4: The Compassion

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Chapter 4

The trains to Amsterdam through Hanover left Berlin Hauptbanhof every two hours. The state-of-the-art Inter Regional Express (ICE) was responsible for the travels. It was the fastest train in Europe with the French TGV. The ICE traveled at up to 400km/h.
I had wanted to use the train but on a second thought, i decided to wait until night so that i could travel with the bus. There were usually too many immigration controls in German international trains.
After spending sometime with Junior and Ifeanyi, i took a cab back to Johnson’s apartment. He had prepared some rice. According to him, he was leaving for Brandenburg in two hours. We sat down and discussed some drug related issues before he left. Then i tried to sleep but couldn’t. Jennifer’s situation was disturbing. She had tried to call me later on but i didn’t answer her. I didn’t know what she wanted me to do. I felt for her simply because i was attached to her somehow. All those things would not have happened if i had not gotten myself involved with her in Portugal but of course my life would have been different from what it was if i didn’t meet Her. Life was pretty much that way. Everybody we met was for a reason or more. I wasn’t interested in her tears. So many people were in her conditions.
The Nigerian and African girls needed to learn something about relationships. Always run away from a lazy man, he would pull you down with time, no matter how rich he was. Rather go for a strong minded industrious man even if he was poor. There were always great chances that he would someday stumble on a chance. Chances were scattered everywhere. It had always been a matter of concentration and patience. How could Jennifer went so low from dating a tiger down to dating a snail?
Wasn’t that stupidity? Probably because she still had some money left from the one i left for her. She thought it wasn’t going to finish. She believed i would be back before it finished. She knew that Joe and Johnson with Akunne were there to help out on my behalf and as a result, she went for a lowlife. Perhaps, she wanted sex. Those Edo guys knew nothing else except running after their women all over Europe. The smart Edo women went for Igbo boys in Europe too, They knew that Igbo men had big hearts and would do anything to protect their women.

Before Johnson left, he gave me my €2000.
Out of sympathy, i called Jennifer.
”How are you Jennifer” i had asked.
She said she wasn’t fine and asked if she could see me again.
After some thoughts, i told her where to meet me, but warned her to make it quick since i was traveling.
She took the U-bahn and came to where i was.

I opened the door and welcomed Jennifer. She was wearing a blue overal Jean i had bought her over eight months ago. The cloth had taken some hits and would have been discarded if i was still in the picture. Her protruding stomach bulged out. It was still about five months or so, which meant that she took in not long after i left.

”Why are you looking for me? If it is about money, please don’t waste my time because i just returned from Africa where i spent more than i wanted” i said.
She didn’t say anything. She just stared at the TV without any form of concentration.
”I also warned you on the phone about crying. If you try it here, i will make sure i send you outside” i said again.
”I am not here for your money. I just came here to make sure that it was you that i saw. Life is such a wicked thing. I have made the mistake and i will live with it. I am happy to see you again. Despite your anger over what i did, i know that you won’t let me suffer so much here as long as you are in Berlin. I still remember everything we went through together. I still remember that night in Portugal when you thought i was sleeping and kissed me, then you whispered in my ears that you won’t let me suffer again. I know you hate me now but i know i can always come to tell you how life is dealing with me. I would do the same thing or even worse in your shoes trust me when i tell you that i am happy to see you with my eyes again” she said. She had started crying again. It seemed crying was her hobby.
I sat there and watched her cry, i wondered the trick she had up her sleeves. Was Jennifer trying to win me back? Didn’t she realize she was pregnant for another guy?
After over two minutes of watching her cry, i got up and hugged her.
She had succeeded in melting my metal heart but unfortunately i wasn’t going to cancel my trip to Amsterdam because of her. No way!

”I am tired of blaming you Jennifer. A lot of things happened to me back in Africa too. I went through a lot of temptations and the Gods might have saved me so that i could see you again, however, i am going out of Germany today. I am going to Holland. I don’t know what you want from me” i said.
”I don’t want anything from you. I thought i won’t see you again. I heard once at the Afro shop that the airline refused to carry you. They said you had a fake paper. They also said that you have gotten married in Nigeria and settled there. I asked Johnson for your number several times but he told me he didn’t have it. The mistakes and the pregnancy are my cross and i will carry them as much as i can but please wherever you go in this World, please don’t forget me because i know you are a soldier. Soldiers never fall anywhere easily” she said and stood up to go.
She was at the door when i called her back.
”Here is €500. Use some to buy clothes and use some for food. Do not allow that guy to take it from you. Anytime he touched you again, just let me know and i will teach him how to handle a pregnant woman” i said.
She took the money and hugged me for a long minute before she tried to kiss me, i removed my mouth. She bent down her face and walked out of the room.
I didn’t see her off. She had to go home alone. I had done what i didn’t believe i could do but i was capable of doing anything, anything. Good bye my Jennifer.

” Mama was my greatest teacher, a
teacher of compassion, love and
fearlessness. If love is sweet as a
flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love”

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