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Mom doesn’t ask questions she already knows the answer to, guess I was lucky this time. “Richard is a close friend and I got that scar from dwindling in some dangerous magic.” I replied her. “A really close friend, you say, Alright, invite him over for lunch tomorrow. I want to meet this friend of yours” she said before leaving my room. Damn!!!!!! This is gonna be really bad, if she wants Richard here, it means that she doesn’t believe my story. I and Richard now are not what we use to be, he doesn’t call anymore, just text once in a while. He is clearly moving away from me and the meeting with my mum tomorrow will end it all, perfect reason for him to call it quit if he is already on that path. I actually fell in love with him but I had an obligation to my family and Love wasn’t gonna becloud my sense of reasoning to help destroy my family because of him, nah that love isn’t born yet. I picked up my phone and sent him a text inviting him for lunch since Tomorrow is a Saturday.
Since my ordeal yesterday, I have been weak and sour. It’s like my whole energy has been depleted and even worse, I feel detached and alone emotionally. The connection I had with Richard was no longer there. I felt empty inside and my wolf felt the way too. Whatever Richard did yesterday must have tempered with our bond. I wonder what he is up to now? Like always, all things will be revealed in due time.
Angel on her own part has been acting out of sorts these days. When she came by this morning before going to school, I saw this sparkle in her eyes. It was small but I know true happiness when I see one. Her eyes were usually cold and hollow and because of that she has become one of the most efficient killer among us, but this morning tells a different story. Something was up and I wonder the person who could cause such dramatic turnaround in her person. I know it’s must be a guy, Angel is crazy, naughty and all but she is a principled fellow and was well brought up before she was changed. She doesn’t do women and I couldn’t wait to know the guy who touched her heart.
After dropping the kids, I called Jason and told him to keep an eye on his members before bidding his goodbye. I have come to love the kid, he is strong willed and smart, I think he will make a good beta. I started the bus and returned it back to my friend. I returned home using public transport. Today has been one successful day and i couldn’t wait for the fifteenth day to come to finally rank my wolves. I was still basking in my happy thoughts when a message came in. I read it and my mood changed for good reason. Lucy’s mom wants me for Lunch . Hell !!!! This isn’t good, it’s not good at all. I just hope it’s not about what happened the other day, the breaking bond stuff. Well, I have tomorrow to find out.
I woke up the next day feeling grumpy and
nauseous. I will be seeing Lucy’s beautiful mom today and I wasn’t happy as I would have some weeks back. I did my chores and trimmed the grasses around the cabin. I showered and then prepare mashed potatoes and then washed it down with a can of dew. I was marking some scripts when I got a call from Angel asking about my wellbeing and all. We talked for a while before she hung up not before blowing some sweet kisses through the phone, funny girl. It is 13:00 already. I changed to a tight pant, wore a fitting top and put on a Jacket. I should be on suit but I had this feeling that things won’t go well for me today.
I followed the direction she gave me and found my way through east of Aidenville. The house is huge and built in Greek architecture. Painted white and Majestic in appearance. From the moment I got into the estate, there were guards everywhere. I loved the organization I saw within this vile creatures. The guards at the gate, the tourists but who were actually those who patrolled the estate and of course the maids who worked inside the house. I saw a huge swimming pool at my right and a big building too at my left, I didn’t know what it was used for though. In front of me was the house and I was escorted In by a beautiful maid. The whole place irritated my wolf and when I entered the house and then finally invited to the dining where a portrait of George was fixed on the wall, my wolf nearly came out but I managed to tame it. I saw Lucy and her mom sitting alone on the dining table which itself was huge. I greeted Lucy’s mom by bowing and then kissing her outstretched hand as customary. I walked up to Lucy and kissed her fully on her lips. I didn’t look at her reaction, just brought out the chair and sat besides her.
“So you are Richard? ” Mrs Keller asked.” Yes, I am ma’am “I replied. ” Tell me, how did you meet my daughter ? “she asked. I looked at Lucy who nodded before telling her everything skipping the werewolf thing of course.” Are you two dating?”, Jeez!, what a question. I kissed your daughter fully on her lips when I came in, and still you are asking if we are dating. Anyway, I answered in the affirmative and even added we were planning on getting married soon, the scowl on her face after told me I shouldn’t have said so.
“Look Richard, I hate to break it to this way because you are such a sweet boy but I have to in order to kill any dream you have in settling down with my daughter. Lucy is actually engaged and will soon be tying the knot with her long time boyfriend. I don’t know the game she is playing but she obviously knows this and still decides to go on with you. I am sorry for whatever plans you might have kept in place, I really am. “she concluded.
To say I was embarrassed will be an understatement. I knew this already but to be told in such a humiliating manner was hard to take in. I looked at Lucy who has been quiet all through started sobbing and saying that she was sorry, sorry for what. I just looked away before I

ripped that her pretentious face off. “It’s okay ma’am , I am grateful for your honesty, the same which cannot be said of the one I love. I really enjoyed the meal and should probably be on my way.” I said . “It’s been my pleasure Richard?” she said. “Richard, wait, let me explain, Richard!!” Lucy screamed after me but I didn’t look back. I was so embarrassed and I got the disgusting look from the guys at the gate, Racist c.unts, now it suddenly occurred to me, I have never seen a black vampire, all have been white. That explains the weird looks I got when I entered the estate earlier. I just wanted to leave the vicinity and forget today in a hurry. My cell beeped , Lucy was calling,” Listen Lucy, I don’t want to utter cruel words to you so if you know what’s best for you, stay away from me. Don’t ever come to my place ever again and stay off my Lane in school. It was a pleasure meeting you. “I hung up, cutting off her disgusting sobbing voice. Tears fell down my cheeks myself, it was official then, Lucy played me really well and yes, I am a fool. Thank God for Angel else, I would have foolishly destroyed the remnant of my kind and my parents will be weeping in their grave saddened at the level of my stupidity. Either way, the door on Lucy is permanently closed and a new door has been opened with Angel.
Waoh!!! He is cute and dark skinned, dark – skinned? Was Lucy drunk when she decided to date him and even thought of Marrying him. He was lucky George wasn’t available, he would have torn him to pieces the moment he saw him. But when he kissed me, I felt this weird tingle all over my me. I should be ashamed of myself for getting wet by just looking at him, but I couldn’t help it and I couldn’t bear to see such a sweet boy get fooled by Lucy. The hurt on his face was touching but the truth had to be said. The way he raised his eye brows was the same way John Mikaelson raises his. Could this be his son? , nah, the child I saved centuries ago must be dead by now, he didn’t inherit the curse of his parents, else, George would have had him killed long before now. Still, I had this stubborn feeling that he is that same child, but I doubted it.

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