Microsoft Announces Windows 10 And Holographic Computing

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It’s official folks , Windows 10 is coming to the people. After kicking off Windows 10 with a bevy of business-friendly features, Microsoft drew back the curtain on the operating system’s new consumer-focused features at an event on Wednesday ( yesterday ), while simultaneously driving home a vision of an operating system designed to deliver a singular, cohesive experience across a plethora amount of devices and And it’ll be a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8 users for the first year after release.

Talking about holographic computing , Microsoft is going beyond virtual reality and will attempt to surpass the likes of Google Glass and Oculus Rift, inviting developers who follow said solutions to build new content for the platform.

It’s not about placing the user into a virtual world, but integrate Windows 10 content on home and work surfaces. All that’s required is the Microsoft HoloLens. This headwear will enable wearers to manipulate models and other content, place instructional cues on real life objects, place a screen on the wall (view Netflix without turning on the television), access an interface into a virtual world and more.

Some applications where this can prove to be useful include construction and architecture design, medicine and surgery, video gaming and more. Every Windows 10 device will have APIs (Application program interface) built in, both large and small devices. See photos below —————>

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