April, 1965

Beside the historic museum on Helm’s street lay a thick bushy virgin land. Crowds gather on the street while an old woman wailed in agony. Her husband and three children have been killed right on the land which belongs to them, the same which shared a fenced boundary with the museum.

Rumours have it that this dead man gave his friend the documents to the land to help him transact with a potential buyer, but this friend sold this land and gave the owner and his family, stipend. Then, there was trouble as the owner was said to have rejected the money offered and asked for his land back. His friend asked them to meet on the land so he can meet face to face with the buyer and settle the matter, but it was an ambush, as the man was killed right there with his three sons that accompanied him.

This woman wailed, but there was no evidence that his husband’s friend killed her family. Thus, she has no helper, no justice.

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