7: AMC and Cocaine

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Chapter 7: Cocaine vol 2.

Everyone had grinder too which could be used to grind fruits and fresh tomatoes but also served in Grinding the Cocaine into dusts and mixing them with Ntugwa stuff.

Cocaine business was a high risk business which involved avoiding the Police and other government agents. It also involved avoiding thieves, especially the Surinames and the Antilleans. Records showed that the Africans had fallen victims of the Antilleans and Surinames in many occasions. People had been killed for refusing to surrender their stuff to those rascals. They were usually identified by their hairstyles and intonations. Over 50% of their young men had dreadlocks. There were ofcourse some good ones among them but you hardly find them. They knew that the Africans were vulnerable since most of the Africans were illegal immigrants who had moved from neighbouring countries to Holland.
Over 95% of the African immigrants in Holland had lived in other European countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Austria and the Scandinavia.
They usually head to those neighbouring countries to take asylum and start raising money. When those countries begin to disturb them, they would pack up and head to Holland. The government of Holland hardly disturbed illegal immigrants unless they caught you commiting an offence which would warrant taking your name and other data. Then the would discover that you had come from another country. They would send you back to that country. If you managed to get yourself free again from where they sent you, you could easily come back and stay in Holland.
Unlike Spain and Portugal where one can apply for resident permit after some years of being a resident there, Holland didn’t do such. You MUST marry their citizen before you get their papers.
The laws were relaxed recently and some positive provisions were made for illegal immigrants. Among the provisions were 1: You can apply for resident permit after 8 years if you managed to take asylum in Holland when you newly came.
2: You can also apply for permit if you managed to live together as partners with an European union citizen. Both provisions were positive developments which started recently.
The Immigration department, through Queen Beatrice, also announced few years ago, that anybody who lived in the Country as from 2001 down could apply for permit if he or she had any evidence that shows he had been living in the country on or before then.
As a result, so many people applied for the permit and were successful.
Few Nigerian also had the Dutch Passport which was visa free to almost everywhere in the World.

The African community lived in great fear all over Amsterdam as one could easily be deported back to anywhere.
The Dutch Police also took it as a hobby to break into people’s apartments sometimes. They did that with the pretence that they were searching for illegal drugs. Although they succeeded in finding drugs in some places but never apologized to those
They found nothing in their apartments.
Unfortunately, the African immigrants were never allowed to attend schools until years after one must have gotten a resident permit.
Hundreds of Africans who had residents permits of the neighbouring countries also lived in Holland. They lived illegally since such documents were allowed to stay in the country for a short amount of time.

The lives of the African immigrants Holland were predictably the same. Wake up, eat, take a walk and go back to bed until there was a drug business to do.
Few Africans had Afro shops where they sold foodstuffs and other Africa related items. Some were barbers, some did manual jobs such as cleaning, cutting flowers with machines and washing plates in Hotels and restaurants but almost everybody, i repeat, almost everybody was involved in the Drug business.

The rest of the European union countries had complained that Holland was too free with drugs. Each time the heat was High, the authorities would arrest some petty dealers and parade them all over the news. The victims would be deported later and life went on.

Marijuana was legalized in Holland. One could go to a shop and buy weed anywhere anytime. However, the Dutch authorities banned the weeds from being sold in stores in Bijlmer. The reason was because of the high rate of crimes in that area. People were being killed all the time in Bijlmer due to drug related issues.

Some people who transported drugs to Amsterdam through their stomach had died as a result of some balls of cocaine refusing to come out. The people who were supposed to receive the traffickers (known as BIRDS) would readily abandon the apartment where the bird died and ran away. They would alert the police through anonymous calls that someone had died somewhere. The Police would then go to the apartment where the bird died and take him or her to the Teaching hospital located near Bulewijk and Amsterdam Arena. The dead bird would be operated on and the drugs would be removed and confiscated by the authorities. Nobody would go forward to claim the corpse of the dead person which would then be burned. Amsterdam was hell for my fellow black men.

In some cases, some birds would spend days trying to bring out the drugs and when it became obvious that they couldn’t do that, they would panic and run to the same hospital where they would be operated on and the drug seized. In some cases, the birds would be taken to the airport and deported and in some cases they would be locked up for some weeks or months in Prisons.
The name of the hospital was AMC ( The Academic Medical Center or Academisch Medisch Centrum). It was afflicted with the University of Amsterdam. They were experts n surgery and neurosurgery. (You can Google them up too). They were located in the bijlmer neighbourhood.
The Africans were in a hell they created for themselves. There were no group or organizations that cared for the Africans. Everybody was on his or her own; Yes they were in hell.

” Men are so simple and so much
inclined to obey immediate needs
that a deceiver will never lack victims for his deceptions”

THIS chapter is dedicated to all the victims of cocaine injection.

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  1. emma anthony

    Great insight into the lives of illegal immigrants in Europe. Each time I travel, I see a lot of them roaming the streets looking for their next meal.

  2. Jimmy Warlat

    I dont think there’s anywhere else one can get such info on life. Zuby, thanks.

  3. Umar Kuspa

    This is so educating. I would rather strive hard to make it in naija than to live the life of a `bird` elsewhere.

  4. abbey lash

    ok… The life of a bird is risky.. but life itself is risky.. kudos bro

  5. mustazz olamicoded

    zubby nah wa oo u got holographic memory dude best story i ever read.

  6. Valid Runs

    Instead of being a slave in the whitemen country,let me be a king in ala Biafra.

  7. Chibuzor Efedigbue

    Unfortunate things happen to many Foreigners in Europe, Its a sadt thing but that is the way it is. And I am willing to wager that much wouldn’t have changed till now

  8. Adaugo jackson

    Happen a world all in d name of making money ryt? N 1 wil jst die lik chicken .God pls bless ur pple n teach dem d better ways to follow.

  9. Mo Ind

    No one cares for Africans? Lol people such stop blaming their bad choice on other people…the only thing the world owes u is being able to wake up every morning. The rest you determine how it goes. No need to think that the world owes you anything more than that

  10. Obiki Ndudi

    Great write up once again oga Zubby. I believe u meant to use "affiliated" rather than "afflicted" in the phrase "afflicted with the university of Amsterdam".

  11. Favouritemercy

    i couldnt have known better…. no wonder my cousin has a citizen partner with kids & hardly return from holland.

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