Saudi Arabia advertises vacancies for human Beheaders

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Saudi Arabia on Tuesday advertised vacancies for eight executioners. According to the civil service ministry, no qualification is necessary as applicants would be exempted from the usual entrance exams. Successful candidates wouId also be expected to carry out amputations in addition to beheadings, ordered by the courts under the kingdom’s strict version of Islamic sharia law. Drug trafficking, rape, murder, apostasy and armed robbery are all punishable by death.

Most executions in the country are carried out by beheading, but a few are carried out by firing squad, stoning or crucifixion. The vacancies were advertised on the ministry’s website in the “religious jobs” section. Last year, Saudi Arabia executed 87 people, with 84 people already put to death this year.

PS: This article is a summarized version of the original news


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