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I practically dragged him back to the cabin, I didn’t know what I did to piss his wolf off but I think it took all of his strength to stop his wolf from attacking me and to transform back right in mid-air. I laid his arse on his bed, he was butt Unclad so I covered him with something as he was now soundly asleep. I took this opportunity to take my shower in his little bathroom. I came out and decided against wearing my clothes, I intend on staying I told myself. Opening his drawer one could see that he was very neat and organised. I took one of his boxers and shirt. It was almost my size, he was lean with a bit of muscles but he was a different thing all together when he transforms.
I looked upon his smooth face and wondered how I had never heard or came across his kind all the years I had been on earth. I thought initially that he was a witch but I know now that he is half-man half-beast. The only enemy Dad ever had were the witches and he made sure the last one was killed a decade ago. So how come, he never said a thing about this phenomenon, was he covering up something? I needed answers to these questions.
Since the one person that could answer my questions was sleeping, I decided to look around the cabin. The music was still playing, i decided to change the track, I saw an album of Cassadee pope, and slotted it in. He was a lover of country music, strange since he was black. Nothing special caught my attention again, a two chair dining table in the kitchen, a couch and I saw what he was doing that he used in tricking me into entering that net. It was like he was paying homage to someone, their names Mr Richard and Mary Cypher. So, he was a Richard junior,but why did he write their names, didn’t they have pictures or something. How old was this guy? I pulled the drawer where he was paying his homage when I saw something carefully wrapped in fine linen. I was about to unwrap the thing when I heard, “don’t open that”.
I dropped the thing because I was startled, when did he wake and how was he wearing a pant. “I am sorry, for startling you, and for almost taking your life in quick turn of events, the sex was awesome though but I know now that you have a boyfriend, thanks for bringing me back and for staying” he continued. I smiled and asked how he knew I had a boyfriend, he answered, “I don’t know how, but I was able to see your memories and it was what I saw there that set off my wolf against you.” What did you see? “I asked him, he told me he saw me around a bonfire and was dancing with a blonde dude” I laughed, so you saw dancing with a guy and you went off, he swore that wasn’t the reason, that it was something else. How was he able to see my memories anyway, and how much did he see? I was still thinking when he uttered something that only few individuals knew, “you are George’s daughter, aren’t you?”
Oh my God! how did he know that? Who are you?, I asked, I was on the attack now. He smiled and said, “I have showed you what I am and you have seen the names of my foster parents, so it’s better you tell me about what you are too in order to balance the scale”. “So, who is Lucy Keller? “he concluded with a question.

I was unable to tell where the trust came from but I just felt I could tell him. I had things that had been burning inside of me, questions no one was ready to answer, I was eager to discuss with anyone who was ready to listen, sadly no one was. People believed I was invisible, daughter of the first Vampire and for the humans, it was hopeless, all they could see was an old woman close to retirement all thanks to the magic mist. I was ready to open up to this stranger and I didn’t have the slightest reason not to.
He was waiting and looked like a little kid eager for bedtime stories, gosh!!! he was cute, I had to look at other things apart from his face else I might not be able to resist kissing him as I began telling my story.
My mother was close to delivery, infact immediately she was turned by my dad and consequently became his first of his unending sire line, she went into labour, and so I was born into this world, I took all of my mother abilities as a vampire but I didn’t die, the spell doesn’t work on babies and kids since they won’t be able to control the blood thirst and that is why I have a beating heart ;the only vampire alive to have such, because of this, I was always protected Jealousy and completely surrounded by guards until I was able to defend myself. I became the target of dad’s enemies – the witches and so he made it his eternal job to kill them, but I am now beginning to think he used that as the perfect excuse needed to exterminate them since you came into the equation of supernatural beings. I was eighteen when I had my first blood thirst, the transition was extremely painful since I was alive and blood pumping through me, my fangs started growing and by twenty, I became a full blooded vampire with the special ability of entering the mind. I became my dad’s favorite psychic and torturer since I could easily break down his enemies and because of this I began to lose my humanity. The love of violence grew in me and I didn’t help myself when I fell in love with whom they calling the destroyer – “Damien” he completed it for me, I shot him a wicked glare and beckoned on him not to interrupt me again. I loved Damien and I still do because he was the only one who wasn’t afraid of speaking to me, he played with me, teased me and it didn’t matter to me that he was my cousin but I gave him my body and all. I became interested in arts from five years of age but later got interested in the raging war between dad and the witches. The war took decades and after countless bloodshed, we moved from……….. from…….. wait, I can’t seem to remember the name of my hometown, my birth place. Anyway he urged me go on. We moved to this town and I was able to mind control a witch to create a cloak that would change our appearance and completely obscure our barbaric activities. I had always wanted a home, a big home filled with kids but I couldn’t with Damien since he was, you know, dead. Until Mr Dean came. He was unique, you know. He was dark, I mean tanned, tall, he had pepper-sandy hair and was extremely brilliant. He was ready to listen even if I was disguised as an old woman to him, it didn’t put him off. I fell in love with him and decided to tweak the magic mist effect on him. He saw me for who I was but it didn’t last. One day, the football team was playing and he was the coach of the other team, while Damien headed the other one. Damien’s team were entirely filled with vampires while Dean’s team were filled with humans. It was a clear mismatch and of course Damien’s team were on the winning side, Dean cried foul and was relatively surprised that the umpires didn’t see the irregularities. Damien who was always quick to anger paid him a visit that night and the rest they say is history.
I was mad with rage but could do nothing, dad got to hear about it and was disappointed in me. Ever since then, my relationship with Damien has been rocky. Then you showed up on that fateful Friday, you breached the mist with no side effect, I tried entering your mind I met a brick wall, I tried talking with you in order to get close to you to find out how to get you in bed with you you didn’t seem interested . The perfect opportunity came this morning but instead I woke up your wolf. And that is all you need to know now.
He shrugged and asked, “so your primary reason for sleeping with me was to enter my mind and here I was thinking you found me attractive ” he said in a disappointed tone. Common, I told him, I did all that to save your life because if Damien were to find out you were immune to the mist, you were as good as dead, but it seems you can hold your own. “so, was any of that real; the passion, the Stares and the frown whenever you saw me talking with other females” he asked. What was his problem, I did all that to save his life. “No, it was for your safety ” I retorted, “is that what you tell yourself” he shot back at me. So that is all you could pick from my story, huh, I asked him. “Are we fighting?” he asked a silly rhetoric question. “I don’t know, you pick one”. I shot back at him
He suddenly laughed and smacked my arse and said that was for ordering him in bed, I laughed and told him to tell his story.

Oh well, she did talk and boy she said everything I needed to know. It was my turn, she might have trusted me to tell me all she just said but I wasn’t gonna replicate such early conviction. I will centre my story around my emotions and appeal to hers and will see where it leads.
I was born in the year 1709,to a black mother and a white Dad, but I took more of my Mother’s skin, although I wasn’t fortunate to meet them, they died while I was still a baby. I was given to my uncle who didn’t have a child and so I became both their special apple. One day, when I was six, we were visited by middle aged woman who urged us to leave town because of a planned attempt on my life. She said I was special and important In the balance of the supernatural world. She handed my new parents a huge book which was written in a language I still can’t read till today. We moved and that started our never ending cycle of relocation until their death of course.
I was ten when I first noticed that I quick to anger. A tease, a laugh could set me off, and I grew up That way, I started to have a need for reorientation when I nearly took the life of Daphne, my one true love. She was beautiful, and the most caring person I had ever met. She knew of my many flaws but kept on with me. Her love for me saw far beyond any flaws. I first transformed when I was twenty, I was so scared and hated my self for years after then. The hatred for myself became absolute when I discovered that I didn’t seem to age after I clock 25. How was I going to build a family when I will see them live, grow and die. I was miserable, I hated myself and God for my meaningless existence. I tried ending it all one night when I Laced a knife with poison and Pierced my heart with it, I fell and thought all was over until I woke up the next day and was horrified to discover that I was not only ageless but immortal. My body ejected the poison and then healed itself. I became a drunkard after then cursing my existence, I was told I was special but for what purpose, what damn purpose?
I found a glimpse of that purpose when I met Daphne. She turned my life around, the more I pushed her away, the closer she came. She knew of my beast side but insisted that I could use it for the better good. I could save lives , help people in distress. She was too perfect and too good for me, I couldn’t bear to see her live and die at a ripe old age without kids. I decided then to leave her and run away, I wrote her a letter and promised to be back when she was about to leave this world. I was at death bed together with herself kids and grandchildren, it was both a painful and joyful sight and I haven’t fallen in love since then. I joined the army and fought for my country, but I had to leave because I couldn’t bear losing any more friends to meaningless battles and knowing I could help some but all not all and was eventually forced to watch my friends succumb to their injuries and die.
Since then, I became a traveler until I ended up here in your strange town. You know, we both want the same thing – a big family, so why don’t we just put more wood to the raging fire, huh? I asked her. “Hold on , are you stylishly asking me out, Cypher? She asked amused. Not really in that sense but I wouldn’t say I won’t be tempted to.” You are funny, but no, I will pass though, we are just beginning to know ourselves , if anything of such will happen it will better we take it slowly, the last time we came together, it didn’t go well so it’s best we understand ourselves and get to know our magical bearings ” she replied. Hmmm, she was right though. But I want more of that arse, I said sheepishly and I want more of that c.ock, she replied with a grin.
I laughed and I brought out the huge book. It was black like the night and seemed to suck the light from the room, with inscriptions I didn’t understand. She took it from me and said, I think I can decipher this, it’s an ancient language only spoken by those who practised magic – dark Magic. It became one of my studies as I sought to understand the witches in order to break them down. It says, “only those with opposing magic conduits can read the texts of this book with their blood”. “What does that mean” she asked, but she was asking the wrong person since I didn’t have the faintest idea what it meant.

Magic conduits, what does that mean? I knew “meet” had to do with sex since it was sort of bond itself but “magic conduits” was the hard part. “When were you born? ” I asked her. “I am two hundred years old” she replied. I am of the same age too. This could mean that we were created probably at the same time, I was letting my imagination run wild now. “um do you feel anything strange whenever you touch me, I ask because I do see you recoil your hands immediately you touch me” I continued with the questions. “Now that you ask, yes I do, a strange tingling, why do you ask? She answered with a question. I asked because when we were almost tearing the bed to shreds the other time, just as you entered my head, I entered yours too and the action awoken my wolf. My point is, whenever you try to use your magic on me, there is a repercussion and you know the rest, “yea you wolf out” she concluded. Right, so I think just as the Witches are your enemies, it’s safe to say I am also yours but not to you obviously, and that’s why I am immune to your magic. In a nutshell , we are both magical creatures but different conduits from the same system , Ok I am bringing Chemistry into this, but I hope you understand. “Yea, I perfectly do and will be on my way”she said out of no where. On your way, common girl, we are not through with the magic stuff .” I am not your girl, thanks for the sex “, she dressed and left, what’s wrong with her? That was so rude and uncalled for. What did I say?

He was right though and it’s beginning to make a little sense now. I once broke down a witch and she started talking about some dumb prophecy of a raging sword cutting through our kind and it would happen in due time. It didn’t make sense then but now it does. I actually slept with the guy prophesied to bring an end to my kind and it explains why he was strangely immune to every one of our abilities which even the witches couldn’t do. He was almost invisible and I still don’t know what his end game was. I had to tell dad, or should I? I had to, this is for my kind. I will as soon as he comes back.

Work resumed on Monday and saw Lucy avoided me like a plague. I was pissed and decided to pay her back in my own way. I helped in the salsa dance preparation and eventually had to dance with some of the girls and I caught her a few times watching me. It went on like this for a few days until one day, I was staying overtime, I decided to write some practical notes. Someone was walking along the corridor and then my laboratory door was pushed with so much force it almost came off the wall. What the hell, and then I saw her, oh boy, she was pissed, a smoking hot pissed goddess.
“You still it’s funny, I saw you with Rachel and you were actually kissing her” she spat at me. I didn’t kiss her and wouldn’t mind though. “You pedophilic piece of garbage ” she added and finished it with a hot slap. “Stop being dramatic, what’s all this? You left my cabin for no reason and you have been avoiding me for no damn reason too, and then you think you saw me kiss a vampire who God knows her true age and you walk in here and call me a pedophile, real mature of you” I spat at her. ” I had my reasons” she replied and so did I. “Look Richard I am sor……….” I took her by surprise and cut her off with a kiss and……………

“Richard, we shouldn’t be doing this here, it’s not professional” she said pushing me back. Well, you asked for it when you barged into my office I replied as I went for her lips again, “Rich……….” she didn’t complete it as I left her lips and went down to the nape of her neck, and then, her bosoms and then, I suddenly stopped.
The look on her face was priceless, “Why….. did…. di…what happened” she asked breathing heavily. “You said you had your reasons for avoiding me and denying both of us this privilege, so let me know those reasons now” I ordered. She rolled her eyes and looked away from my face before Saying, “Years ago while I was trying to break down a certain witch and after I did, she spoke some words concerning a raging fire that will cut through my kind and bring an end to it. I didn’t understand whatever it meant then but dad seemed to and killed the witch before she could complete her sentence. I never took it serious until you showed up, you are immune to our magic though I can’t say for the physical aspect of it yet and after yesterday, I felt bad sleeping with the person capable of annihilating my kind, I decided to stay away while I waited for my Dad to return” she concluded. I was speechless and I just stared at her for what seemed like hours. “Well, say something” she teased. So, my destiny is to kill a whole race, waoh. It all makes sense now. Right from childhood, I have been Jealousy protected by my parents, I have asked myself why, but then you told me your age yesterday, and it seemed we were created almost at the same time coupled with the fact that I once had a dream when I came to this town, I saw your dad, your mom and uncle with two other people that could be my parents, this couple opted to volunteer to become beasts in order to stop the war the village was losing then but ever since then I haven’t been able to dream again , still it is still surprising I haven’t heard of anyone with my abilities and of course, then your dad wasn’t a vampire and your mom was still carrying you in her belly. My point is, my race was hunted and killed by probably your dad before you knew anything about it and that is why I am the very last of them remaining. That was why I Wolfed out the other day because I saw your dad in your memories because my wolf became enraged when he saw him and it only behaves like that when it is around your kind. “Waoh, so you are saying we are complete opposite and are forces that will engage each other for eternity” she asked. “Yes, but the scale is not balanced because I am a one man army, your dad knew this and that’s why he created more vampires like himself, something I don’t know how to do.” I replied her. “I can’t believe my dad could be so wicked, I have to find out more about this and we must find a way to read that book” she said with so much conviction. “I think I have” I said, “and what is it” she asked before I finished my sentence. We have to perform the unification ritual I replied.

“What does that mean, unification ritual? She asked. Well, you should better listen and listen good. The unification ritual is a very complex bond which is usually done with wolves. It is done during a blood moon and therefore irreversible. The process involves both parties clearing their minds of secrets and all of their secrets will be laid bare, a single lie can ruin everything. After the cleansing of minds, the two will become one, meaning whatever pain or joy felt by one will be felt also by the other. They can also see through each other no Matter the distance. Also it will involve us drinking each other’s blood, I will bite you around your neck and you will do same with me, but the marks will never heal and will be scars forever reminding every one that I have been taken and you have also been taken by an Alpha. There must not be any doubt in either of us and it will devastating for either of us if one of us were to die, the person will never recover that his other half is gone. So, that is all about the ritual. “Um, I will have to think this, will reach you when I am ready, I have to get going” she said and passionately kissed me before leaving.

Waoh! , what a process, I am not sure I am quite ready for such, yes I love him but I don’t think I am ready to be with himfor eternity. But still, I have to get to the bottom of this, it couldn’t be just fate that brought him here, I have to know the reason and one person has the answer to that – My mum.
I got home, a mansion built by vampires and occupied by vampires and ultimately only for vampires. I saw her looking at me from the balcony. Whatever I was planning had to be done in secret. I had to lead her into her room.
Hey mom, I need to speak with you privately , “sure, let’s go to my room” she said. “So what is bothering you Lucy, I have been watching you lately, you have been moody, angry and restless, is it because of Mr Dean’s death? ” she concluded with a question. No, it’s not that, I am over that anyway. Last week while in class, a student of mine told me he saw something like a man who could transform into a wolf in the woods while on picnic somewhere down the highway and since then I have been on the lookout but i haven’t found anything of such. So mum, do such beings exist? “Of course, that’s plain ridiculous, there is no such thing as Werewolves, it’s just plain teenage fantasies.” she said. But I never mentioned that they were called Werewolves, there was something she was obviously hiding from me, I had to find out through my psychic abilities. “Alright mom, that has cleared my mind, um can I see your necklace, I never get tired of holding it” I said. As she bent her head to remove the necklace, I stood up quickly and snapped her neck, “I am sorry mom, do forgive me”.
As she laid unconscious, I touched her and entered her mind. I saw her arguing with dad telling him he need not bother about the Mikaelsons, they were heroes that gave up themselves as humans to become beasts in order to save our village. Dad was having none of that, and said Mikaelson had no right to become who he was haven gotten married to a black woman – a slave. That he might become corrupt with his power and had to be stopped before it even began. I saw dad later, he came in and suddenly bit mom and then snapped her neck. Mom was later screaming in labour as she gave birth to me, and after I was named, Dad left and later came back with a wicked smile. What have you done, George, what have you done? mom screamed. I have ended that wicked race of beasts said dad with so much pride. Mom cried and later went to the site where it happened. As she was about leaving, she heard the tiny cries of a child, so she followed the cries into the basement of the house and found a little child, beside him was a note. Quickly, she took the child to The Cypher’s and told them to leave town with the child and never return. I erased the fact that I ever came to ask her questions concerning Werewolves and snapping her neck. I was mad with rage against my dad for killing a young family and was a little happy Mom had save Richard. If I were to spill this to Richard, how was he gonna react? . Still I had to tell him and do the ritual with him, so he can create his own pack, he can’t kill dad alone with his many vampires.
I left home and went to find Richard. I got to his cabin with memories of what happened the other night coming in full flow. “Come in,” he said, “I smelt you over a mile away” he continued. I didn’t open, then he opened the door and smiled sheepishly, gosh! He is so cute.
I am ready for the ritual, I said.

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