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Nick couldn’t understand why Boma had insisted that he call in sick this Monday morning. It just didn’t make sense despite the fact that she had insisted that she needed to be with him. Why hadn’t she just come around during the weekend to hang out with him? Not that she had any reasonable thing doing all through the weekend.

She had also explained to him that she had taken a sick leave too.

Once Nick had called his office and told them he wouldn’t be at work because he had fever, he was expressly granted permission to take a break.

Nick had felt guilty because his co-workers had expressed concern, knowing that Nick seldom stayed away from office.

But despite the guilt he felt, Nick looked forward to seeing Boma in his home. He was sure she had some tricks up her sleeve and couldn’t help but wonder what package she had for him.

He was beginning to like her crazy ways of doing things and he was also thinking that she was making him change from his conventional way of doing things. Yes, he was sure he was fast becoming a different person because of Boma’s influence. He could recall how Chioma had been staring at him suspiciously since she caught him leaving the female toilet last week. She had even told him that Boma had revealed to her that they had just made love in there and had also added that he was good at it. Why would she do such a thing? Now Chioma was seeing him like a crazy guy too. She didn’t think he was just the modest fun loving guy everyone had always thought he was. Nick was sure Chioma had told other ladies because he had been observing the way everyone had been staring at him like he was a weird person.

Now she got him calling in sick. What other crazy thing would she make him do? He wondered.

Time went slowly just because he was idle at home waiting for Boma to show up. She had promised that she would come around in the early hours of the morning; it was a few minutes past nine am, she was yet to show up. He felt silly, sitting all at home on a Monday morning waiting for a woman. The only consolatory thought was the pleasure of having the wild girl around.

Boma came visiting twenty minutes later looking very stunning in a black skin tight female pant and blue female shirt. She was a real beauty with a lively expression that made Nick thought of nothing but happiness. His spirit lit up and he instantly knew today was going to be a great day.

Boma had deliberately decided to come around on a Monday morning. It was all part of her plan for the Christian couple. Everything was like an adventure to her and she meant to go all the way to see how what she had in mind would materialize. She needed Paul’s wife to be alone at home for her plan to work out.

Nick couldn’t help but stare as she restlessly walked in and out of the kitchen, the glow still on her face.

“You also told them you were sick at work?” he asked.

“Nah, I just said I had to take the day of so that I could see a sick aunt.” She replied almost carelessly.

He knew something was in her mind, but couldn’t really make a guess.

He watched her finally sit down, with a glass of water in her hand. He walked closer and sat beside her.

“Everybody in my office now thinks I am crazy.” He said.

She laughed, “Of course you are crazy. We all are crazy. We all have that animalistic tendency to want to have sex in the open even if we fail to notice this desire in us. Trust me, given a reason not to fear, we would act worse than wild animals.”

“But why did you have to tell her that we made love in the toilet?” he asked. Nick didn’t discuss this with her on the phone all these while because he wanted to really understand the motive behind what she does.

“I don’t know,” she replied, “I didn’t want her to go making wide wrong guesses. Sometimes people need to know the facts even when they gossip. Don’t you get tired of being just an ordinary co-worker sometimes?”

“No, I have no problem with that.” He replied.

She laughed once again, “An ordinary guy is in no way a special guy. I know every human likes feeling special.” She stood up. “Stop all these side talks and come and make love to me.” she was walking towards the kitchen as she spoke.

He didn’t stand up. He knew he was going to make love to her, but she could have made the invitation sound sexier.

She stopped at the kitchen door. “Are you not coming?”

Now he became suspicious, “Where are we going?”

She stood in a thoughtful position, “You know what? Give me two minutes, then you can join me at the kitchen balcony.” She slipped into the kitchen just as she finished speaking.

Exactly two munities later, he stood up and walked into through the kitchen, into the balcony. Boma was standing stark naked with a glass of water still in her hands. Her cloths where hung on the iron bar that guarded the small space. She was leaning on a small reading table in the balcony while her eyes focused on the new neighbor’s kitchen.

“What are you doing?” he quickly asked, alarmingly looking towards his neighbour’s building. “Why are you standing here naked, don’t you know someone could see you from that building?”

She looked at him and her eyes were just dreamy and inviting. “Make love to me here.”

“I… why… I can’t do it here. I…”

She stopped him by dragging him closer and giving him a deep French kiss. His body easily responded. Even seeing her naked had already aroused him. She looked like a goddess, a mad goddess.

He began to fondle her bare breast and ass. It felt good and she moaned loudly to his touch. As he touched her, he noticed her moans were getting louder and her response was wild. He liked it, but he wished she could keep it low so as not to stir up the neighbour’s wife whom he was sure was at home.

Quickly, she began to work on his belt and soon his pant was down. She bent down and began to suck his dick like a real professional in the game. He couldn’t help but moan too. It was a heavenly feeling and he wished she could never stop.

“I need you to suck me!” she commanded and sat on the table, quickly spreading her legs apart.

Without hesitation, Nick bent towards the opened legs and used his tongue to lick her wet tasty pussy.

Boma wasn’t moaning any longer, she was now almost screaming causing Nick to never want to stop. She caressed his head and back while he maintained his action. Ten minutes later, he drove his hardened dick into her wetness as Boma gave out a pleasurable moan. His thrust was rough and steady, yet she enjoyed it all asking him not to ever stop. Then she pushed him away and jumped out of the table. She quickly turned her back and bent down, giving him access to enter her from the rear. He quickly did.

She loved it and he was enjoying himself too. He continued to slam her until she turned around again and made him carry her while he fucked her. Soon they were standing face to face and having wild sex while she kissed and caressed him.

Boma didn’t tone down on her wild pleasure screams until he ejaculated into her.

From her kitchen, Ruth couldn’t help but watched the wildest sex she had ever seen in her life. Now she knew what evil really meant.

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