The Last Wolf CHAPTER 5: The Chase

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God dammit! I cursed as I was in severe pains, the net Pierce through every pore in my skin. I was really pissed right now as I heard footsteps approached, the movement and the sound of a knife cutting through the rope filled the night. I fell on the floor and landed on the net which only worsened my situation. Richard was gonna pay for this I swore within me. “Look who is here if it ain’t Miss Lucy”. “Will you get me out of this thing, it hurts “I shot back at him. He did and and he had this silly smirk on his face all through the cutting. He carried me with my blood soaked latex suit all the way to his cabin.
The Cabin was plain and cool. An album of Brett Eldredge was playing, he had great taste in country songs I must say. “I will be right back, let me get the first aid box, stalker” he said. Gosh! He was so annoying. I decided to surprise him before he came back, I removed my clothes beginning with the top, I was on my trousers when I heard him whistle, you are so into it tonight I said within me. I took off all of my clothes and laid on the bed as he cleaned the blood and remove whatever steel remaining on my skin. I expected it to heal immediately and I wasn’t surprised when he was exclaimed, “What in the World!!! There are no puncture wounds, you skin is flawless” I knew this was my chance, and before he had any opportunity to react, I forced my lips on him. He was surprised and refused to open his lips, I forced him to by placing his hands on my firm ti.ts, the reaction was instant, he opened up and Sweet Hera, he was a damn good kisser, he rolled his tongue with mine so perfectly that it became a battle of who was gonna get the upper hand. He got tired of the battle, he took me up and landed me on the bed, parted my legs and started licking me from my foot down to my thighs not minding the fact that I was only bleeding from there a few minutes before. This guy was beyond nasty, he was sick!
When he got to my thighs, he started twirling his tongue and then he moved towards my womanliness but he wouldn’t enter, he would just twirl his tongue around it and then go back to my thighs. I was pissed because I was dripping wet and he wasn’t ready to do the needful. I got up, and told him to lie on the bed, I took off his trousers and sucked the living hell outta his c.ock. I was in my dominatrix mode and I was ready to make him pay for the trap he set for me.
I stood up, and was mounted him reverse cowgirl, I squatted with my legs apart and started dancing on his c.ock, careful not to allow his full length inside. I tweaked just around his tip, and he began calling on names I didn’t know. He wanted his full stick in me but I wouldn’t allow him, I was gonna punish him, remember? He tried moving his waist again and I asked him, “who asked you to move, remain still Cypher” He obviously didn’t like being ordered in bed and said, “what are you gonna do if I move, huh, what are you gonna do?” … I am gonna do this, I said. Still in the same position, I closed my legs and clamped my womanliness around the tip of d.ick and continued twerking, and he screamed of how much he hated me, I laughed and knew he was close to his release. This was the perfect time, his moment of weakness, I tried entering his mind again and it worked this time, no wall stopping me. But his mind was dark, very dark, I couldn’t see anything there , suddenly I saw something move, and then the thing turned towards me with golden glowing eyes. I snapped out of his mind and pushed him off me and he did likewise.
He suddenly changed and was hiding his face with a pillow begging me to leave. Leave, why should I leave just yet, his pleas changed and he begged me to snap his neck, snap his neck? Has he lost his mind or what. I removed the pillow from his face to talk some sense into him when I saw his eyes glowing just as I saw earlier in his mind. He didn’t need to beg again, I snapped his neck.
In horror, I watched as the neck I just snapped go back in place, he started growing thick hair and claws replaced his fingernails. I was so paralyzed with fear but I managed to hear “run” from him and this time, I obeyed.
I ran unclad but I didn’t Care . What in the world was that? I had little time to think over it as I heard a loud-bone-crushing-and-heartbreaking howl. I almost fell down out of fear but I had to keep going because something was on my tail and it was on four limbs.

Someone or something was behind me. It was fast, really fast, it was getting close. Suddenly, I didn’t hear any movement, no twigs snapping,the night was quiet, save for my breath. I thought all was over, guess I had lost it. I celebrated too early because immediately I turned back, the thing…. no a big black-golden-glowing-eye wolf was facing me. It was big, almost my height and hell, it was pissed. It started walking towards me, smiling, yea, it smiled showing its huge deadly fangs. I had nothing to use to defend myself, suddenly, it limped aiming it’s fangs towards my neck. I braced myself for the worst.
My God, I was calling on all the Holy saints I knew, no one has Bleep.ed me like this before, baby I am yours forever, I said within. That quickly changed to “I hate you”, when she started ordering around on my bed in my own cabin, hell no, I wasn’t taking such from anybody.
Out of nowhere, I felt my soul being drawn out of me, and I started seeing things, memories that didn’t belong to me, I saw Lucy dancing around a bonfire with a tall blonde guy, he was cute though. Damien, I heard someone called, “Seems, Dad is in need of you again” Lucy said, “yea, I will be right back , love”. I watched Damien jog to meet a man dressed casually and the moment we locked eyes, my wolf called for a transformation forcefully. I came to myself and pushed a Unclad Lucy off me, I quickly grabbed a pillow to cover my face and begged her to leave because if I give in to my wolf, I will tear her limb from limb. But she refused, my wolf was pushing to come out, it was mad with rage, she had to leave and and I had to calm my wolf. But instead of her to leave, she pulled the pillow off my face, what was she thinking? She saw my glowing eyes and snapped my neck as I earlier begged. That only made my wolf to explode with rage as i wolfed out.
She ran out horrified, I transformed, howled into the sky and went after her. Since she was clearly afraid, I decided to play mind games with her, I stopped running after her and just as she thought it was over, I came out of nowhere and started walking towards her as she moved back, I smiled as I went for the kill.
I expected it’s fangs on my neck but instead I felt his lips, with the words “please, don’t leave me” leaving them as he collapsed on me.

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