Africa To Europe 1: Journey To Nowhere

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“Tell me everything you have been doing since you came to Europe” Austin said.

I didn’t remember how many times he had asked for that information in the past but right there, i felt it was time to open up to him.

He was right there beside me on the bed.
We were in Stockholm Sweden and it was during the winter.

I had met Austin back in Lagos in 2006 at the Lekki Beach.
I was with my friend at the beach when he walked up to us.
One thing had led to another and we eventually introduced ourselves.

There was something about him that was very difficult to understand, He seemed too cold and confident and also seemed to have had answers to every questions.

He had come up to where i packed my Toyota Rav4 jeep and continued talking to me even when i stopped answering his questions.

We eventually started dating but knowing that i was returning to Italy soon, i thought everything was going to end. Little did i know it was the beginning of us together.

…… Watch out.

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  1. egbo mike

    Maria mariaaaaaaa she reminds me of the west side story growing-up in spanishala’ she is been living her just like a movie star eeeee maria maria,,,,,,,

  2. Eunisam

    Honestly Zuby,

    I have been waiting for maria’s side of the story.I said this in nairaland after reading how you abondomed her in her village.This story is taking another dimension.I dont know why I fall in loe with maria right from the first day u mention that name.wowowwwwwowwowoww let the fire burn.

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