Stop mocking TB Joshua over church tragedy —SCOAN members

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Some members of the Synagogue Church of all Nations have cautioned members of the public against taunting their spiritual leader, Prophet Temitope Joshua, over the collapse of a church guesthouse that claimed lives and wounded scores.

The SCOAN members based in Nigeria and abroad, who took to the official Facebook page of the church, stated that it was wrong to question the calling of their leader for failing to foresee the disaster that befell his ministry.

The majority of them condemned in strong terms the alleged celebration of the calamity that has left over 100 people wounded with varying degrees of injuries.

One of the church members, Lucky Osas, stated that he read with shock on blogs and various social media platforms debates on whether TB Joshua was indeed an ordained man of God since he did not prophesy about the disaster as he often does to other people and prominent individuals across the world.

Lamenting that instead of sympathising with the church and praying for the quick recovery of the wounded, Osas said many Nigerians were “busy shamelessly debating” if TB Joshua was a fake prophet.

Osas said, “Don’t bother to ask: I am a SCOAN member. I am not saying this because he is my pastor, I would have said the same concerning any other pastor. We should use our mouth to build and not destroy.

“For those of you Christians who take pleasure in wagging your mouth and speaking evil against men of God, I pray for you that you realise soon enough the curse you are bringing upon your selves.

“You don’t tell God what to do and how to do it. And for those of you who are Christians, who are now asking this man questions, such as ‘why he did not see it coming,’ why didn’t he predict it’ you are not different from the Pharisees in the Bible.”

Rising in the defence of TB Joshua, another church member based in the United Arab Emirates, Chioma Mbagwu, said it was “God’s doing” if the renowned clergyman could foresee what would happen in other countries but failed to see dangers in his immediate environment.

Cautioning Nigerians against “spewing rubbish”, Mbagwu stated that only people without wisdom would preoccupy themselves with castigating TB Joshua following the disaster that befell his church.

Mbagwu said, “Prophet TB Joshua is a true and pure man of God. I have been to SCOAN many times and all the negative things I hear people say about the great prophet are all lies. Prophet Joshua’s building might collapse and this could be a test of his faith by God.

“Prophet Joshua only speaks what God reveals to him and the one he does not reveal, he would not speak forth. Besides, God is the only one that can leave perfectly without anything bad happening to him and not man.

“Many people have been attacking Prophet Joshua both physically and spiritually, over the collapsed building. However, this setback is just a stepping stone for the prophet and I pray that this will strengthen his faith the more.”

Fending off criticisms directed at TB Joshua, Ken Imma, another respondent from the church stated that since the clergyman was not God, Nigerians shouldn’t have expected him to see the vision beforehand.

Insisting that TB Joshua was just “an ordinary human being” like those who have assumed the role of his critics, Imma added that rather than take a swipe at the cleric, Nigerians should ask God why the tragedy befell his church.

“God can hide anything from him (TB Joshua) just to test his faith and to strengthen him the more. My dear brothers and sisters in the Lord let us pray to God to guide and strengthen our senior Prophet TB Joshua.

“Let the haters say whatever they like against the anointed man of God. If they really want to know why the SCOAN church building collapsed, they should ask God why He (God) allowed Stephen to be stoned to death and why Jesus Christ failed to save Himself on the cross of Calvary,” he queried.

Meanwhile, the church stated on its Facebook page that TB Joshua prayed for all the sick and afflicted during its worship service on Sunday.

“The prayer line has just begun. Prophet TB Joshua is praying for the sick and afflicted. Use your faith to put a demand and receive, in Jesus’ name,” SCOAN stated.

The church also quoted TB Joshua as carpeting those spreading lies and misconceptions surrounding the Friday building collapse saying, “No matter how long a lie is sustained, truth will someday prevail.”

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