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  1. Emeka

    Take your time and have a nice break ….

    But two weeks is too long dude …

  2. B

    Take ur time pls post many episode , when u return not just one or 2 or 3 thanks a bunch sir.

  3. precious okpara

    i can’t waitooo, its 2 weeks already nah, checking every hour, chai, what hv u done to me wit dis story.

  4. Emeka

    In one week time it will become danm OneMonth and still counting……

    This Buhari Change sef …

    Lai Muhammed everywhere hahaha…
    Still following though

  5. david+2348134845536

    Tomorrow will make it exactly 4weeks since u last posted..!!!
    Something is definitely wrong somewhere mr zubby is a man that keeps his words.
    I’m beginning to get worried.
    Mr zubby are u okay?
    I missed ur stories, adventures and updates.
    Come back soon

  6. solomonsly

    I pray for God protection and guidance upon you. I know you are out of the country, just have it at the back of your mind that enemies are out there. The madams and the tugs and you are the most wanted on their list. May the blood of Jesus Christ cover you. Take care

  7. Eze

    Last time I chated with Zuby he was in Gz City then

    Gz City is very hot for Africanas , Especially those without valid paper.
    God is ur strength dude …..

  8. Solomon

    Is not all about the story is about if Zuby is Still alive or not? Since last year August till now not even a word???

  9. abi

    he is fine he is busy with his e commerce website, u can message him on WhatsApp he will respond.
    he is doing business now.

  10. Joe Tony

    Nwokem this little delay on updates don enter two years. You for just try end this story like the others you don write, but maybe that’s just the difference between us amateurs and the pros. Overall however, great Zuby, you did a super job with these stories.

    Hopefully we meet again some day.

  11. Chris Isidore

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