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  1. First To Comment

    Zubby, i was already complaining why d updates were been delayed but now ur apology is accepted

  2. Nice one Zuby, we will be expcting your regular updates.

  3. Apology accepted. Weldon

  4. design4lyfe

    Thanks Zubby, looking forward to the second update

  5. No kwams boss

  6. Noted. More power to ur hand way u dey use write d update.

  7. We right here boss , more Vaseline to your elbow

  8. ok good to hear….u are doing a great and nice job….keep it going God will surly bless u for this good writing

  9. Agreement is an agreement! U said after 20 commets u’ll update or post new article. Y fallin our hands now? I mean u should man of ur words..

    • Lol. No excuses abi?

    • Slow down Oga…it aint 20comments yet. Besides, so many things could hamper the fulfilment of such plans.

  10. confirmed story,i am gbaduing ur story

  11. Okay sir.

  12. Awaiting! Thanks.

  13. Aiit….we will wait but we were supposed to get 2 yesterdai but only got one.

    • And Zubby has dissappointed us once again.

      It’s evening and yet the update he said will come in the afternoon isn’t here

  14. Zubby, we already have 25 comments on d update and also 16 comments on the notification. I believe we deserve 2 more updates today

  15. Chai my ba3 don dey go again oooo oga zuby u wan make I flood this site with tears?

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