sent a driver to pick me up at Nkrumah square area.
    In other to maintain my dignity, i directed the driver to take me to a hotel where i rented a room for four days and paid once. Then we drove to their family house located at about 25 minutes outside Accra Center. My little girl was not at home when i came, so my stay there was somehow awkward but i managed to stay out of everybody’s way.
    The mother seemed to be in control of the house as she directed the affairs and even sent the husband on small errands around the house. *Something i had not witnessed in Nigeria*
    I was invited to the Dinning table which was decorated with apples, oranges, steaks, pork meat etc etc.
    Eating was difficult but i managed to maintain my dignity by not rushing the food. I also learnt by force, how to eat with knife.
    * I grew up in the village where we ate almost everything with metal spoons and here was I forcing myself to eat with a knife*
    After numerous efforts on the food, i managed to stuff enough meat and vegetable into my stomach and declared myself filled up.
    I was curious as to why her father did not show much interest in me. It was the mother who bombaded me with questions ranging from: What do you do to how much i loved her little girl.
    Ofcourse i loved her little girl, why else would i travel all the way from Nigeria to that place.
    After the food, i sat in the sitting room watching a Nigerian movie starring Pete Edochie and Nkem Owoh. The name of the movie was ‘Ikuku’ or something. Nkem Owoh known as Osuofia in the movie had been chosen to become the head of the village deity, but unfortunately he was a drunk and a loafer. The Igwe and the elders were deliberating on what to do next when Efuah came back to the house.
    After hugs and kisses in front of her mother, she declared that we were going out. I had nothing to say about it so i kept quiet and followed her orders like a Nigerian Soldier. Atleast that was what i saw the father doing. Maybe it was their way of living.
    She was a good driver. The father had bought her a small Italian car called Fiat Punto. She drove with me to the hotel where i lodged. The purpose was for me to change and prepare to go to the Beach, the same beach where i found her. But when we got upstairs to my room, things changed. As i was removing my shirt, she tapped me on the left shoulder and planted a long kiss on my lips.
    ” Thanks for coming” she said when her lips left mine.
    ” I didnt know you would make it” she said.
    ” I was afraid i wasnt going to see you again’ so when i told my mother that i wanted to go back to Nigeria to visit you, she suggested that we invite you instead” she said again.
    I moved my lips back to hers and after another long kiss and tongue sucking, i whispered into her ears ” I love you too sweetheart” and i meant it.
    ” where did you go when i came to your place” i asked her.
    ”I went to drop off a friend when i got your call, so i called our driver to go and pick you up” she said.
    A kiss halted subsequent Q&A as she pushed me towards the only bed in the room and slowly pulled my singlet out.
    ” I missed our sexxx” she said as she grabbed my already hard Joystick. I kissed her forehead as she decended slowly towards my waist. A quick unbuckling released my belt and loosen up the jean. Then she pulled it down and out.
    ” Lets go and bath together” she said as she led me like a kid into the bathroom.
    We both removed our undies and entered into the big bath tub. She sealed the water escape route and filled the tub with Water. We played like kids, throwing water at each other. She laughed loud at the play while i laughed along for the sake of laughing.
    She drew close to me, turned her back and rested it on my chest. I folded my hands across her bare breeassts and kissed her while bending my mouth towars hers. My right hand ventured down and found the promise land amongst some black curly hairs. I stroked the opening of her cuuunt and washed it romantically inside the water.
    As the desire to go further heated up, she turned around and faced me while still sitting in the tub. Her legs crossed towards my back as we both drew closer and closer until my Joystick found the opening of her cuunt. Then i slowly pushed forward and inserted my Joystick into the opening. We pushed in and out together for a few times until it became obvious that we were never going to get maximun satisfaction from that position so we climbed out of the tub.
    I sat her on the edge of the tub, opened her legs slightly and buried my head, my face and my mind between her legs.
    She let out a loud moan as i teased and succckked on her clits.
    At that moment, i had that rare priviledge to take a proper look into her vegynaa. The Vagynaa that brought me to Federal Republic of Ghana, the land of Kwame Nkruma, the Land of Jerry Rawlings and the land of Efuah Eudora Kuffor.
    I worked on her vegyna with both tongue and finger until she climaxed twice and begged me to have mercy upon her and put her out of that Glorious misery.
    I carried her slowly into the room and lay her on the bed. Then i climbed on top of her and moved in my Joystick into her wet, red slippery vegynna while looking into her eyes with a beautiful smile. She held my back while i thumped in and out of her like Mazi Omenuko in the Asaya NYSC camp. The ecstacy was high on both of us as we both moaned and fvcked until i couldnt hold my spermz any longer, then we busted into each other and remained that way for the pleasure to settle before we disentangled from each other. We remained in bed for some time before we dressed up and drove to the beach to look around. We strolled to a coconut tree and sat under it. She slept in arms for more than thirty minutes before she woke up and drove me back to the hotel.
    She insisted on sleeping in the hotel but i told her to go home and come back in the morning. She planted a long kiss on my lips and when she stopped, she smiled and said good bye.

    16: Almost Got Married
    I returned to Nigeria from Ghana and went to my village. I called my parents together and declared my intention to marry a Ghanaian lady called Efuah Kuffor. My father didnt care much, he actually said that i could marry from anywhere as long we are happy. My mom asked a few questions and agreed as well.
    I continued my business and life continued.
    I acquired a mobile phone which made it easier to communicate with my wife to be.
    At the beginning of July, Efuah came back to Nigeria. I had rented a three bedroom flat in Tedi-Muwo Area of Ojo Lagos. It wasnt such a nice place but it wasnt far from Badagry express way. I had paid for two years. We spent time together and fvcked like rabbits as usual. We visited bar beach, lekki beach, badagry beach and many more places. Life was sweet. I never used condom on Efuah and i knew she would get pregnant someday; she did.
    (time to write about that will naturally fall in line)
    When she returned to Ghana, i traveled to Onitsha the following day. A friend of mine had returned from Germany and wanted to see me. He returned with nice cars and was the toast of the entire Awada layout Onitsha. The little kingdom I ruled with Cotonou cars.
    He told me that i could go to Germany with him if i wanted. We checked what it would cost and i had the money.
    I bought a Passport with a German resident permit in it and traveled to Ado Ekiti to change the face of the owner to mine.
    Then i paid the owner of the passport about 1500 dollars. I changed some naira to about 2000 euro and left all my remaining money in the Savannah bank.(the bank folded a few days to my travel)
    Then on July 31st 2002, I boarded Alitalia airline and left Nigeria.
    Flashback: Sometime in the middle of July 2002, i called Efuah and told her about my intention to go to Europe. She knew i loved traveling and visiting new places. It was difficult for her initially but she eventually agreed.
    Not that i needed her approval or permission to travel but she was aware of my plans to marry her and bring her down to Lagos. That was the major reason behind renting a flat in the first place. She had even suggested that we rent a new flat in Lekki Area when the two years i paid for the one at Ojo expired.
    She told her parents and they adviced her that it would be difficult to hold a man down against his hobbies.
    She returned to Lagos on July 28 to help me prepare for the travel. It was an emotional three days for us. She used every small opportunity available to remind me how she was going to miss me and how lonely she was going to be without me etc.
    During one of those moments, she broke down in tears. I allowed her to cry for a few minutes before going to her. I had cleaned her eyes with handkerchief and kissed her for long. I reminded her i wasnt going there to live forever and that i would soon return to be with her.
    When she finished crying, she went into the bathroom, cleaned herself up and retuned to the sitting room without clothes (nnaakkeedd). She tapped me on the shoulder while i was squatting down over a packed traveling bag. I looked up and saw her full nakedd body staring down at me with a smile placed on her face.
    Her brreasts was pointed out like a canon gun in the Nazi Germany’s museum of war. Her flat belly strecthed down to her waist and down to the V-angle between her legs. Her well shaved pubic hair was well designed and trimmed as if she applied sporting waves cream on them. It was so irresitible and so welcoming that i just turned and stood up at the same time.
    She smiled as i planted my lips on those oranges glued on her heaving chest. She held the back of my neck, pushing me slightly hard and encouraging me to suck more and more while she let out stiffled moans that sounded like the hiss of a little snake. I teased her brreasts with my tongue and strolled down to her belly button and down to the V-angle. I kissed the well shaven swollen cun,t a few times, then i carried her to the glass center table in the middle of the palour and parted her legs to have full access to the prize.
    She gave a weak complain of the glass breaking under her but i was willing to take that chance anyway. I laid her there and parted her legs wide enough to accomodate my big head. I burried my mouth into the cu,nt and sucked away like a new born baby. I tried different styles with my tongue, inserting my middle finger occassionally to practice what i learnt in an adult movie I watched the previous night. I was enjoying the moment and so was she but i was concentrating more on my own enjoyingment. Paying attention to every little detail of pleasure coming from my acts. At a stage she became so weak after the second climax and begged me to enter inside her.
    I carried her up again and sat her on the long seat in the palour. Then i raised her left leg and placed it on my left shoulder. The red opening of her cu,nt beckoned on me to come in and in i went with one swift thrust and slashed hot sensation all over my Joystick and down to my head through a kind of electrical waves. I moved in and out of her at the speed of 1km per hour as she shouted ” zuby fvck me, fvck me darling”.
    I got tired of carryng the left leg and placed it down, then i tured her back and made her hold the edge of the seat with both hands. Her swollen vegynna faced me again from her arsse at an angle of 69 degrees which made my entrance smooth and without incidence. I drove my hard Joystick inside her while holding her round waist line softly. I pumped in and out of her for several minutes before we both busted out some hot liquids. I then took her to the bathroom to clean up. When we got to the bathroom, we opened the shower over our heads and held each other under the sprinkling water and planted a long kiss on each other.
    We forgot the outside world in there as we kissed and teased each other with our tongues. Then she slowly bent down and started working on my Joystick again.
    A few moments later, my Joystick commenced its rise to power once more. It became hard again as she sucked on it under the shower. I held her head while she sucked on my Joystick several minutes and when i coudnt take it any longer, i raised her up and placed her back against the wall of the bathroom. I raised her right leg up while her left leg stood alone on the ground. Then i drove inside her vegyna again while her back was on the wall. It was a new style for me but it was worth every second of it. She cried out loud while i pumped in and out in a measured unison. ” fvck me baby” she cried every now and then until we got tired of that position. My spermz wasnt anywhere near coming out. It often happened on my second rounds.
    I put her leg down and sat on the toilet seat. i beckoned her to come and seat on my erect Joystick. She came, turned her ars,e and slowly found my Joystick with the opening of her dripping cu,nt. Then she slowly moved up and down on my Joystick while i held her waist line to encourage the moves. She pumped me for minutes before i climaxed and released more hot creams into her. Then we concluded our bath and slept off.
    The following day, She was at the airport to bid me goodbye at the Murtala Muhammed airport Lagos on the night of July 31st 2002. She later drove back to my apartment with a taxi and left for Ghana the following day.

    I left Nigeria on 31st July 2002. I boarded Alitalia airline at the MM airport Lagos and landed in Accra on transit. We left Ghana the same night and got to Milan Malpenza airport in the morning.
    The whole night was like a dream.
    As i walked down the aircraft isle looking up at the storage base for my seat number. My ticket pointed to seat Number 20A. Right behind the first class. We were demacated with a wooden cabin.
    I found my seat at the left side of the flight. A strange and suspicious girl was sitting on it. The lights were still on, so i took a good look at her face first. She was about 19 or 20.
    ‘Thats my chair’ i said confidently as if i had been traveling with flight all my life.
    She looked scared and surprised.
    ‘check your ticket’ i continued.
    She opened a local handbag and brought out her ticket.
    I took a look at it and saw 20B. What!!!.
    *I thought 21 Came after 20 in numerical order, what is 20A and B again*
    I was a little confused, so i settled on the window seat, whether it was 20A or 20B.
    My travel was easier and smooter due to the fact that Amanda, my seatmate was also a first time air traveler. She was going to Napoli according to her, to live with her aunty who had lived for 20 years there.
    *I knew nothing about prostitution in Italy then, so i suspected nothing*
    After we had settled on our seats in the aircracft in Lagos, Amanda started talking to me. She was nervous as i was but i did a very nice job at hiding my own nervousness.
    ”are you going to Italy’ she asked me.
    ‘I am going back to Germany’ i said.
    I had been warned that my passport shows that i had been living in Germany for seven years. I was told to be careful if immigration or police operatives stopped me for questions but i decided to start practicing it with my seat mate.
    ”what is your name’ i asked her.
    ‘Amanda’ she replied and continued talking. ‘this is my first time to fly and i am going to Italy to live with my aunty’
    She told me how she had looked for visa for years and how god had sent the visa from heaven etc.
    We talked until the main lights went off. We were already in the air then. A few minutes later, we had landed in Ghana. We both stayed in the aircraft while people alighted. Other passengers boarded the craft and we flew out again.
    After the announcement on how we were supposed to survive if the plane somehow crashed or caught fire or landed in the ocean, the lights went of again.
    It was time for proper introduction with Amanda. Afteral i had lived in Germany for seven years, i was supposed to act like it.
    ‘what were you doing in Nigeria before this travel’ i asked. The question seemed to have caught her off guard as she stammered ‘ I was a year one student of Uniben’.
    ‘what about you’ she fired just to interupt further questions from me.
    ‘ i returned to Nigeria to look for a wife but i couldnt find any girl, so i am going back’ i said.
    * a nice line that has won me many chicks*
    She smiled and started lectures on how there were millions of girls to chose from.
    ‘non of the girls i saw in my village was as beautiful as you’ i said again.
    This time she laughed and relaxed a bit.
    ‘When you get to Italy, make sure you call me so that i can visit you, i said as i handed her the phone number of the guy who was supposed to recieve me at the Dusseldorf International Airport Germany.
    My right hand that had given her the phone number had somehow managed to rest on her left thigh on its way back. She said nothing as she put the phone number inside her Aba made handbag.
    My right hand had already started moving up and down her leg as she smiled at me.
    I smiled back and promised to run from Germany to Italy as fast as she could call me on that number. i bent down her head slightly and kissed her cheek.
    ‘ I think i have found the wife i went all the way down to the village to look for’ i said.
    ‘na God’ she managed to say as my lips were already closing in on her own.
    ‘ we dey inside plane ooh’ she said out of fear of someone seeing us.
    The old Alitalia we boarded had no individual seat TVs as the modern aircrafts. The crappy ones inside the craft was scattered at about 8-meter intervals.
    The faded lights coming from the one over our heads couldnt allow other passengers to know exactly what my hands were doing. The height of our seats also blocked those behind us to see anything.
    As my hands was busy caresing her thights and bosoms and sometimes venturing into the pubic hairs on her vegyna, i reminded myself that that was as far as i could venture. It was better than nothing anyway. I stopped kissing her lips since the old white man sitting across the isle on our right refused to sleep like every other nearby passenger.
    My hand was on her thigh when all of a sudden, the brighter light came together with the overhead speaker.
    ” Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to serve you foods”
    I snatched out my hand as if it was on fire and settled back on my chair. The Italian air hostess coming out of the first class cabin looked at us as if she had seen some misbehaviours.
    ‘ You can remove your seat belts now’ she said as she passed us.
    *what!!, Nobody told me when it was time to remove my belts, i could have had enough space and freedom to do more things with Amanda*
    I decided not to remove the seat belt so fast since i had told Amanda that i had been living in Europe for years. I was supposed to know when to take the belt off, i presumed. I claimed to love being on belts.
    *I was vindicated when we hit turbulents over North Africa airspace*.
    A cart was pushed towards us. We were given juice, water, small portion of badly cooked jollof rice with grinded chicken meat. When they asked if we wanted beer, i nodded in affirmative and i was given a strange can of cold beer.
    After the meals, Amanda said she wanted to sleep, so i let her be.
    For me, there was nothing called sleep. I was determined to stay awake all night. I had been doing that in Wake keeps, it shouldnt be a big deal, so i stayed awake until we landed in Milan Malpenza airport around 6am.

    18: A New Chapter Was Opened
    When we landed at Malpensa airport in Milan, we proceeded to the transit hall. I had left the craft before Amanda. The next time i saw her, she was being questioned by two uniformed women whom i suspected to be either Italian police or immigration.
    I quickly looked away from them and proceeded to the transit hall.
    *I was also told to mind how i interact with people i didnt know*
    I boarded a new smaller aircraft.
    We got to Dusseldorf Germany an hour and ten minutes after Leaving Milan. Two neatly dressed police officers stood on the way from the aircraft to the arrival hall. They stopped me and asked for my passport which I gave them. While they were flipping towards the visa page, my hand was stretched in a gesture of do-quick-and-give-it-back manner.
    As soon as i came out from the airport, i fumbled in my jean pocket to get the phone number of my reciever. I searched and couldnt find it.
    Then it hit me, i had given it to Amanda .
    *useless boy*.
    What on Earth was i thinking ?
    ‘Are you Matthew Ejodamen’ a voice asked from behind.
    I turned to face a guy who resembled the original owner of my passport.
    ‘what if i am’ i asked
    ‘I am Matthew too and i came here to pick you up’ he said.
    I followed him down to the train station inside the airport and he bought two train tickets.
    We boarded a train from Dusseldorf to Oberhausen, a small city near Dortmund and Duisburg in the Westfalia state.
    ” you were supposed to call me” Matthew had said.
    ‘I couldnt find a phone booth’ i lied.
    When we got to his flat, the first thing that caught my attention was Nnenna, an Igbo girl who was supposed to be Matthew’s girlfriend.
    ”Nna nnoo, we have been waiting for you” she said in anticipation of my arrival.
    She popped a bottled of champagne and shared it among the three glasses on the glass table.
    ”welcome to Deustchland’ she said as we drank from our glasses.
    She pointed to the bathroom for me to go and shower but i told her i wanted some rest. She went into the Kitchen and brought out four chicken legs and kept it on the table then She announced that she was going to the mall to shop and she left with Matthew.
    Two hours later, Nnenna returned alone and when i asked of Matthew, she said that he won’t be coming back until tomorrow morning.
    *wow! I was alerted, but i was a newbie, so i had to stay calm*
    ” You havent eaten your chicken legs’ she asked.
    * truth was that i didnt know it was for me since she just kept it there and said nothing but*
    ”i wasnt hungry’ i lied but instantly grabbed one of the chicken legs and shoved almost all of it inside my mouth at once.
    After the meal, i went into the bathroom to shower. The bathroom was full of liquid soaps which were strange to me. I had come with Tura soap, so i tied my towel and went outside to get my soap from my bag. Nnena looked at me suspiciously as i opened my bag to get my soap but i pretended not to have noticed.
    I went into the bathroom and closed the door. The key latch on the door had been damaged, so the door could not be locked.
    When i turned on the shower, some very hot water landed on my body that i had to lock the water again amidst a shout from me.
    The bathroom door opened up almost immediately and Nnenna was standing there staring from my head to my face down to a big joystick hanging between my legs.
    ‘ The water is too hot’ i said as she laughed at me. She knew what had happened without myexplanation.
    ‘sorry i no show you how to mix the water’ she said as she stepped inside the bathroom. I was Unclad but the effect of the hot water on my body subdued every thought in my head.
    She laughed as she lectured me on how to balance the water between hot and cold.
    When she finished, she looked at my joystick directly and smiled at it.
    ‘ Nnaa, amu gi dikwa Okay’ she said as she left. The silly joystick had already started getting excited.
    I had just arrived in a strange country with strange weather and strange building and strange yellow people with yellow hairs and flashy cars AND ALL my mind could think of was what was behind Nnenna’s cloths.
    I had just found myself in that circumstances and i decided not to make any move on her whatsoever.
    When i finshed my bath, i changed to a short jean pants and polo shirts i had bought in Onitsha main market.
    * Did this girl say that Matthew will not come back until next morning, that was almost 12 hours to stay alone with her. Something was definitely going to happen. All the girls that had seen my joystick from the past five years had also felt it inside their cunnts and Nnenna was not going to be an exception*
    I sat in the palour watching a programme with a strange language but i didnt care. It wasnt interesting since i couldnt understand what they were saying but i pretended to be enjoying it. What else was there to do? The only option left was either to sleep or chat with this beautiful girl going from the kitchen to the bedroom.
    A plate of hot creamy food landed on the table in front of me and brought me out of my reverie.
    ” what part of Igboland are you from” i asked Nnenna.
    ‘Enugu’ she said.
    * So this damsel was from my home state, things were getting more interesting*
    ” wow, i am from Enugu state too’ i said.
    We introduced our various towns etc, she was from Nkanu area while i was from Awgu. We chatted more and surprisingly ate from the same plate while talking.
    She was a student, or so she said. When we finished eating, she went into the bathroom to bath.
    ‘ Zuby” i heard a voice shout from the bathroom. I moved towards the bathroom door when i heard it the second time.
    I knocked and she asked that i come in.
    I opened the door slowly and peeped into the bathroom.
    Nnenna was Unclad. ” I asked you to come in, not stand at the door” she said and laughed. ” abi you dey fear Unclad woman” she continued.
    I decided to take control of the situation from there.
    ” Tell me what it is, i can hear you from here” i said.
    ” I need you to massage my back with this sponge,, she said as she strectched her hand to give me a sponge.
    ” i, i, i, cant do that, Matthew will be”
    ”Matthew will not find out unless you tell him,, she interrupted me.
    * What was happening*
    I staggered into the bathroom and took the sponge.
    *I was in a dilemma. If i refused to do her this favour, i could have managed to make an eneymy under the same roof, if i did it, i could get in trouble with Matthew if he finf out.*
    *I was already in the situation and there was no way out, so i started rubbing her back with the sponge.*
    She eventually turned around and faced me with beautifully crafted bosoms. King David would have sent Matthew to the war front to be killed just to take Nnenna from him if it was during his era.
    I didnt wait for the invitation to rub the bosoms. It was part of her body. I had massaged and rubbed her back down to her buttockks and as far as i was concerned, the difference between the buttoocks and the brreasst wasnt much.
    I massgaed the brreaasts with the sponge while she closed her eyes.
    Somehow i managed to drop the sponge and started the massaging with my bared hands. My joystick was already bulging from my jean pants and was so visible that there was no hiding place. She threw water at me and pulled me close to her body. Then she planted a kiss on my lips and i lost every sense of control and reasoning.
    She bent down and unzipped my shorts, then pulled them down to reveal a huge Joystick dangling and ready to commit offence. I stroked her hair while she succked on my JT. The warmth from her mouth played some tricks on my cold joystick as i traced my hands down to grab her brrreasts and squeeze them. I was moaning and so was she as we both played out a non scripted movie inside the bathroom of our host who happened to go to work.
    She suddenly stood up and dragged me to the wall of the bathroom. Then she raised her left leg which i grabbed with my right hand. Her open red cunnnt looked at me like the Thor’s hammer in the movie ‘SG-1′.
    I moved closer and dipped my hard joystick into the open gates and fvcked like i never did before.
    She shouted with pleasure while i fvcked her. When we got tired of that style, i put her leg down and turned her around. She bent over with both hands on the floor while her a.rse pointed upwards at an angle that allowed me to probe through her openings easily. I parted her robust buttocks and dipped two fingers into her open cunnt. She moaned out loudly as i twisted my fingers inside of her. The clitorris was downwards and provided easy access for my fingers, so i brushed it every now and then until she begged me to fvck her again. I answered her prayers as i stood erect and pushed my hard diicck into her wet cunnnt again and started pumping.
    ” Please releases inside me” i heard but i pretended not to.
    * why in the world would she want me to release inside her?’ i guess she wanted a baby and i was right as that was the only way the German Immigration Authorities can allow you to stay in their country beyond your student visa*
    The pleasure coming from the sexxx couldnt allow me to think properly about why she wanted my spermm.
    A few pumps later and the spermzz was ready to come out, so i pulled my Joystick from her and released them on the floor.
    She got up and looked at me.
    ” i wanted you to release inside of me” she said.
    ” And i wanted to know why before i do that” i countered.
    She kept quiet as we finished up our bath and headed back to the sitting room.
    Later on, she explained to me that her visa was going to expire in one year and that if she didnt get pregnant, the Germans will send her back to Nigeria. She told me that Matthew was not her boyfriend. According to her, Matthew was just a guy she wanted to use to get pregnant but he had always insisted on using condom.
    As a good samaritan, i took pity on her and released my spermz inside her during our subsequent fvcks. Whether she got pregnant or not, i didnt wait to find out as i later moved to asylum camp somewhere near Poland border town of Cottbus.

    19: The Ride Continued
    After my sexcapade with Miss Nnenna Dorothy Nwabueze, we sat down to chat in the living room. She told me how she had come to Deustchland. (Germany is called Deustchland over there). Her parents were some kind of rich people who lived in Victoria Island. They had sent her to study engineering in Essen, a big city near koln (cologne). She lived alone in Essen which is 20 minutes train ride to Oberhausen where we were at that time.
    She is a beautiful girl and charcoal black in complexion.
    During our chat, she had told me that she wanted a baby to make her get Mothershaft, a kind of resident permit to live in Germany.
    I had thought about her proposal of getting her pregnant and had no decission on it yet.
    *Hell, i had just arrived in Germany and i had not even called back home to tell them that i reached my destination*
    The thought woke me out of my silly dellusion.
    I stood up and asked Nnenna to escort me outside to make some calls to Nigeria and Ghana.
    She excused herself and went inside the room to make up.
    I opened my bag and took 100 euro bill from it and seached for my passport, it was nowhere to be found. I recalled that Matthew had taken it from me to keep. Then it occoured to me that it actually belonged to him. I told Nnenna and she told me not to be afraid. She said i could always tell the police that i was from Liberia and that i was missing for long, that i didnt even know how i got to Germany. It was all funny but it was better than nothing.
    We went outside to the business district of the city.
    I called my elder brother who was already getting worried. I told him to spread the news down to my parents. Then i called Efuah Kuffor in Ghana.
    She started crying when she heard my voice. She told me that her mom said she should forget about me now that i had traveled to Europe. Her reasons was that i was definitely going to marry a white lady.
    We spoke for a few minutes and i promised to call her again when i got a phone.
    Then i made few more calls to some girls in Nigeria, Chinwe, Azuka etc and hung up.
    Nnenna took me to a center where Igbo boys gather every evening to joke and drink.
    I just kept quiet and listened for a few minutes. It was getting dark, so we left for home.
    We got home around 8pm. Then Nnenna called Matthew and confirmed that he will come back in the morning. The phone was on speakout.
    Matthew asked about me and was told i was sleeping. He laughed and asked Nnenna to wake me up and give me the phone. I changed my voice and spoke like i just woke up. He asked how i was doing and if Nnenna gave me food blablabla. (Nnenna actually gave me food, not just the food of mouth but of Cuuunt). He said he will come back around 6am and hung up.
    I and Nnenna laughed but my laughter was cut short by a kiss from Nnenna’s red lips. I didnt care about the lipsticks as i licked everything on my way to her tongue. We held each other and kissed and caressed and squeezed and massaged until my joystick reminded me that it was still part of the set up. I shifted a bit and removed her red gown totally.
    I carried her to the bigger seat and made her lie down on her back. Then i spread her legs and burried my head inside her cunnt. She moaned as i licked and teased her red cunnt with my tongue. She held my head tight and encouraged me by pushing it harder into the Vshape. About five minutes into the licking, she climaxed and lay on the seat powerless. I dipped two fingers into the well shaven cuunt and hit the clitorris on my way in, then i twisted my fingers severally inside of her before brusshing past the clitts again on my way out. She had started twisting herself again, moaning out my name in a sexy way; ”oh zibi, you are killing me”.
    I continued my adventure pretending not to hear the ”killing me” part. I didnt want to be charged with a murder rap on my first day in Germany, so i stood up beside her and smiled. She got up and unzipped my trouser. My standing dicked jumped out as if we had been locking it inside the made-in-China jeanagainst its wishes.
    She grabbed it and started squeezing it inside her mouth. I stood there like a zombie watching her play every tricks in the book with my JT. It was a lovely experience as i moaned out loudly and forgot that i was in another man’s living room, fvcking his girlfriend in his absense.
    *My mind drifted away into Heaven where i had a hard time entering through the pearly gates. St Peter was there with the same Sword he used in cutting out the ear of one of those Gentiles who wanted to crucify his Oga at the top. I greeted him nonchalantly as he opened the book of life to check if my name was among those scheduled to go into Heaven.
    ” What did you say your name was again” he asked.
    ” Zuby” i stammered.
    ” Your name no dey here” he shouted as he reached for that rusted sword. I took to my heels and it was only when i hit my head on the wall that i returned back inside Matthew’s sitting room, back to Nnenna and back to the cold weather of Europe.
    Nnenna had just finished sucking my joystick and led me into the bedroom.
    ”dont forget to release inside me” she said as she lay down on the blue dressed kingsize bed. I climbed on top of her and in one sweet move, i entered inside her…
    We fvcked each other in the bed room for many minutes before i climaxed and busted my white thick hot cream inside of her. She held my my ars.e with her legs until every drop of the incoming sperm entered inside her. Then she smiled and said that she would want her son to threat women like me when he grew up.
    ”Your son?” i asked.
    ”the one you just gave me” she smiled.
    We remained in bed for over an hour and later got up to go to the sitting room.
    As i turned to go, my eyes caught a small stain on the bed sheet. It was a drop of a sperm. How it got out and where it escaped from was a surprise to me. Matthew was definitely going to find out what we did if we did nothing about it. I called her attention to it. She gathered the sheets and took them to thestore room where the laundry washing machine was located. She put it inside the machine and pressed some buttons as i stood Unclad behind her and watched. The machine started turning slowly and fast and faster. She later told me what it was as we took our bath under the steam shower amidst more kisses and squeezing of oranges etc.
    At about 12am, we finished drinking our orange juice and she announced that she was going to sleep in the room. It was a one-room apartment so i had to sleep in the sitting room.
    ”griiim griim griim” and i woke up with a start. Who could be ringing a doorbell as early as 2am? It was Matthew. I pretended not to have heard the bell anyway as i heard the room door opened and Nnenna opened the Passage door for him. He was pretty cold as he went straight to the kitchen to plug the electric kettle on the electric to make coffee. They talked for a while and Nnenna went back to the room pretending to have been sleeping since 6pm the previous day. Matthew did not come into the sitting room as he feard he could wake me up, not knowing that i was awake.
    Around 7am, i went to the bathroom to pee. Nnenna was already in the kitchen baking god-knows what. I ignored her and went back to the palour. She joined me 10 minutes later and sat a considerable distance away from me as if i was a plague. We occassionaly cast eyes upon each other but no talking.
    The German ZDF TV was Telling us how the weather was going to be that day across Germany.
    I went into the kitchen and brought a can of beer.
    ”N’ututu a ka ichoro inu beer” Nnenna said. I ignored her and opened the beer, took a deep sip and put it on the table.
    ”My man, e be like say you dey like beer” a voice said coming into the palour. It was Matthew.
    ” Good morning” i greeted.
    He reponded and said something about the beer again.
    ” I had been bored since yesterday doing nothing, so make i zap one beer first so that my head go clear today” i said.
    He laughhed as he told me that he will have a one week leave in three days time and will take me out to meet people.
    *Another three days alone with Nnenna, she was surely going to get pregnant*
    ” No wahala” i managed to say ignoring Nnenna.
    ” I no go follow una go” Nnenna chipped in. I kept quiet as Matthew told her that it was going to be boys runz but that we could attach her to our plan if she would make Chapatti for him.
    (Chapatti is an Eastern African food made with plantain. I think it originated from Kenya or Uganda as i learnt from my Ugandan Girl Agnes
    in Potsdam later on…. We will come to that later )
    She agreed to make the food with laughter and we started talking until it was time for Matthew to leave house again.

    20: The Handwriting on The Wall
    Matthew left for work after midday and it was me and Nnenna all alone in the same house again. The atmosphere was awkward initially but after a few cans of becks beer, we got fired up and got talking. Her plan was to ditch matthew when she got pregnant. I didn’t see how that was my concern until she said I was going to stay with her when she had the baby. I was alerted because I couldn’t see the difference between a married man and her proposal. I played to her tune and agreed to the devilish plan. I was new in town and didn’t know anywhere to go.
    I had given my elder Brother the phone number of Nnenna to reach me if he wanted to.
    Her phone rang and it was my brother. He asked how I was doing etc. Then he gave me a number of Afam, my town guy who traveled to Germany in 1999.
    I called Afam later and he agreed to come to Oberhausen where I was. He lived in Essen Delvig, twenty five minutes away from where I was.
    The Muscato champaigne Nnenna took must have gotten to her because she rose from her seat and came to sit on me.
    ” Ada, what exactly do you think I am going to be doing in this country” I asked as I fondled her bosoms.
    ” You go first of all , go chop Aduro” she said.
    *Aduro I later learnt, was a nickname for Asylum*
    She explained that the polizei, (german name for Police) will eventually catch me if I didn’t. She explained the procedures.
    How I was going to visit an asylum camp and declare myself. Then they will send me to a bigger camp after clearance and I could spend anything from one to three months during the whole process depending on how lucky I was.
    It sounded scary and fun at the same time. After the lecture, she went into the room and came out with her laptop.
    It was a wonderful piece of technology since that was my first time. Hell, it even had a CD input mechanisms. She laid it on the table and put one CD in it. Then a Unclad woman showed on thescreen. It was a Indecency movie. We watched in silence for a few moments. She forwarded the movie and stopped when the woman was on top of the man.
    The man was lying Unclad on his back while the lady was on top. The lady was sitting on the Joystick, facing the man’s legs while the man was facing her back. She was moving her heaps from left to right to front and back… I got hard on. She smiled and said we were going to do that style.
    ”when” I asked
    ”now” she said.
    ” no problem” I said as I smiled.
    I wanted to initiate this very attack, so I got up and kissed her fully on the lips. She responded and held my back. The laptop movie had stopped and our own live movie was about to start.
    The blue gown she was wearing was that type that you can easily pull up. I pulled it up and traced my hand to her smooth laps. I caressed her laps severally and found my way to the promise land. She had no underwear on and I wondered when she removed it. It must have been when she went to get the laptop but that was not the time to think. It was time to commit something.
    I pulled the gown totally over her head and exposed two well crafted bosoms. My attention g

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