Africa To Europe Season 3 – Fellowship Of Enemies

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“I survived the Amsterdam onslaught by Bola, Basil and Solomon. I lived to tell my stories.” – Maria James.

Season 2 is over. Season 3 starts here.

This Season 3 covers a lot of things that happened between Zuby and I.

We eventually met in Stockholm Sweden where we started a strange romantic relationship that swallowed me for a very long time.

Italy And Holland were getting too hot and dangerous for me, therefore when i got the opportunity to run away, I relocated to Sweden to live with my worst enemy; Zuby.

Yes, you read me right, i went to Sweden to fight Zuby but ended up living with him.
It seemed impossible in the beginning but we managed to find happiness.
My dream of marrying him was eventually realized, only that it didn’t last forever as i dreamt.

Relax and enjoy the ride, like always, Africa to Europe Season 3 is yet another blockbuster from the stable of Global Runs Inc.

This Season will feature our standard 100 or more Chapters of approximately 1150 words per Chapter.

There would be at least an update everyday for the 365 days of the year. But I plan to post two updates everyday for this Season.

The hotline remains 008613145790981 or
If you have any issues, contact the phone number above.

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8 Responses

  1. News

    You effortlessly integrated Africa To Europe with Life On The Run.
    I was wondering where this two stories will meet and I didn’t know when you slowly joined them.
    This is where I say you are the master Boss.

  2. oyin

    You said it wi be cosed for subscription. Does that mean one cannot subscribe again?

  3. Marion

    Honestly I wish I know u in person, wow u did a great job, ur stories has been keeping me awake for the past one week. It’s as i was there with you and experiencing all u went through. I have been to almost all the countries u visited and you take me down memory lane. GOD bless you for all u did. I wish I can meet u someday to know this Milla, Solomon, Austin and Zuby.

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