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Emike Ekwe is a Nigerian   music artiste popularly known by her stage name, ‘Harmony’. She recently told Showtime Celebrity that she could do a music video completely nude with no pant or bra. She caught a lot of attention with that revelation. This singer is beautiful, sexy and daring, and she isn’t scared to push the envelope, entertaining the audience with her art. Her new single titled “Chocolate” came out two weeks ago. In this exclusive Interview with Showtime Celebrity, she reveals all about her person and craft…

How many songs have you done so far?
I’ve done so many songs, but right now, I have only one song out, Choke. I featured Don Coleone. It wasn’t a big hit though, but my second single produced by Popito and mixed by Brains dropped two weeks ago. I think this one is going to be a hit by the special grace of God.
When did you get into the Nigerian music industry?
I got into the music industry in 2012. That was when I released my first single with Don Coleone and now, I’ve been working hard to get something that will make wave. I just don’t want to release anyhow.
Have you done any music videos?
I did a viral video for Choke. It’s on Youtube. I had many viewers.
How has your career been so far?
It’s been going on. We’re trying. I’m trying. My crew, my producers, we are just doing the best that we can. I don’t have any sponsors yet. I’m my own sponsor. I’m trying to get sponsors too, but with the little I have, I’m just doing the best as far as it can go.

How would you classify your genre of music?
It’s Afro-pop, but I know myself. I know I can rap. I can sing. I can dance. I can act. I can make you laugh – I can do everything entertaining.
Tell us about your new single?
I want people to listen to the song, Chocolate. I want people to love it. I know it’s going to be a club banger, but it was dropped some days ago. So people should just download and enjoy it.
Who inspired you to go into music?
I love Whitney Houston. I actually started singing her songs in primary school. I loved her so much. She inspired me.
Are you planning on doing any shows?
I’ve been doing shows. I did other songs that I did not release, but I’ve been performing those songs in Abuja. I had three major shows that I went for last year. I was performing Oshamo and Party Time, two songs that I did not release but I was performing them. I performed at the Most Beautiful Girl In Abuja. I performed at Miss Aso, I performed at spotlight Abuja and I’ve been having other shows but I’ve been busy going to South Africa to meet with people that would do my musical videos, on and on.
You said you could go nude in a music video?
I could go nude in my musical video if that is exactly what my script says.
Can you do a lesbian scene?
If that is what the script says. I can do anything the script says because I am not the scriptwriter. So, definitely anyone who writes the script for my video knows what he is doing. So if that is exactly what the script says, then as an artiste, I have to do it.
What’s the craziest thing you can do on camera?
I could kiss. I could let a guy touch my boobs. I could let a guy smack my ass. I can kiss a girl, like wet kiss in a music video, but if that is what the script says.
Would you say you are promiscuous in real life, or is it just for the act?
In real life, I’m a very free person. In my videos, I’m going to be free, in entertaining; I’m going to go to any length but in real life, yes. I am very promiscuous.
What’s your general view about sex?
Harmony Sxs is nice. Everybody needs it. So long as you do it with the right person and you don’t regret after doing it, sex is good for everyone. It makes your mind open. It makes your body open. You think nicely after having sex, so long as you do it with the right person and at the right time.
Are you planning on releasing any uncensored videos?
You know, it’s so difficult to have an uncensored video in Nigeria because of the culture and the background but like I keep saying, if Rihanna goes nude, the whole Nigerian

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