No More Jack Daniel

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As you must have seen or heard, one of our Running stories was suddenly slammed with a Password.

It means that you can’t read it until you get the password.
However, getting the password is where the problem is.

I have suddenly decided to release ‘Africa To Europe Season 2’ as an ebook.
It will take between two and three months to complete it. That is how long you will wait before the book comes out.
However, under special arrangement, you can have access to it.

My Jack Daniel is finished. And i think the Global Runners are capable of buying me some bottles.

I don’t take this decisions with anybody. I just do them alone. So it also means that as soon as i get my poison, i
may get drunk and open it up. This poisons actually motivates me to write.

There is no need trying to remind me of Nairaland and LidnaIkeji here.

The ‘No Place Like Home’ continues to be free. So you are still running and running.�

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11 Responses

  1. Keep Runing while we keep chasing …

  2. What special arrangement is that zubby? How do we get the password

  3. Lol.
    The boss of Lotr exclusives

  4. zuby hw do i send u my own bottles of jack Daniels

  5. You deserve more than jackdaniels bro! Keep the good work up .

  6. Boss I really think you deserve more than a bottle of Jack Daniel from me for this excellent work of writing.
    I will make arrangement for my cousin to send you a bottle by Friday. I am not in Nigeria

  7. solomon sly

    U can’t take it alone I will be there to drink with .

  8. Writing & typing consistently is one hell of an hectic job.. Weldone sir ””___””

  9. Zuby wetin we go do now?

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