Photos: Relatives of Ebola victims dump their bodies in the streets in Liberia

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In Liberia where the deadly disease is really spreading, relatives of Ebola victims have started dumping infected bodies of their loved ones in the streets of Monrovia for fear of catching the deadly disease, defying government order to leave the relatives at home.


Liberia’s Information Minister, Lewis Brown, told Reuters that this act is putting more people at risk
“They are removing the bodies from their homes and are putting them out in the street. They’re exposing themselves to the risk of being contaminated. We’re asking people to please leave the bodies in their homes and we’ll pick them up.’


Usually when a relative is found to be infected with the Ebola virus, government quarantines the rest of the family. Minus catching the disease, this is another reason relatives are dumping bodies in the street, to avoid facing quarantine, and having their homes decontaminated. See more pics after the cut ——by @UC Browser

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