Chapter 21

Our bus developed a fault around noon of the next day. Bayo was very much disappointed, I hoped it would be another day for me to make much sense of my life. I was getting used to being his conductor, … Continued

Chapter 22

We were on the second bottle when my phone rang (yes I now refer to it as my phone).. Me: Hello who is this? Caller: it’s me Cynthia. I had to change my number. Me: oh…hope it had nothing to … Continued

Chapter 23

She was dressed in a flowery patterned gown..wearing a hat and some nice dark frames. She decided to sit upstairs..away from people as much as possible.. She seemed excited to see me from the way her mouth relaxed, but with … Continued

Chapter 25

Kamoru was excited to see us, boredom had been his friend before we came around. He opened the gate holding a cutlass.. Bayo: kamoru aye!..I don miss u die! Kamoru: Bayoski omooba saudi!…bawo! Me: kamoru how far? Kamoru: yellow bawo … Continued

Chapter 26

Im in the middle of an ocean, trying to stay afloat but I kept sinking, there was a canoe close to me. Bayo and Cynthia were in it. I was screaming for help but they weren’t responding. They just kept … Continued

Chapter 27

Computer village was filled with people. Those that wanted to buy to those that wanted to sell. They werent much different from eachoda. They roamed the ‘Floor’ as the main street of computer village is famously called. It is the … Continued

Chapter 28

I lived in a three bedroom bungalow, kingsway road Ikoyi. The apartment was posh. Art works decorated my walls…I had a giant 50″ Tv on the wall..I went into what was my bedroom…my wardrobe was filled with lovely shoes … Continued

Chapter 29

Having amnesia and realising you have a lot of money is like picking up dirty clothes and finding money in the pockets..its like a gift from yourself…but still a gift. We arrived in Ibadan around 10:30…I was tired but trying … Continued

Chapter 30

We got a suite to ourselves..Bayo spent all morning going through the clothes and shoes. Then we picked randomly. The only problem with our dressing now was our boxers. I couldnt wait to remove Mourinho from my balls, Bayo wouldnt … Continued

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