Microsoft To Dump Nokia And Windows Phone Brands

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Microsoft sees a very great potential in Mobile technology, unfortunately the company hasn’t been any much successful in that path as Google and Apple continues to dictate what happens with their Android OS and iOS respectively. Satya Nadella, is poised as the super hero, who will ensure that Microsoft sees a significant growth in the mobile community and one way that would happen is by unifying some Microsoft products and services.

A Microsoft internal document obtained by GeekOnGadgets gave a hint of what Microsoft is planing. Microsoft will drop the Nokia brand from future devices but will retain the “Lumia” moniker. According to the report, Lumia 730 and Lumia 830 would be the last smartphones to be branded with Nokia.

More-also, the internal document reveals that Microsoft would do away with the “Windows Phone” logo on its smartphones and stick with the standard Windows logo, as seen in desktops. The software giant will gradually phase out Windows Phone brand in advertisement and promotions – merging the mobile and desktop OS under the same division.

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