Season 8: No Place Like Home

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The “No Place like home” is our next season of Global Runs by Zuby.
As you know, it’s going to be full of Runs and twists that will keep you glued to your device.

Launch Date – December 2014

Side Note – Get ready to Run.

To read the complete Story, send 200 Naira MTN recharge card to 008613145790981 for your password

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59 Responses

  1. Raiden

    I have ever been glued to your write. You are a master story teller. I’m right on the ruuuun with you brother. Thanks.

  2. Andy

    We have been waiting for this for a long time Zuby. More grease to your elbows.

  3. lightbearer

    Nice for me to be back after a long duration. Oga Zubby, we go run the runs together. Cheers!

  4. obumsway

    Ibeg you zubby ….pls bring it on ….. Dnt forget to make other seasons also free for mst of us studnts may nt have available mney as such for the subscription !!

  5. Eunisam

    joined the fast train. Front seat chaaaa! No dulling.let the rain start now.

  6. MeKing

    Did I hear free for all users ? Hmmm .. Ok let me go and inform my guys , but on serious note , Dude don’t mess up your fans again oooo … Anyway hope u have learn your lesson !

  7. Mark

    We apparently wait for the season 10. Thanks for theAfric to Europe story, you always deliver boss

  8. Welder

    26th comment….can the master story writer activate this please?
    Let the run begin!

  9. Chinedumo

    The instruction didnt say how many comments one poster is limited to.

    One person could make 20 comments alone

  10. Onyebuchi nwankwo

    Twale for man wey sabi,what is happening u keep everybody on hold.

  11. manny

    We can’t wait to continue d run to da promise land….. don’t be left out

  12. Hydar

    Nigerians and awoof. So now he has made it free, everyone is happy. Nobody wants to pay for anything at all. We beta stop dis our attitude. I love d nigerian episodes. It’s a blockbuster.

  13. Tugbus

    Was wondering…So there are people who complained about the subscription fee??? Haaa! Those few changes are what people are complaining over..I’m disappointed really.

  14. maco

    Whether paid or not, the lessons here are worth it.

    I never regret subscribing.

    Let’s run.

  15. prugged

    Nice to comment after a very long time. Big boss we can’t wait any longer….bring it on

  16. Windy

    You can also go back to 2010
    10-10-2010 or better still year 1010.
    Trigger – 50 comments ?????!!!!!

  17. Nnamdi

    restricted access… How do I get a pass to access the site?
    You have hypnotized me with your story and style of writing. Bro, you are the bomb.
    please gimme access shaperly. When I said hypnotized, I didn’t mean it like literally. I mean it’s real because right from the moment I stumbled on this piece, I’ve been glued to my phone every other minute.
    Biko nyem access Ka m guo story a. Biko. Ozoigbondu 1 of Berlin…
    thanks bro.

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