– Man Who Shot South African Lucky Dube Says He Thought He Was A Nigerian.

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NEWS NUGGET – Man who shot South African Lucky Dube says he thought he was a Nigerian.

About an hour after they pumped two bullets into Lucky Dube, the alleged killers returned to where the reggae superstar lay dead to see if any of the bystanders recognised them.

This was the chilling evidence of a state witness, who also revealed on Tuesday that the two men on trial for the murder didn’t recognise him and thought he was a Nigerian.

Question- So if Lucky Dube was a Nigerian living in South Africa he deserves to die?

Do you feel our Government have opened up Nigerian market to foreign investors with no protection of Nigerians in same business who can’t compete?

Are South African business policies as liberal as ours or more protective of their own?

DSTV went ahead to increase their rates regardless of court judgement. Can they do this in South Africa?

I’m not an economist but should these companies be compelled to retain a certain amount of their profit in Nigeria unlike what we have now where every kobo of their profit is taken back to develop their country from the sweat of Nigerians. We can only speculate how much of Nigeria’s money was used in sponsoring the world cup in South Africa.

They come with give employment to a few Nigerian, rip us off with profit and take the money out to develop their country. This has to CHANGE.

While Nigeria has opened up her market the South Africans are killing her citizens in return.

God bless Nigeria.


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