The Scandinavia

By | March 2, 2014
Scandinavia SubContinent

Scandinavia SubContinent

I hope we all enjoyed the exciting adventures of Ozoigbondu in Italy and France. We are now moving up to the Scandinavia Subcontinent.
Scandinavia is made up of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Faroe Islands and Finland. Scandinavia boasts of the best places to live in the World. Life is not as fast as it is in Western Europe. Sweden and Finland have the two largest areas in terms of lands. Sweden and Norway are side by side from South to North while Denmark is at the base of the two countries. Iceland is a little far in the North West while Finland is a combination Of Fins, Swedish Minority and Russians. The four largest cities are Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen and Helsinki.

Sit back and enjoy as Ozoigbondu travels from one place to another trying to make the World a better place.

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18 Comments On “The Scandinavia

  1. Quinine

    Yeah, scandinavia on point…cnt wait for d twists and turns

  2. Cheliz

    I don grab chair wit popcorn n coke to step down while we enjoy d groove

    Oya fire down

  3. design4lyfe

    Scandinavians have to welcome us as we cruise into it.

  4. raphael

    Present sir, I hv book marked dis 4real, I can’t miss dis one, more ink 2 ur pen zubby

  5. buddykolly

    i remenber when u started as dat boi who goes to ladipo to trade n now u are a man of ur own who is a destined actor,goodbye france goodbye italy,zooom i go with zubby to scandinavia

  6. phapi

    Zubby in scandinavia what a thriller it gonna be,can’t wait for the tales and lessons to b learnt from this episode

    ZUBBY have been follwing ur story right from the ist day on NAIRALAND on MAZI thread b4 we moved to OUR OrIGNIAL THREAd on NLD then we found ourselves on this blog cuz of the attitude of the MOD,

    You have to start dedicating xpters to all of us who followed you Down here from NAIRALAND(jst joking)

    You story is so full of suspense


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