Popular Alaba Trader WhoTerrorise Lagos & His Gang Arrested For Robbery

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A popular trader in Alaba International Market, Lagos, and a gang leader, Nnamdi (surname withheld) has been arrested by the police for alleged armed robbery.

Nnamdi and six others are being interrogated at the State Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) of the police command, Ikeja.

The suspected bandits who were paraded yesterday by the Commissioner of Police, Mr Kayode Aderanti, at the command headquarters, Ikeja, yesterday spoke of how they were decieving people that they were businessmen.

Nnamdi said: “I am a businessman in Alaba International Market. I deal in musical equipment. The same thing is applicable to my members.They have businesses in the market. Some sell generator parts or sets, others sell one thing or the other to decieve people that we are doing genuine businesses.

“I got N28 million in one robbery operaton. There is really big money in armed robbery because what business can one do to make N28 million in one day? We robbed a man coming in from Cotonou.It was our informant that told us that the man was coming into the country.It was the most successful robbery operation that I ever participated in. I got N28 million, others got between N25 million and N28 million, depending on their roles. I am the gang leader. The second robbery was in Cotonou, we raided a bank. We got big money also, but I can’t say how much but, I got N17 million and my boys got about N5 million each. Robbery in Cotonou is easier than in Nigeria. In Cotonou, you don’t even need a gun to operate. We got it easy in Cotonou robbery. But in Nigeria, especially in Lagos, you need to be very careful.

“Well, I built a very magnificient building in my village. I have another one in Lagos. I bought some cars, but I am regretting everything now. I am going to face big shame both in the market and in my village because people see me as a big guy. What of my church? I am finished, I am a Catholic and an active church member who belongs to many societies, my church members will now see me as an evil person. I am exposed to ridicule. Well, most people in Alaba International Market, and other markets are into armed robbery or other illegal businesses.

“Like Victor (surname also withheld), he is my gang member and he sells generator sets. He is equally seen in the market as a big man. The other person, Ifeanacho (aka Messiah) is not in Alaba Market, but when he got big money, he invested in trucks. He also bought some taxis and commercial buses. He really utilized his money very well, but all is now vanity.

“My advice to people is that they should not envy people they see in affluence as they may have acquired their wealth through illegal means, especially armed robbery. Moreso, the money you got through armed robbery brings apprehension as you live in perpetual fear. Now, I have been living in fear and the thing I was fearing all this while has finally happened to me.I have been arrested and I don’t know my fate yet,” Nnamdi said.

CP Aderanti who paraded the suspects said they were international armed robbers who have all confessed to the Officer in charge of SARS, Abba Kyari and his team that they participated in several robberies including bank robbery in Port Novo, Benin Republic, a filling station and Bureau de change in Mali. They made an attempt to rob a bank on Shagamu Road, Ikorodu. They participated in several robberies in Port Harcourt, Kano and the biggest of it all, N100 milion successful robbery in Alakija area of Lagos from which Nnamdi built a mega mansion at Igando area of the metroplis and Ifeanacho built a duplex in his village in Ebonyi State”

CP Aderanti said he has ordered Kyari to go after other fleeing members of the gang.


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