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I want to know how good and easy the new comment system is. We need as many comments as we can get. Your contributions are required. Your comments will determine if you get a new update this afternoon. We also encourage you to click the share button and send the updates to your facebook friends. You can also follow us on twitter.

Thanks and though belated, the management of Life on the Run wishes you a happy Valentine.

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28 Responses

  1. no matter the interface, i‘ll be here

  2. I dont really like this.The former one is better.You just post directly..This one entails you putting your email and name there,you will have fewer comments because it would look streesful for most fans….

    Please revert to the former one.


  3. keep up the good work, Zubby. I dey front row they follow you fender to to fender.

  4. Oga zubby I dey feel u die

  5. Summerflame

    You are mouthed bro. Esther’s stupidity is gonna cost her another numerous sleepless nights on the street and trading of pussy.. too bad for her. immaturity i called it

  6. This system is very good and easy for me though I would have loved to continue recieving the notifications in my mail

  7. Following bumpa to bumpa

  8. Cool, very cool its very easy…… Esther behaved like a little girl she is, but I thought you should’ve completed your mission with her, set her free and move on with life…. I hate they way you left her halfway through the journey.

  9. De Boss!!! U ar always ahead. De new system is 1st class. As 4 Esther,pls don’t abandon her there instead send her 2 me.

  10. Dis one is better. Zubby in one of chapters u said Esther had bin granted asylum in France but i haven’t come across where u took her to an asylum camp unlike d 2 girls in Marseille

  11. I just need the comment box active. I always attempt tp make a comment after reading a post but sometimes it fails. Zubby, following bumper to bumper as ever.

  12. design4lyfe

    Zubby always winning battles

  13. Summerflame

    oyar boss of life, i am following you from Bumper to Fender, i got my seat at the front row.. ESTHER ESTHER ESTHER

  14. Abeg any body wey no like dis new style of posting comments should save d comment for he/her self.

    No one sees ur email address except u n zubby. But posting via fb reveals ur identity to everyone.

    Zubby carry go!!!

  15. design4lyfe

    why did u choose to throw that wonderful Nokia away in the Milan lake

  16. design4lyfe

    Zubby, i want to read one update or more before i retire for the day, i will be refleshing every ten minutes so, waiting waiting waiting

  17. yea,the comment button is okay.

  18. This interface is the best,please don’t change to old one.
    waiting for more update sir.

  19. see how one person take block way for many others, God abegg any body wey go cus road block wey me i never pass Baba abbey delay that person till after i don pass in Jesus name!.

  20. End of the mission! U hav tryid, atleast wit ur on limit!

  21. m posting to know if ma comment wud show

  22. I love this new system

  23. Go on Mr zuby, we Dey feel u here bro

  24. Zubby am so happy.. am tired of your escapades with u and those bad ass prostitutes.. am anxiously waiting for my favourite drug street live.

  25. meecteeriox

    Ozoigbondu 1 of Berlin, Nwanne e di egbu

  26. Life on the run sparkles ma day I can’t just wait for the next one

  27. I guess this thingy is ok to comment on. Better than the last one cos I complained about it to you.

  28. Zuby I think u have to dedicate an update for Akeem79 , I saw his suggestion on ur thread on nairaland about comments issue and I guess that was exactly what u did , and the result is great . IMO though .. I still following you fender by fender

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