Spain to receive more than double Brazil and Germany bonuses for World Cup glory

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Spain players will get more
than double their Brazilian
and German counterparts
would receive if they retain
their crown at this
summer’s World Cup.
Captain Iker Casillas and vice-captain Xavi have
agreed a deal with Jorge Perez, the secretary general
of the Spanish football federation, regarding the
bonuses the players will receive.
The winning country will receive €27 million, a 37%
increase on Fifa’s prize money in 2010, and the
players will be given 20% more in bonuses than they
received four years ago.
Each player and member of the technical staff will be
€720,000 richer if they become the first ever country
to win the World Cup twice in a row, while Brazil
players will each get €330,000 if they win it and the
Germans would receive €300,000.
The amount of money has become a controversial
subject in Spain, with one politician tweeting: “Spain
will pay more than double the Bonus that Germany
will for the Football World cup. Are we twice as rich
as Germany?”
However, Spain coach Vicente del Bosque has
defended the sum, telling a press conference:
“We want it all to be entirely transparent. Hopefully
we’ll win and we can bill the treasury for what we’ve
While Juan Mata insisted the money is no extra
incentive for him.
“Sometimes this subject is used against us, but I
play with the same dream that I’ve had since I was a
boy of winning the World Cup. I don’t think about
anything else. It’s not within my control to decide
whether it’s made public or not.”
And Spanish football’s governing body insist it is a
fair amount, as a spokesman told El Pais:
“We see it as an investment. We share what Fifa
pays us with the players.”

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