The Last Wolf: Chapter 2

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I ran all through the night, the feeling was great and my wolf was very happy. The trees on this woods were really big and tall and they were closely planted so I was finding difficult running at full speed because of the little space between the trees.
The trees took a different pattern as I ventured deeper into the woods, they were now sparsely scattered making it look like the perfect place for holiday campers. From this, I knew I was close to another town and it wasn’t long before I spotted the highway. Well, Winding Hills was behind me now and I wonder what this new town would be called. I stopped my run, transformed back to human though it was a little painful since I was physically drained after running all through the night. I removed my little backpack from my neck, brought out some clothes and changed, then I walked the remaining distance to the highway to find my way to the town.
I had just walk for twenty minutes or thereabout when I heard the sound of a moving vehicle, I waved my hands with false hope that it would stop, to my surprise it stopped and inside was a family of two kids – a boy and a girl, their parents with the man hemming the wheels. He asked where I was going and I told him “the town”..
I Sat at the back with the kids. The ride was cool with the kids talking about the latest installment of the expendables. The man asked me some questions like who I was, What was I doing here in their town. I told him I was a researcher and I was looking into the strange deaths of animals around here and the fact that their blood had been drained completely off them. The man swore that there was nothing like that in his town, that his town was lovely and peaceful. I wonder what prompted me to utter such a statement, of all the lies in the world to use to defend myself, I chose that.
Then we got into football talks and the NFL, he was a Dolphin fan and I was too so we got along even better, talking about the season exploits and our chances of winning the super bowl. Soon, I saw the sign, “WELCOME TO AIDENVILLE” and the moment we passed that sign, everything changed. The kids stopped talking, the wife who had been strangely quiet all through the ride but at intervals checked me out through the mirror stopped doing that, the man stopped talking too in mid-sentence!
I was beyond perplexed, so I looked directly into one of the kid’s face and he had this hazy look in his eyes. They all had the same hazy look,this was weird, what changed?
I brought my map from my backpack and checked for the town Aidenville under New Orleans but there was no town with such name. I checked the index of the map, nothing of such. Wow, this is getting interesting.
I was no longer comfortable so I asked to be dropped as soon as I sighted a Motel. I told the man how grateful I was for the ride but he didn’t even look at me or as much spoke a word, he just zoomed off. I went into the motel called Villa, and payed for a day. The attendant who answered had the same hazy look and if I didn’t know better, I would call it a spell or something of sort. I collected my keys, opened the door and fell on the bed with bag and shoe and straight off I went to Dreamland.
I found myself in a room, with just 5 chairs and a table, I saw some relics, weapons and a shelf of books. The windows were closed and same with door signifying a secret meeting. Occupying the tables were five individuals, two of whom looked like couples with the way their hands settled over each other. This two couples faced each other with me backing one of them. They were all on hoods save for the man seated at the head of the table. He looked powerful with his Sandy coloured hair Making him look dangerous, he was big and had this piercing blue eyes that could see everything in one’s soul. Next was the couple facing me, the man looked like the Sandy haired man but his hair was jet black, his wife was very beautiful with big Green eyes and she was heavy with child . I couldn’t see the faces of the other couple since I was behind them.
In the dimly lit room, the Sandy haired man stood up and said, “I welcome you all leaders and rulers alike, I had to call this meeting because the last report I got wasn’t good, Leader Angry-Stone is dead, he was the best we had and with me gone, we may have just handed victory to the Enemy. If we are to salvage anything with the few men left, we will have to improvise – we would have to use magic and not just Magic, but dark Magic. ”
When he heard dark Magic, the jet-black haired man stood up quickly and said,” no brother, we can’t go down that path again, we have done so in the past and it took our fathers decades to clean up the mess it caused. ” The strange man cut him off in mid sentence and said,” George, why not let him finish his speech before countering him. ” George gave the strange man a wicked glare before sitting down,which showed that they weren’t good allies. The Sandy haired man continued,” Our fathers’ mistake was the abuse of power given to them, after consulting with the mother witch, she said she had a solution : a perverse one. It would involve turning men into beast. She said two volunteers would be needed, a man and a woman. ”
The strange man’ s wife stood and said,” but why the use of a woman, women don’t fight battles. ” The Sandy haired man replied,” the witch said that they had to be a balance between good and evil, and that only love could balance it. Since both volunteers would be laced in magic so perverse that it would change the complex of human beings to its core, hence only a woman’s love and compassion would be able to counter the extreme hatred the conjured beast would have for mankind. Therefore the volunteers would have to be married and the ritual is not reversible. ”

After a moment of silence, the strange man stood up and said,” I k……..”..he didn’t finish because a persistent knock woke me up.. I was sweating profusely and was really pissed off, why now, when I was about to find out who took the offer and consequently my ancestor. “who is there” I asked, “room service sir, you have been there all day, I have been here earlier but you didn’t answer, am sorry to disturb you but I have to clean the room,” she replied.
I looked at the time, it was past 8 in the evening, no shiit, I have been asleep for 12 hours. “let me put on some clothes, I will be right out”. I needed to take a walk. For the first time in 200 years, I have a clue as to how I became what I am. But why now, why in this town, something was definitely off about this place. I needed to check the place out.

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