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From the day Jason was admitted into the hospital , Richard haven’t been himself. He became moody, sober and withdrew into himself. His eyes were lifeless, no spark, nothing. I missed the way those eyes sparkled each they saw me. I was like his sunshine, he never told me this but he need not to. It was glaring to the blind and I hoped no one had noticed anything out of the ordinary between the chemistry and the arts.
Today was the day. I was meant to be at his place at exactly 8pm since the ritual was to start at midnight but I was nervous, and I had every reason to be. I was no longer going to have any secrets nor would I have my psychic abilities once I had the vampire in me purged out. But it was going be worth it. I was gonna be with the man of my dreams and we were set to have our own unofficial marriage. After countless calls and texts from him, I decided to leave home by 11pm.

It was close to midnight and she still wasn’t here, probably if I knew the location of her house, I would gone there to drag her silly arse here. I have called and called and only got her voice mail, texted her but still no reply. It was few minutes to 12 and Lucy was still unavailable. I became restless and started praying,yea, praying to a God I lost faith in years ago.
Ten minutes to midnight, she arrived. She opened the door and I guess she wanted to apologize for coming late but I didn’t allow her start her speech before grabbing her and moved for her ears. I could tell she was nervous, so I needed to be a man and start the process this time. She wasn’t gonna lead this time, I would. I started licking her left ear, and slowly I moved to her nape, she was getting hot and urge me to go on with her “shhhh and mmhmm”. After dancing to and fro her neck, I got tired and went to those lovely lips. She opened and this time I dominated the tongue battle, she was getting into the mood, I knew this because she moved her hands to my waist and was stroking my already erect stick. I grabbed her hands and moved them away from my southern member. I was gonna take the lead today, and not her.
She showed her displeasure at what I just did by biting my lips really hard, it bled, I parted my lips from hers and smiled while cleaning the blood already flowing from the cut. She was hot and ready and just then the clock ticked midnight. It was about to go down.

I pushed her to the bed and practically ripped her clothes off her and separated her legs as I went in search of her femalecore. I found it and I sucked it like a baby hungry for its mother’s milk. Her breathing became more heavy as her Vulva increased threefold. I stopped licking and started fvcking her with my tongue, suddenly she gripped my head with her hands and tightened my head with her legs as she came close to her release. That didn’t impede my work as I went in even faster, the grip tightened even more as she forcefully ejected my tongue with her juices saying hi to my face. I stood up and looked at her and she had a happy expression on her face as though I had just brought to pass one of her sexual fantasies and if I had, then it was only the beginning.
I took a pillow, put it under her arse, kept her long legs on my shoulders and pushed them backwards towards her chest and I banged her the missionary way. Despite her difficult position, she still banged me back. Damn! I said, she was good. I later got tired of that and moved over to my favorite position. We both stayed on the bed with our legs spread out and I slotted my stick in. I loved this position as it afforded me the opportunity of seeing the different expressions on the face of whom I was banging and no better face to look at than Lucy’s. It’s because of this I never favored the doggy style.
We moved from fvcking to dancing as I moved, she reciprocated my action. It was the perfect dance as we held hands and were both close to our release.
I was losing it and she was too. I became faster and she went wild and started scratching my back, she snarled and for the first time I saw her in her true vampire state with her fangs revealing themselves. I was close to Approaching too as I found her vampire face sexy, crazy, right? . My wolf started coming out too and fangs came out. She tightened her grip on my stick as she was close to Approaching with her fangs now teasing my neck. We both came at same time and both bit ourselves too just at the same time. It was the perfect dance and we both performed amicably well.
I was exhausted and my back was bleeding. I fell back on the bed and she rested her head on my chest. She stared into my eyes and said, “I love you” and wept. “I love you too” I said also.

The sex was awesome and yes, I actually squirted. It was my first, I had to though, he was a good sucker. He was in total control today and I love my man that way. The bond has been created and I will his just be his as he will be mine too for eternity. I told him what I have been yearning to tell him for days now, that I loved him and I wept when he repeated the same words to me. Still, I knew he won’t be at peace until he solved the Jason issue. I urged him to go there and turn the guy to save his life. He kissed me and said he was for once grateful to God for sending me his way. I smiled as he left for the hospital.
I got to the hospital and I was able to convince the nurse to let me see Jason at that hour of the night. It’s sometimes useful to be cute.
I found his ward, Went in and I found him awake. “Hey Coachie, thanks for everything, since I lost my parents, I haven’t witnessed such love, I am grateful and even if I don’t make it, I am glad we gave it to those arrogant mitches. Oops, sorry for cursing,” he concluded. I was touched and told him it was nothing. I could still sense his IVC bleeding even though it was stitched again yesterday . I had to turn him now, the balance is there, I had my woman who will balance the beast with love and compassion. I just couldn’t let this sweet boy die. I looked into his eyes and told him not to freak out as I was here to heal him. I wolfed out a little with just my eyes glowing and my fangs showing. “Shitt” , he said. I urged him to keep mute as I bit him on his neck, depositing my consciousness into someone for the second time that night. I told him to sleep and not be afraid as I would check on him after school. I also warned him to cover the bite marks.
I left the hospital, happy that I had save a life today and not watch another sweet soul die. But one thing stood out today, the undeniable fact that I was slowly building a pack and the sweet feeling that I wasn’t gonna be the only werewolf soon.

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