3: How it happened.

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Chapter 3.

Jennifer had thinned down. She was originaly thin but she had slimmed down more. Her small protruded stomach had made her look like she had disease.
She had stood directly opposite me with tears flowing down her cheeks. Her new madam who owned the shop had come out when she heard the noise of the broken plates. She had yelled at Jennifer.
”You go replace this plates. I have told you to be careful the way you walk around here” she shouted.
Jennifer didn’t move, she stood there with her face looking down on the ground.

I got up from my seat and started picking the pieces of the broken plates. The madam was surprised as she watched me do the job.
”Oga please leave am, she go pack am by herself” she said.

”Aunty please, that is not how to talk to a pregnant woman” i looked up from the ground and said, then i continued what i was doing.
Junior and Ifeanyi knew Jennifer. They apparently thought that i was in contact with her since i traveled.
Jennifer had returned to the kitchen and continued crying there. I tried to figure out what the tears was all about. Apparently it was obvious that we were never going to get back together especially with the large stomach. Someone must have been responsible for that since the World had not been able to record another mysterious pregnancy after the birth of Jesus.

After packing the plates, i found the dustbin and dumped the pieces there. Then i washed my hands and returned to my seat.

After sometime, it became obvious that the food were no longer coming. The madam had gotten angry after she discovered that Jennifer wasn’t getting us the food. She had walked into the kitchen and saw Jennifer getting ready to go home.
We had heard the woman shouting inside the kitchen and after some moments, Jennifer had walked out and left the restaurant. She had stopped in front of me and looked deep into my eyes before going out.
”She never acted like this before. Something must be wrong” the madam had said when she came out to us.

”Its ok madam, it could have been the pregnancy. Just get us the food” i had said.
”Do you have her phone number, i would want to find out what happened with her” i said to the woman. She promised to give me the number before we leave the place.

We ate our food quietly and took some Becks beer before leaving for the Night club.
I also got Jennifer’s phone number.

I called her.
”You look so thin and sick baby girl, i hope there is no problem with you” i said.
She didn’t ask who it was. She knew it was me. She kept quiet for sometime and started crying again.
”Please stop crying, remember you have a baby with you” i said.
When she stopped crying, she said:
”Why did you leave me alone in this place, you should have taken me with you back to Nigeria”.
She started crying again.

”Since you won’t stop crying, i will call you in the morning. I am going out now” i said and hung up.
We took a cab and drove to the Savannah night club. It was full since it was weekend. We
Entered the club and found a  vacant table. We had planned to drink beer but since i was the one buying, i decided to go for Chivas Regal whisky. It was expensive but who cared.

Half way through the drink, two Russian girls joined us.
”Hey guys, can we sit with you” one of them had asked.
In unison, we agreed. They sat with us and poured themselves some raw whisky. We had mixed ours with Red bull energy drink but the girls had decided to drink the poison raw. We chatted as the hiphop music boomed overhead.

At about 3am, we hired a cab and drove back home. We all went to Junior’s apartment near Berlin Central Hauptbanhof. It was a new train station hastily put together by Germans for the 2006 Fifa World cup. We had more drinks and chatted with the Russians until it was 5am, then we exchanged numbers and they left.

We had a brief sleep and woke up to continue the drinks. Junior updated me on what had been happening in Berlin since i left. The Arabs had take over the Marijuana business in Hassenheide park. The blacks had dispersed and had resorted to dealing only with their mobile phones. Junior had asked if i would start the business again. He was ready to abandon advanced fee fraud line and join the Marijuana business. He had waited enough to grab quick cash but it seemed that the white people had known all their tricks.

”I am going to Amsterdam, I want to go and join the real drug dealers. I will be in contact with you. If you want to join later, you can also come to Amsterdam. You know i don’t like to stay in one place. I always like to move around” i had told Junior.

He wished me goodluck and promised to come when i settled down properly there. We also discussed about Jennifer. It seemed that people warned her when they started seeing her with the lazy Edo boy. She didn’t heed their advises to have patience. She had been seen every where with the guy; in Churches, Afro shops, bars and even clubs.
Joe had also tried to warn her. Her silly excuse was that she couldn’t stay alone in the apartment i left for her.
At a time, Joe had asked her to move in with him if she couldn’t stay alone. Joe had called me with that proposal but i didn’t even endorse it. Maybe Joe could not have done anything with her but Humans were not to be trusted with certain things.

I really didn’t want them to complicate my mind with such issues. One thing was certain, Jennifer and I were never getting back together. She had changed from the robust beautiful fair girl i dated to a skinny pregnant black woman.

No no no, no matter what anybody said about the issue, i had made my decision. However, i was compelled to call her and see if there was anything i could do to help her out. She was my girl after all.

”Life is one big road with lots of signs. Whenever you ride through the signs, never complicate your mind”

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  1. otomatic

    chai. i sorry for the babe sha. But for every action, there is equal and opposite reaction (according to Isaac Newton)

  2. Achovirux

    One thing with Edo girls…they never trust or believe anybody cos themselves are never to be trusted…she lived her life d way she wanted it and got her result…no patience or endurance begots had I know.

  3. Cheliz

    Zubby if u left her that way then its too bad cos had it been u sent her back to home, maybe it would have been better 4 her than leaving her germany.


    She didnt even allow ur bed get cold from ur departure before she warmed it quickly! She is responsible for what has happened. However, theres nothing she could do, cos she is a Human Being with emotions and hormones

  5. achi4u

    jennifer should give way…why can’t she play away game and still maintain her body.

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