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I pushed him away from the door and sat away so that he would know I meant business. He was writing and solving some astrological mathematics, I asked him why and he said that he was trying to find out when the next blood moon will come up. He said it will be four days from today and that we had enough time to shed off any secrets we have. I told him that was OK by me and I had a lot to share but I didn’t know if he was ready to hear them. Common, he said, they aren’t worse than what I have experienced he concluded .
Richard, I called out to him, what do you actually want, why are you here? I asked him. “I will tell you all that as soon as you tell me why you asked me those questions in the first place and explain to me why you reek of fear and anxiety” he replied. This is one of the reasons why I loathe him sometimes ,he always tackles questions with questions. I got home today and decided to find out more about your kind I began,my mom didn’t give me the answers I wanted so I looked inside her head and found out that she saved your life as a child and gave you to your parents for your safety after my dad had slaughtered your parents who were actually the first of your kind over Petty Jealousy. “Your dad killed my parents and would have killed me too if not for your mother!!” he literally screamed with his voice rising with each statement. Richard, calm down I urged him to, he was already transforming, he screamed and punched the couch, ” run Lucy, run” he screamed. “I am not running away, I can’t keep running everytime you wolf out” I replied him. But I guess I knew why he said I should run, his eyes were glowing red this time not golden, he was screaming in pains while he changed. He ran out of the cabin, screaming, crying and begging me to run. He was transforming slowly and for the first time I saw the beauty of his other half. His fur came out, his bones snapped and broke to pieces to give way for new limbs, his nose gave way for another and same goes for his teeth. He stood up on four limbs and this time, he was taller than I was and five times bigger. This wasn’t his normal wolf, this one was something else. It looked at me and said, “I thought Richard asked you to run” . It’s voice was creepy and ancient , it sounded like it came from this world and out of this world at the same time. I won’t run, I will stay here and get vengeance with him and who are you? and how is it possible you can talk?
“I am the beast in Richard and I have a soul, the one he calls my wolf, but in essence I am not a wolf, I just look like one. I was summoned by evil witches from the dark corners of Hell to do their evil bidding. I was tricked and then placed in human vessels. The first two I was placed in died and so I moved into their son. We have become closer over the years and have forged an unbreakable bond which will be broken by you when you complete the ritual and it’s why I have decided to come out and test you if you are truly worth it, so you better brace yourself for some serious questions” It concluded.

Brace yourself for some questions, what does it really want from me, and how long has this thing been watching me? “Why do you want to fight with Richard against your own kind?” it began. I was still stunned that it could talk, “answer me human” it snapped at me, I looked at it and it was really pissed. “After this miserable existence I have endured and I have seen how this endless killing started, I will do anything in my power to end it because I can’t take it anymore” I answered. “Endless killings you say, when you tortured and ultimately turned your father’s enemies mad with your psychic abilities, what did you feel? Power, pleasure, pain? It asked again,” I felt pain ” I answered. Suddenly, it moved so fast it was a blur to me, he pushed me and I landed on the floor, and fixed one of his fore limbs on my throat with sharp looking claws ready to tear my throat out.” I hate lies, lie to me again and I will rip your throat out” it threatened. “What did you feel” he asked again, “I felt nothing, the act itself sickened me but I did it to please my father else he would take me as a weak child” I answered quickly.
“Why do you think you love Richard enough to partake in the unification ritual” it continued with the questions. “I have watched him cater for kids and defend those who are bullied in school because they are orphans, I love his patience and I love the fact that he is human in every way; the very thing I now seek in my Miserable existence “I replied it.” There are a lot of things you humans don’t understand. The will for vengeance in Richard, the hatred the witches have for your kind and vice-versa is a vicious cycle that dates back to a feud between demons ages before your time. You don’t seek good by using evil ways to get it done. That was the mistake your uncle made when he agreed with the witches to summon me from the underworld. The witches had their own agenda and since I was unwilling to Help in doing that, they sought a different means. They summoned another demon who was blood thirsty and found a vessel in your dad. You humans acquired and restarted an ancient war just because of your selfish interests. The demon in your father loathes me so much and when it found the perfect opportunity to destroy me, it did, causing the death of Richard’s parents and since it wanted complete Dominion, it killed every witch who knew of his conjuring, starting the beginning of endless killings. Unfortunately for it, I wasn’t destroyed and I will destroy it not just for Richard but for my pride. “it concluded.” Why does the demon in my dad hates you ” I asked,”that not for you to know” it replied.
” I heard Richard telling you about the unification ritual, well you weren’t well informed, when you both have sex, and he bites you, he will inject my consciousness into you, remember the demon in your father lives in you and so both me and that demon cannot occupy the same vessel and the fight between us with end up killing you. So you have 15 days after the bite to purge yourself of your father’s demon else you will die, Now that you know this, do you still intend to go on with the ritual? It finished with a question. “Yes” I answered.
“Do you know the complete prophecy that witch was foretelling before your dad killed her years ago ” it asked, “No” I answered, “A raging fire will Come and destroy your kind starting with your first fruit,that is the complete prophecy, so I urge you to ask yourself if the love you have for Richard is genuine or it is the prophecy fulfilling itself since you are your dad’s first fruit ” it finished and then the sound of bones breaking filled the night as Richard took over his body again.

Richard woke up after three hours and all through I watched him breathe and sleep peacefully, it was so beautiful. I can’t believe I had found the man who would be with me for eternity and was still human in every way. I vowed there and then that whatever means I could use in protecting him, I would even if the price will be the extinction of my kind.
He woke up, looked around and started screaming, “what happened? What did I do? Did I hurt you?”. I told him to calm down and relayed everything that happened to him. He was surprised and showed it all through my story. “You mean I am housing a demon” he said. I answered in the affirmative. “This ritual is complicated,are you sure you still wanna go through with it” he asked. “More than ever” I replied. I have to go Richard, School will resume in four hours time. I kissed him like I wouldn’t see him again before I left, happy that I had made the right choice.

I Still couldn’t believe it, my wolf or demon whatever could talk. I tried communicating with it but all I heard was growls. I gave up and decided to prepare for school.
I arrived school and was in the middle of taking 11th grade Hydrogen and it’s compounds when a vampire who was a student knocked and told me that the Headmistress requested to see me after this class. Since my first day here she haven’t called for me, days have gone and still my evaluation report haven’t been given to me. I arrived at her office and she asked me to sit. “Mr Cypher, your evaluation report is here and I must say I am really impressed,and I am happy to tell you that you have been fully employed and in addition to that, you will head one of the football teams.” she said. I am grateful for this opportunity and will not disappoint you and the school was all I could say because I was boiling inside of me. Why me?, there were other male teachers in the school, why does it have to be me. I had enough already on my shoulders, now training kid ballers has been added. I was barely out of the office when a kid in the 12th grade walked to me and said, “you are the new football coach right,” I nodded my head, “cool, should I call the other members of the team? sorry sir, where are my manners? I am Jason, Captain of Aidenville’s football team b.” He concluded. “It’s alright Jason, We meet at 4pm today” I said
I knew it was hopeless after the training that day. Humans in team b versus vampires in team A. There wasn’t no way in hell we were winning. I had a tough choice to make; even the odds by making them Werewolves or enduring the pain of Loss which I detested so much. I hated losing. But the former wasn’t my choice to make, it was up to the kids to decide if they were ready to live forever just because they want to win a football competition.

The night sky is the most beautiful view any creature will ever blessed to see. Constellations so well arranged and if one is blessed with the type of eyes I had, one could see the different shapes these stars create. With my senses, I can hear every single sound produced by every animal under a mile radius. This wonderful ability helps me appreciate nature and helps me think.
I had to take a walk, something horrible happened today and it has left me with little choice but to act fast and quickly.
As usual, 7am saw me in school and after our kissing in Lucy’s office, we would just ignore each other through out the day, hard to do but very important, we didn’t want anything to jeopardize our ritual, it must be done during the blood moon, no other time.
After the lessons for the day, I went for football practice. We started off with 50 push-ups, a 2-kilometre run, and finally carrying some truck tyres. I tweaked my team a little, changed the personnels in the offensive line and the defensive line too. I moved Jason from the quarter-back position to the centre, I wanted him there because he was the quickest among my team members. I thought them how to catch and the advantage they had in distribution. But I knew all these won’t help in defeating Damien’s team. I was proved right when after our training, I decided to match up them and see my team’s deficiencies.
My team were no match for Damien’s, their speed, distribution, tackles were beyond extraordinary. They might be vampires but they worked like a well oiled machine. I was disappointed and that disgusting feeling of losing was making me nervous. I had to calm down and cheer up my team even if the other students were in support of the vampire team and I had only Lucy in support, yea, she was there.
Somehow, my defensive guard tackled one of the vampire team passers and he passed it to my quarterback and it found it’s way to Jason who was running in full speed towards their post when out of no where their safety ran into Jason. Boom!!!!! They collided, I heard a Crushing sound, Jason ribcage got broken and he screamed in pain. I ran into the field and saw him in pains lying on the floor, the crazy dude who ran into him was checking him out, I pushed him away from Jason. “Are you crazy? , do you want to kill him?”, I screamed at him. “Calm down Richard, I have called the ambulance” said Lucy as she tried to pacify me. “I am sorry sir, but I meant no harm” Said the c.unt who ran into Jason.
The Ambulance came and I followed Jason to the hospital, he was bleeding internally, I could sense it. “Can you speed up” I told the driver of the ambulance. He was rushed in and after a while, Lucy arrived and was whispering peaceful words to my ears.
The resident doctor arrived and said “I am sorry but Jason’s case is very critical, the collision didn’t just break his ribcage but there was a tear to his inferior vena cava. Due to the tear and the severe bleeding that followed, he has a lot of blood in his abdomen but we are trying to get it out and stitch the IVC.
We are not promising anything but we will do our best “he concluded. Damn, his IVC , that’s the largest vein in the body, he won’t last long. I had to do this ritual quickly, I just couldn’t watch him die, he was a orphan like me and was in high school due to a scholarship. I had to make the decision for him, I had to turn him. Lucy was talking to me but I couldn’t hear her as I was lost in thought.

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