The Preacher’s Son: Preface

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This is the story of my life and travels thou the characters name are slightly altered to preserve their identity.

So please all comments whether encouraging,supportive or criticismcheesy, its all welcome.

So please grab a seat and i promise you wont regret reading this story.

*This story is protected by the laws of Nigeria and its personal so no part of this most be published else where without notifying me*



class-Jss 2

“hey you, my friend come here”

I turned around and saw a guy twice my muscle coming to my side with a ply wood in his hands.

“God i don die today, who bring me come this school na” i lamented!!

“hold this plank i wan go play handball” he said, “ehen wetin be your name he inquired?

“my name is peter”

“ok peter if i finish playing and i no see you, na me and you for this school.”

i stood there wondering what made that my father’s church transferred us to Makurdi.

For the record am a pastor’s son, lets go back into memory lane!!!

Lets backwards to when i was born.
A night in 23rd September, 1994….




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  1. Chinedumo

    Nice idea.
    I feel you should still indicate in the home page when it has been updated.

    Like maybe at the bottom of the page of ‘life on the run’ updates.

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