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Real Madrid CF 2 vs 2 Atletico Madrid
– That’s all from me, I’ve been Keeghann Sinanan and it’s been fun!
– The final whistle sounds and Atletico Madrid seal one of the most celebrated draws in their recent history. A 4-2 aggregate win over great rivals Real Madrid wraps up their spot in the last eight of the Copa del Rey. It was a counter-attacking clinic from the visitors, with Griezmann setting up Torres for goals in the opening minute of either half. Los Blancos responded with headers from Ramos and Ronaldo, but it was never enough. Atleti through, Real dumped out.
90′ + 3′ – Ronaldo stands menacingly over a free kick, but ends up firing his effort harmlessly into the stands. That may just the end of it.
90′ – Yellow Card – Isco (Real Madrid CF)
90′ – The referee nonchalantly flashes a yellow card in Isco’s face after the midfielder took out Gabi in a challenge. Into stoppage time, and Atletico can close this one out now.
88′ – Jimenez nearly gets a chance to add his name as a footnote in Atleti folklore, but Varane recovers to close down the gap and tackle the striker before he can get a shot away.
86′ – Yellow Card – Daniel Carvajal (Real Madrid CF)
86′ – Carvajal takes a chunk out of Siqueira, and forces the referee into his pocket once again. It’s a slog out there as the players unleash their pent-up frustration in the closing stages.
85′ – Yellow Card – Koke (Atletico Madrid)
84′ – Bookings flying in as Marcelo goes in late on Gabi. Moments later, the Brazilian gets into it with Koke, leading to a booking for the Atleti man after some furious protests. Late red to end it, anyone?
83′ – Yellow Card – Marcelo (Real Madrid CF)
82′ – Simply no momentum left in this game. Real Madrid are getting frustrated out on the pitch. Bale loops a header over the top of the bar from Marcelo’s cross, and another half-chance dies.
81′ – Substitution Raúl García R. Jiménez (Atletico Madrid)
80′ – Final change for the visitors as Garcia jogs off for Jimenez. An almighty shift from the attacking midfielder, and now a decent chance for the Mexican striker to improve his reputation in the final minutes. Atleti could easily get another chance on the breakaway.
78′ – It looks to me that Real Madrid have quietly given up on this tie. Nothing is going their way anymore, and they seem plumb out of ideas in the final third. Just over 12 minutes left in this one.
76′ – Atletico have retreated to inside their own defensive third. Madrid are finding it hard to break down the Rojiblancos ranks, as Benzema is blocked from a shooting opportunity by Miranda.
74′ – A change from both sides in quick succession. Jese jogs on to replace James, and Gabi spells the electric Griezmann. Another attacking option for the home side while the visitors look to be in a striker-less formation for the closing stages. Garcia will now be the most advanced Atleti player.
73′ – Substitution Antoine Griezmann Gabi (Atletico Madrid)
72′ – Substitution James Rodríguez Jesé Rodríguez (Real Madrid CF)
72′ – A dead spell in the game as the realization of the task at hand begins to dawn on the supporters. Los Blancos have not been able to create the same level of danger as they did throughout the first half.
70′ – CLOSE SHAVE FOR ATLETI! A corner from Kroos is met by a courageous header from Benzema. It takes a nick off Siqueira, which is just enough to prevent the Frenchman’s effort from bulging the back of the net!
68′ – Benzema plucks a ball out of the air and with one touch, stabs it into the path of Marcelo at the top of the box. The Brazilian loses his balance in the process of the strike, but can’t find the target, missing by inches.
66′ – Real finally get a chance to orchestrate some more pressure in the Atletico half. Ramos connects with Bale’s feed, but Oblak can collect the ball without any real problems.
64′ – Arda decoys the free kick and Griezmann strikes it with power and purpose. However, he can’t get the ball down in time – but Navas still had to be sure with a fingertip to help the ball on its way over the bar.
63′ – Now then! Real Madrid are too eager to start a counter attack, but Bale appeared to have tripped up Garcia on the edge of the area. Not a lot in that foul at all, but the visitors have a dangerous free kick.
62′ – Same story for Real Madrid as it has been since the start of the half. They need three goals, nothing less will do. Atletico have been confident on the ball in the last few minutes though, keeping the ball penned near the corner flags in the final third.
60′ – Pepe is in some serious discomfort, and has to be helped from the field with a medic on either shoulder. He’s clutching his rib cage and gets a sympathetic pat from Simeone as he makes his way to the dugout. Varane is quickly readied and enters the fray.
59′ – Substitution Pepe Raphaël Varane (Real Madrid CF)
59′ – Well then. Fernando Torres, on a hat-trick, is hauled off. He can afford a wry, weary smile that borders on smug. And I won’t deny him that pleasure for a second, he’s taken the machete to Real tonight. On comes Arda.
58′ – Substitution Fernando Torres Arda Turan (Atletico Madrid)
58′ – Pepe is down on the deck after a challenge with Garcia. He’s in some distress. Probably suffering from embarrassment after getting schooled for both Atletico goals. In all seriousness, the medics are attending to him on the sidelines. Let’s hope he’s alright.
57′ – Ramos and Torres have been jawing like bitter roommates, and the former goes in through the back of the latter. Yellow card, and the bookings are piling up at the beginning of the second half!
56′ – Yellow Card – Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid CF)
56′ – Bale and Ronaldo have switched flanks in the second half, and on that last goal, the tactical swap paid off handsomely. He was simply too quick for the defence, and Real should look to exploit the left side again, with Marcelo also on his game tonight.
54′ – Goal – Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid CF) REAL MADRID SCORE! Marcelo and Bale exchange passes, with the latter streaming to the byline to clip one into the six-yard area. Ronaldo attacks it with venom and converts a scintillating header!
52′ – Yellow Card – Diego Godín (Atletico Madrid)
52′ – The rain is pelting down at the Bernabeu as Madrid’s Copa del Rey challenge looks to be all but extinguished. Atletico have simply put on a counter-attacking clinic to end all clinics.
50′ – COULD HAVE BEEN A THIRD ATLETI GOAL! Griezmann pounces on the counter and frees El Nino on the break. Torres has Garcia peeling away frantically to the far post, but tries to do it on his own again. This time, Pepe doesn’t fall for the shimmy. The striker goes tumbling under the pressure but the referee is not interested.
49′ – Yellow Card – Tiago (Atletico Madrid)
48′ – Uncanny the parallels that can be drawn between both Atletico goals. Griezmann was the chef, Torres the hungry diner and Pepe left sobbing with egg all over his face. Incredible.
46′ – Goal – Fernando Torres (Atletico Madrid) HE HAS DONE IT AGAIN! THIS IS NOT REAL LIFE! Griezmann storms through the centre and cleverly tees up Torres on the left. The striker cuts onto his right to leave Pepe on his back, and squeezes a shot under Navas!
46′ – Here we go again!
– The end of a whirlwind first half. After an opener from Torres in the first minute that shocked the stadium, Real responded with a near-limitless supply of pressure in the final third. They managed to get on the board with a Ramos header, but Atleti just about survived further onslaughts. The home side are going about it the right way, but still need three goals to progress. It’s all set up for out-and-out war in the second half. Stay tuned.
45′ + 2′ – James keeps a loose ball alive and sets Isco up to twinkle into the penalty area. However, the effort from the midfielder gets bundled away from goal. That may just be that for the first half.
45′ – Ronaldo fires an effort into the body of Miranda and Real want a penalty! The referee pays them no mind, however, and replays show that the ball struck the Brazilian on his bicep. Correct call.
43′ – The corner comes to nothing, but Atletico manage to keep possession in the Real half for more than a beat on the ensuing play. It ends rather predictably when Torres fails to shake off tough attention from Ramos and Pepe.
41′ – For the first time in what seems like an eternity, Atletico orchestrate a solid passing sequence, moving from left to right across the 18-yard area. It ends with a Garcia effort that is deflected out for a corner.
39′ – Marcelo has been a straight up menace out on the left. He supplies Benzema with more ammo, and the Frenchman spins to launch an effort towards goal. However, Oblak positions himself well to smother.
37′ – By hook, crook and anything but the book, Atletico are surviving an onslaught of deliveries into their penalty area. You have to give Ancelotti’s men all the praise for their relentless approach since going behind. But will that one slip-up from Pepe earlier be their undoing?
35′ – Last time out, Atleti were outclassed for long spells during a 3-1 defeat to Barcelona in the league.It’s even more domination here. That Torres goal is already looking like a lifesaver in a choppy sea of white.
33′ – It’s desperate defending from the home side to keep out the swarms of white shirts! Ronaldo, Kroos and Benzema all have shots blocked inside the box, in between a point-blank range poke from Bale that was deflected off Miranda’s legs. Crazy sequence, but Atletico survive!
31′ – Bale turns on the afterburners to leave Siqueira smouldering on the right. He picks out a teasing ball for Ronaldo at the back post, but somehow, Juanfran gets his quad in the way to prevent a close-range effort that would have left Oblak in all kinds of trouble!
29′ – Garcia picks up a yellow card for a cynical challenge on James. He simply wiped the Colombian out with a cruncher, and the crowd detested that one, making their feelings known. No prizes for thinking that it won’t be the last time that the referee has to reach into his pocket.
28′ – Yellow Card – Raúl García (Atletico Madrid)
28′ – I have not been convinced with Oblak for one second. His decision making has been amateurish. He rashly raced off his line during the buildup to the Real goal, and he’s hesitated on a few crosses since then. Hardly the type of figure that Atleti need at the back in what is set to be a defensive slog for them.
26′ – Koke clips in a free kick to the back post that catches the Real defence unawares. Godin wrestles with Carvajal, but commits the foul. That ends the chance, and now the home side can reset.
24′ – RONALDO DENIED! James escapes down the left and plays a neat ball across the face of goal, but the Godin gets it away. His clearance is weak though, and falls to Ronaldo inside the area with Oblak prone. However, Miranda slides in with a HEROIC block to thwart a sure-fire goal!
22′ – One down, three to go. Now it’s interesting. Atleti will surely need to show a little more attacking intent, because the momentum is all with the home side. The more that the visitors invite the pressure on themselves, the louder this crowd will grow and the more confident Real will feel.
20′ – Goal – Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid CF)
20′ – RAMOS GETS ONE BACK! That was just a collapse at the back from Atleti. Kroos whips in a free kick from the right-hand side, and with Oblak stupidly rushing off his line, the defender rises above his man to plant a header into an empty net!
19′ – MASSIVE CHANCE! Kroos’ corner drops for Ronaldo inside the six-yard area, but the Portuguese can’t angle his body in time. Oblak smothers, but for a moment it looked like he would be beaten all ends up!
19′ – A few whistles from the stands as the home fans attempt to drown out a rogue chant of ‘Atleti! Atleti!’ from the visiting supporters. Madrid attempt to orchestrate an attack down the flanks once again, but Isco doesn’t have the pace to beat Siqueira to that particular ball.
17′ – Griezmann is going to shoulder, ahem, soldier on. Arda Turan, who was going through his warmup on the sidelines, will sit for now. The match restarts with Real back in control of possession.
15′ – Griezmann is down writhing in pain, and it looks like he’s landed awkwardly on his shoulder. The medics are at his side, and what a blow it would be for Atleti if his night is to end early.
13′ – Bale soars through the air to beat Siqueira to a header, but he can’t make it count. Marcelo attacks the loose ball from the top of the box, but his half-volley is impossibly high over the top.
11′ – This is playing exactly into Atleti’s hands. Sitting deep and soaking up the Real pressure, los Rojiblancos can pick their moments on the break with all the comfort of what is essentially a four-goal aggregate lead. Griezmann left tread marks down the Bernabeu flank once, and he’s liable to do it again.
9′ – Benzema cracks a shot into the body of Siqueira, before Isco sets himself up nicely for a shot from 18 yards, but scoops his shot well over the crossbar. One-way traffic at the moment.
7′ – Real, to their credit, have not taken their foot off the gas since going behind. They’re attacking from the outside-in, with a lot of flank play and crosses into the box. However, Atleti have defended manfully.
5′ – Real Madrid attempt to hit back right away with Bale setting a low cross towards the far side, but Miranda gets his body in the way. Pepe plants a header over the top from the resulting corner.
3′ – What response will we see from Real now? Is there any response that would be enough? In case you haven’t been counting, los Blancos now need FOUR goals to progress – provided that Atleti don’t score again!
1′ – Goal – Fernando Torres (Atletico Madrid) MADNESS! ATLETICO ARE IN FRONT! FERNANDOOOOOO! All the credit must go to Griezmann, who torches Pepe with his pace down the left-hand side. The French,an passes up a shot to hook the ball to Torres at the far post. The striker does the rest, picking out a lovely finish high into the net!
1′ – We’re off inside a rocking Bernabeu!
– Cristiano Ronaldo soaks up the love from the crowd as he parades his Ballon d’Or award to the adoring Bernabeu public.
– Carlo Ancelotti opts for a strong side with a deficit to overcome. Cristiano Ronaldo returns to complete the BBC fromt three while at the other end of the pitch, Keylor Navas starts in the cup once again. James Rodriguez, Kroos and Isco form a scheming midfield trio.
– Gimenez’s goal in the first leg is not enough to keep him in the team, as Miranda is recalled to partner Diego Godin in defence. Fernando Torres gets a chance to lead the line with Mario Mandzukic omitted from the match squad entirely. Right behind the Spaniard sits Antoine Griezmann, a man in a rich vein of form.
– Real Madrid (4-3-3): Navas; Carvajal, Pepe, Ramos, Marcelo; Isco, Kroos, James; Bale, Benzema, Ronaldo.
– Atletico Madrid (4-2-3-1): Oblak; Juanfran, Miranda, Godin, Siqueira; Suarez, Tiago; Koke, Griezmann, Garcia; Torres.
– Real Madrid have won just one of the last six games between these two sides. This season, Atleti have had the measure of their local rivals, with a 2-1 aggregate win in the Spanish Super Cup back in August, followed by a league victory via an identical scoreline right here at the Bernabeu.
– There’s been a few slip-ups for Real recently. That 2-0 defeat also came on the heels of a 2-1 reverse at Valencia and a 4-2 friendly loss to AC Milan (a match with admittedly far less consequence). A 3-0 triumph over Espanyol last weekend saw los Blancos return to winning ways, but what a huge statement it would be if they manage to turn this tie around!
– Atletico won the first leg 2-0 at the Vicente Calderon and as such, stand as firm favourites to advance. Goals from Raul Garcia and Jose Gimenez did the damage for the red half of the capital. A place in the quarter-final beckons if they can close out the job tonight.
– Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Copa del Rey clash between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. The home side have some work to do if they’re to overcome a 2-0 first-leg defeat and progress to the next round. I’m Keeghann Sinanan, your guide for all the action.

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