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When Paul came home later that evening, he easily noticed that there was something different about his wife. She was acting like she was hiding something. The way her eyes glowed was strange and she was not her normal dull self who took her time in everything she did. She also couldn’t stare at him straight in the eyes, yet she kept on stealing a glances at him, but would quickly look away whenever they had eye contact.

“So how was your day?” He asked her while having his dinner.

“My day?” she quickly asked. She didn’t know when she became alarmed. “My day was okay, just the same usual boring thing.”

He noticed this alarmed reaction too, but didn’t know what to do about this observation.

Ruth wanted sex and wanted it any moment from now. Today was the last day of his fasting but she wasn’t sure if he would want to touch her. She needed him even though she wasn’t sure she would have the same pleasure as the lady in the neighbor’s balcony had had. She just needed to be touched.

Paul couldn’t just understand what was wrong with his wife. She was touching him here and there, something she had never done before.

She watched him eat, saying little.

Was she still angry at him for what happened last week? Paul thought. But she didn’t actually look angry. He also observed as she quickly parked the empty plate right after he was done, dropped the plates in the kitchen and came out. “Let’s go into the room dear.”

There was also something different about the way she talked, he noted. Did she want sex? He didn’t want sex. He was tired and needed to just pray and sleep. But how could she be acting like she wanted sex? That’s a worldly behavior. “I want to read the bible a little before coming into the room.

“Alright, I will be inside.” She stood up and entered the bedroom.

Paul could see that she was disappointed.

His wife wanted to make love to him and it was his duty as a man to do that with her. Even the word of God says so. He should be with her even though he was tired. He read a few verses in the bible and quickly stood up to join her in the bedroom.

He put on his night gown and joined her on the bed.

Ruth turned around once he lay on the bed and began to caress him. This was a strange act as far as Paul was concerned. His wife never initiated sex. There was an unfamiliar hunger in the way she touched him. It quickly turned him on and some minutes later, man and wife were naked.

Ruth wanted him to be wilder in his touch. She wanted him to make her scream like the lady had screamed today. But Paul wasn’t cut out for this new style of love making. What had gotten into his wife’s head? Why was she just rushing him when he just wanted to take his time? It seemed like he was about to make love to another person apart from his wife.

Ruth wasn’t feeling him; she felt frustrated but kept on trying.

His fingers toughed her virgina, caressed it a little and went up to her breasts.

No! She was not going to have a few minutes of caress and then sex without energy. She wanted him to finger her harder and suck her breasts harder too. She wanted him to make her scream. Couldn’t he see that she was all wet? She wondered how the lady felt with the young man’s tongue in her virgina. She was sure the feeling the tongue would have on her clitoris would be heavenly.

“Please don’t take off your hand,” she pleaded. “Touch me more,” she couldn’t believe she was the one saying this. She wanted him to rub harder on her clitoris. She just wanted to feel all the pleasure she could.

Paul was surprised at the way she had talked. What in devil had gotten into his wife? Was she demanding a worldly kind of sex from him? Somehow, he wanted to give it to her as she demanded but couldn’t bring himself of to do such dirty things. Why does she want him to over caress her virgina? He wasn’t just expecting this.

He just touched her a little and quickly caressed her breast before driving his penis into her.

Ruth almost cried out in frustration but loved the feel of him inside her. She wanted to tell him to suck her breast hard but knew she would sound as worldly as the lady in her neighborhood. She was lying in a missionary style but hoped that she would also have him drive into her, just like the dog like style she saw her neighbor did to his girl yesterday.

Besides, he was getting over excited and needed to have sex with her before he ejaculated in the process of romance.

She was all wet and he liked the feel of her virginal walls. This got him even more excited as the walls of the warm environment contracted and gave him a warm welcome.

He ejaculated before he got to his thirteenth thrust.

Ruth noticed he was pounding her faster, he was coming!! “No, no don’t, please don’t come, don’t stop please.” She pleaded, surprised at herself once again for saying it out loud.

But it was too late. Paul’s penis was already shrinking. He rolled off her and lay face up on the bed, breathing heavily.

Ruth couldn’t understand what was wrong with her. She was plain angry. The emptiness she felt inside was so deep that she felt like crying. Was this all she could get after all the anticipation all day? She wanted to despise her husband for leaving her this empty, but she knew she shouldn’t. She was acting sinful even with her thoughts and she knew she should stop.

She felt sad. Then a realization downed on her. She was never going to have as much joy during sex as that lady. She was never going to be satisfied. She was stuck and would never find the happiness she desired. She became scared. The thought of the rest of her life with this emptiness was scarier.

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