New payment issues.

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Dear runners.

I understood that I came up with subscription prices without asking for your opinion. I apologize.

In a bid to fix the payment issue,  we have been delaying the new season. Though we started it but posting just once a day since Monday. But don’t worry, I will cover that up with three updates daily as soon as we agree on the payment issue.

The public opinion,  especially the private mails suggested that our subscription prices are high.

We have been debating this for long and as a result,  I have decided that the price will be cut down by almost 60%.

It means that monthly subscriptions will now cost as low as N200. That seemed to be the general suggestion from readers.
However,  the problem is how much we can pay at once.
Going to bank to pay 200 won’t work for many. Therefore we are sticking with the minimum of 600 Naira payment at once,  that’s for three months.
6 months is 1000 now.

Those who subscribed earlier will be extended by whatever number of days or weeks I want.
We have until Saturday to conclude on this new idea.
If you still think it’s a bad idea,  you are welcome to make new suggestions but in a polite way.

Please.. Tell us what you think.

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6 Responses

  1. Hello Zubby
    My personal opinion, the initial price was over reasonable. Reducing it further does not encourage and motivates. But whatever you decide is your personal buisiness.
    Thanks as we continue to run with you….

  2. its ok by that price.but i want to ask how do u calculate the month? I mean,if i subscribe on 20 of september,does it mean it will expire on d last day of september?

  3. I just want to know wen my subscription will now expire due to the changes,subscribed for 3months earlier.tanx

  4. At eunisam..

    Month means 30 days.

    When I implement the new changes, I will announce it here.

  5. How wil those outside Nigeria made their payment.

  6. @Tanti,

    Other people from Ghana made payments through their friends and through PayPal.

    PayPal is a good option.
    Is there any good payment gateway that is very popular with the general public in Ghana?

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