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  1. yes it is back but i cant login

  2. Ruffhandu

    It’s still in read-0nly mode. meaning, one can’t logon to post anything

  3. Dannyboy

    Yay! It’s back! We deserved to know what exactly happened! Seun Osewa had better be preparing an explaination o! Lol.

  4. looks like hackers

  5. One stupid woman in Ibadan.Kemi olunloyo,Daughter of Former Govornor,omololu olunloyo claims she was the one that hacked nairaland because they are saying nonesense about her..Imagine..They hear rubbish

  6. Anything is possible

  7. numero uuuno

    im happy for seun.#bringbackournairaland

  8. Anyone could have hacked it. Even the CIA site was hacked not too long ago by a teen in Eastern Europe, so?

  9. I told you guys, its was hacked….. ( me and my job!! Hahahaha ) but those guys bad oo chei.

  10. I remember about 4 or 5 years ago when we were learning how to harck website.Seun made a comment that said we should try and harck nairaland. Most of us surrendered becouse we were novice.but am suprised what happend on sunday is unconnected to server failure but attarck! We have really lost data in nairaland.

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