Chapter 31

We had four girls at the back seat..Oluchi, Tayo, Lara and Zainab. Tayo looked interesting the most. She had that kind of bosom that seems to fall but gathers momentum at the base…full momentum. Bayo was looking very cool in … Continued

Chapter 32

They got a tray of fried chicken sent to the room, some Nuvo, hennessy and Alomo. We tipped the manager of the hotel 10k to ignore any odour that might have any semblance to marijuana. He understood. The girls were … Continued

Chapter 33

While Bayo went to drop them in their hostel, I took my laptop to a cafe down the road. Apart from the tons of silly messages in my inbox, some stood out.. Among them was a message from Mr Ahmed, … Continued

Chapter 34

Even though Bayo was in the next room, I was missing him..truth be told. But as he had predicted, it gave me the opportunity to think clearly.. I still had issues with the story that I stole from Alhaji. When … Continued

Chapter 35

We visited Aleshinloye to get new clothes for her. Mighty choosy if I might add. I really wanted to say what was on my the same time I was enjoying her company. She told me about the past escapades, … Continued

Chapter 36

I was on shorts while she wore a tank top and skirt..we lay in bed with a bucket of champagne and pringles… My head was on her laps…her phone was playing rock songs she claimed I used to like..Nickel back, … Continued

Chapter 37

She left by dawn..I woke up and she was not there…the only evidence that she was around was the champagne glasses, her clothes in the bin…and her smell on the sheets…on me… Bayo checked back in with me…I could swear … Continued

Chapter 38

Bayo returned the binoculars to me…either he wasnt involved or he was a good actor… Bayo: how dem take find us…the hotel… Me: I wanted to ask you the same question.. Bayo:..I cant even think of. …..wait…wait….you dey suspect me? … Continued

Chapter 39

He was at the hospital gate when I got there…I have never seen him look so defeated…his back was against the pillar and arms akimbo. I came down and tossed the car keys too him..then we hugged. ..there was no … Continued

Chapter 40

Me: Goodmorning. ..sorry for disturbing… Cynthia: Goodmorning….its not a problem. .. Me: did u get the address? Cynthia: yes.. Me: thank you… I scribbled down the address… Cynthia: Are you going to be Fine? Me: yes I will .. Cynthia: … Continued

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