Mahama’s Tenure Has Produced An Alarming Number Of “Arrogant Ministers”- Alhaji Bature

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President John Dramani Mahama’s inability to command, determine and exact obedience amongst his ministers keeps reducing the National Democratic Congress’ chances of being retained in power in 2016.

The Managing Editor for the Al-Hajj Newspaper, Alhaji Bature Iddrisu, wondered if it was out of fear, pity or love that the Commander in Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces acts timidly when it comes to pinning the wings of arrogant ministers to the wall.

“There are three indicators used to track a party likely to go into opposition. Mismanagement of the economy is one and corruption comes in second…The presence of arrogant ministers is the third force which forms a catalyst to drive any political party away from power”, he said.

In an interview with Peace FM during the station’s News@Midday, Alhaji Bature advised the NDC not to buy into the idea that the internal wrangling in the NPP facilitates an automatic win for them in 2016.

According to him, “the fact that there is a fight in the NPP doesn’t guarantee the NDC an automatic win in 2016. Mahama’s government is full of arrogant ministers. They are multiplying in numbers and the rate at which they are coming out is amazing. If he (President Mahama) doesn’t stamp his authority now, they will force him to fail”, he forewarned.

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