One Year Later: Global Runs

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One year tomorrow, June 22, 2013, There and Back on Time was born on Nairaland through the advice of Mazi Omenuko of the National Year of Sxs and Comfort Fame.

While we celebrate this great feat of writing and reading on daily basis by You and I, I wish to Thank the people who made this happen.

No. 1 on the list is YOU, my Readers, Fans and followers.
Without you, This project would have been abandoned long ago.

No. 2- The EXCLUSIVE Life On The Run WhatsApp Group who took it upon themselves to ensure that i never got tired of Writing.
In no particular order.
The Dannyboy of Tilapia eating Center Utako Abuja.

Coach the house speaker who wants to date every female housemate.

Tony the Media Plan Chief who fell from the top of a woman and broke his arm.

Achovirux My House Coordinator whom i have met in two occasions in Lagos.

Oluomo 1 of Maryland who specialized in packing and sending snow to his relatives in Nigeria each time they ask for money.

Edu Massimo who treated me good in Port Harcourt and who happened to be the first Runner to see the legendary BMW 325i.

Martin the creek boy who preferred sea to land.

Ifems the guy always waiting for a new chic in the house after being rejected by the latest female housemate.

Dr. Ed of Grenada who takes his picture in swimming pools and tell us it is the Atlantic Ocean.

Seun the loud Mouth who won’t let us rest.

And The Girls; Ronke the first lady,
Bukky the female tiger who stood Coach toe to toe in a verbal war,
Oge the house Lawyer and information chief who tells us where the Chibok girls could be found,
Ify my Sister of far back, who all Gave the House a romantic Touch.
Thanks to all the other housemates.

(We will be recruiting three more girls to the house soon. Let us know if you can stand jokes).

My Soldiers of The Life on the Group…
El Skolopy the farm boy,
SuperV the Apprentice with two girlfriends,
Chidex, Taiwo and the other NYSC members who preferred Cross River for unknown reasons,
Brenda the house sweetheart who managed to love everybody equally despite several attempts by individuals to claim her, Dizzle. Lance, Nooz the house DJ, Francis the betting Warrior who would bet on AC Milan to Win Real Madrid any day, Ugsam who visited my castle where i lived alone in the fifth floor like a lonely bird and managed to ride on the BMW with me,
Emmy, Auchmoney and the rest of my Soldiers.

I say Thanks to you all for believing that i had something worth writing in me.

Above all, The Pete of Cluewebhost who promised to host Global Runs free of Charge and also made sure that we never have server downtime for a single day.

What else can I say? Only to Promise you that our Ministry continues till eternity.

The Stories of Johnson, Robin, Maria and more, which i have been secretly gathering from them will start immediately as soon as that of Zuby ends.

Thanks and continue running with us as we bring Europe and the rest of the World down to your doorstep.

-Ozoigbondu 1 of Berlin.

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  1. akpos4uall

    Ozoigbondu 1 of Berlin…congrats for making it this far. Long long may you continue to share and spread your true life story.

  2. Konmight

    Well done Boss.

  3. Still on, still following…. From nairaland to here and there… Akam no here, even if not being recognized, I recognize myself. Lol

  4. Nice on. Well done

  5. Am ya fans all d way from nairaland ve been following with kin intrest from season 1 boss you too much i doff my hat for u i wund ve love to gv u my eye glasses cos u love it only dat apollo has attacked of of my eye am managing to read with one eye

  6. Really its a year, remember following Mazi then and I stumble on your most addictive thread, been following since then. I have learnt so much that I can’t even say there is nothing about life that you have not thought us. Your journey in life as surpass the journey of age of a 70 year old man. Thumbs up to you the greatest runner. I am with you and if after one year I could not appreciate your effort.( If den dash me woman I no go pay dowry.) Thanks bro, we are life runner and experience they say is the best teacher.

  7. paulo4sure

    remember wen a friend introduce it to me, at first i ignore it bt nw, na my daily tonic. Now i introduce it to a frend, he also ignore it at first bt nw, hes clamouring for more update, lol….well done, boss.

  8. I was there right from the beginin…..

    there and back on time…..

    Even from the first post @globalruns and they thread at literature section….

    we wil tel our sons there is a runner around the globe

    and our daughters wil be guilded from being taking as sex slave in d name of being in europe.

    I pray this blovel wil one day be a firm and themes

  9. Yeah! Legends of d fuckkers!!! In dat thread, I was initially skipping Zuby’s updates because I saw that it had more of his life story dan sexual exploits( which is d sole aim of d thread). After noticing that he was d guy dat one of his thread dat had been featured on nairaland’s front page( d one showing his pics around d world), I got interested in d moniker, went to his profile and saw that he had started his own thread, I got hooked and till now, I am still hooked but no longer about d sexual exploits but the adventure. Congrats Ozoigbondu 1

  10. Tears in my eyes while reading this updates. I can’t believe it has been a year since we started the running from Nairaland down here. Thumbs up to you boss and more ink to your biro.Thank you for the acknowledgement of the LOTR Whatsapp group and of me. We love and appreciate you. To my homies in the house, i miss you guys like kilode but know that i will be back with a BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!. One love. DoroMegaSuperV

  11. Ozoigbondu 1 of Berlin..nice one boss..i do enjoy every bit of your story and i will stop knowing about you,the day you gonna stop writing this story…may you continue your great work,cuz i wished to never stop running with you….thanks Austino de zurich mann

  12. Omega Nwanne m

    Quickly recruit my humble self Hon. Ofido Evaristus Arinze Omega Nwanne m, Omega the man 1 of Awka-Etiti, Ofor eji eje mba 1 of Igbo land, the royal high priest 1 of Idemili and AB piroty irya rice into globalruns watzapp group with this phone number 08034903207.

  13. I happy to be a runner, my operamin news feed brough me to globalruns, i’ve been running rit 4rm seoson 1. Now am a learneg colleague to my fellow runners. Tnx 2 d boz in d hauz. . . . .

  14. Manshyne

    CHAI! So e don reach 1yr wey Globalruns don dey chop my MB? Zuby, deris God in everthing we re doin…
    Wishing all runners (FTC, LTC and others) a Happy Birthday, a Happy Indepence Day and a Happy New Year, all join!

  15. Shawa us more tori Jare …

  16. skoloppy

    Started from the bottom now we are here,I say thnaks for the recognition,I was honoured..this comment was made via bbtourch1 of ma fwend andy dn chop ma data finish

  17. Its already one year? Wow!!! Hapy bday to evryone of us. May we live long to celebrate d 2nd yr, and may God give u Zuby more insight even if u dont tink in his existence.

  18. One yr of dis frambasgeterioscopitronusdestunequiose story!

  19. ozoigbonduuuuu.. I’ll b a runner 4 life

  20. ozoigbonduuu

  21. congrats following from legend of the fu!kers

  22. Nice one baws

  23. Yes Boss, Congratulations. always loyal, thanks for the recognition.

  24. horlabiyi


  25. Congrats every one global runs is such a good a good place to be.since yesterday i haven’t been able to log into nairaland’ i keep getting a cloudflare error report is anybody else experiencing this.

  26. princesaamy

    OzoIgbondu 1 of Berlin is well appreciated for his constant updates. God bless you real good.

  27. How time flies! is already one year when we started running and still running like Usain Bolt.lolz
    Thanks for the recognition.

    Ifems of lotr group.

  28. It was all good

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