Chapter 11

Alhaji should be in his mid 50s, he had been born black but some heavy bleaching made him fair, except his knuckles and cheekbones. He walked with a slight tilt , his stomach was potruded, he also had black lips. … Continued

Chapter 12

Lota hospital was a three story building. The lobby had the distinct smell of drugs and disinfectant. I met a nurse at the reception, she was looking bad. Nurse: Goodmorning how may I help you. Me: I was admitted here … Continued

Chapter 14

We met at Triangles, very close to Gowon Estate gate. She had changed into a blouse and jean. She looked beautiful. She kept looking around when she sat down.. Me: You dont seem comfortable Cynthia: No I am not. Me: … Continued

Chapter 15

Bayo’s bus was waiting for me at Iyana-Iba, infront of Lasu. It was about 5:00am . He was dressed on black shirt and black pants. Bayo: I brought some clothes for you, you can change inside. You are lucky we … Continued

Chapter 16

Bayo: Ezinne ! Bby! Hwfar na…you dey vex with your bby boo. What can I be without you? Ezinne didnt smile or even pay attention to him, she had a frown on. Ezinne: Kekere howfar na, how body? Me: I … Continued

Chapter 17

Bayo: first I want to apologise. Secondly you must understand that I had no choice. Me: Just go on. Bayo: you were hit on purpose. You were running away from some people chasing you. They caught up with you in … Continued

Chapter 18

Throughout our remaining trip. I didnt say a word to him, I didnt even look at him. He tried making jokes and all but I didnt bulge. He even bought plantain chips for me, I ignored. Bayo: olobe! still dey … Continued

Chapter 19

Bayo: make we go inside bus small Me: why? Bayo: Shade and Bimbo dey come…I park the bus for back back… Nothing refreshes the mind more than casual sex. I shouldnt be feeling guilty abt them yh?…I didnt even know … Continued

Chapter 20

The bus was oozing of seminal fluids so we opened the windows and door to to let the oozing reduce. The tent was already filled up with sleepers, leaving us with only the option of sleeping beneath the stars. Bayo … Continued

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