6: Cocaine Vol 1

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Chapter 6: Cocaine Vol.1

The Bijlmermeer or Bijlmer witnessed a plane crash in 1992 which destroyed buildings. The Local Government as a result, had decided to change the structures. Bijlmer was also referred as ‘Black arena’ due to the large presence of black people in the area. The crime rate was enormous which prompted the government to demolish some of the hexagonal grid buildings and built more expensive apartments to attract the middle class. Bijlmer also hosted the Ajax Amsterdam Arena Stadium and Amsterdamse Poort which was the biggest shopping mall in Amsterdam.

The Ganzenhoef was another busy area apart from the Amsterdam Arena.

Days after i arrived In Amsterdam, i did nothing except eat and sleep. I also used the opportunity to make calls to the people i knew in neighbouring countries. I called Maria in Napoli. She was happy to hear that i was in Amsterdam. She promised to fly with Ryan Air to Amsterdam in two days but i told her not to come.
”I am still squatting with someone. Just wait until i rent my own place” i had told her.

Renting a place wasn’t the problem. The problem was that if you go to a new apartment, you won’t be able to learn the drug business. Dozie was supposed to teach me the rules of the business but he was a difficult person to associate with. Sometimes he would not talk to me for the whole day. He had also moved his dealings to a different place where i didn’t know. I wondered if he just didn’t want me to learn the business or just being wicked. I perceived that i was a disturbance to him. He would seize every small opportunity to blame me for doing this or not doing that.
I knew someone else in Bijlmer. He was a cousin of mine whom i had welcomed back in Germany. I had thought him the asylum rules and stories and had sent him to asylum camp in Bremen. He had been posted out when i traveled to Nigeria and had relocated to Amsterdam while i was in Nigeria. However, he was still new in the business and was still living with someone else. I couldn’t move to his place. His name was Robin.

I confronted Dozie once and asked him what people did to survive in Amsterdam since i had been living with the money i brought from Nigeria. He gave me a vague answer and said he was going to send some stuff to Austria. He asked if i had money to buy some small stuff to add.
After some careful thought, i told him that i could add €1500. He was happy atleast or so i thought.
On the day of the business, he had gone out and purchased some raw Cocaine.
He had shown me the €1500 worth of the stuff and claimed that it belonged to me. I had watched as he grinded the stuff, mixed it with Ntugwa, a white powdered substance that was used to increase the quantity of the real cocaine.

Depending on where the stuff was going, the Ntugwa was used at the rate of 50-50, 70-30, 60-40.
100 (%) was the measurement yardstick. Depending on the agreement between you and the recipient, you can also use the measurement yardstick. Depending on how

Greedy you were, you can also use the yardstick.

In Austria, the standard measurement was 60-40. It simply meant that you buy 60 grams of raw and pure cocaine and mix it with 40 grams of the white substance Ntugwa. Ntugwa was very cheap. If one gram of cocaine cost €30, one gram of Ntugwa would cost less than 1€.

In Italy, the standard quality was 70-30. (Note that the first numbers represented cocaine).

In Germany, the standard was 70-30.
Scandinavian was 60-40.
England was 60-40.
Greece was 50-50.

Most of the Eastern European countries were 40-60.
France and Belgium were usually 80-20.
Switzerland stood at 60-40 as well.

But if you were sending to the United States, you dare not mix anything to it. Just tell them your price and allow them to mix it however they wanted when the stuff got there.

However, due to the risk involved and the cost of the goods from Africa, our people would export Ntugwa from Netherlands down to west African countries. They would mix the stuff at 90-10 before bringing them to Europe.
However that wonderful stuff called cocaine was a powerful substance. The pure unadulterated cocaine usually weighed 1.1 after cooking it with Ammonia. The way it worked was that if you measure out 1gram of cocaine and cooked it with ammonia, it would increase from the 1 gram to 1.1 gram. That was how the unadulterated stuff was determined. These kinds of unadulterated stuffs came directly from South American Countries; Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Ecuador and the neighbouring countries. The people of Mexico usually sent their stuff to the United States.

The 90-10 standard coming from Africa, when cooked, would weigh 1 gram or 0.98 gram. It would still be good but the point was that it had been tampered with.

The South Americans had invaded the west African coasts of Senegal, Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, Ivory Coast and Benin republic. They had huge presence in those places. Since the European Union had more secured waterways, they had shifted the business to West Africa where they sold the stuff to local dealers who in turn send them to Europe, especially Holland.

Holland was chosen ahead of other destinations because of their leniency on drug business. Holland had the largest seaport in Europe; The Europort in Rotherdam. Most of the drugs came through there. They also had one of the busiest airport in Schiphol Amsterdam.
The Africans mostly transported their goods by swallowing them. It was a suicide attempt as one ball of the stuff could leak in the stomach and kill the carrier (bird).
Every black inhabitant in Bijlmer had a small measurement scale of 120kg capacity. It was usually black and was sold in the open. Everyone also had ammonia which was a chemical used to wash the toilet but served a better purpose of cooking cocaine.
Every one had small nylon waterproof bags as well and a special spoon that was used in cooking the stuff to determine the quality.

” to use pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure use you. If you do that, you’re in control of your life. If you don’t, life controls you”

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