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No words could describe how I felt after he sank his fangs into me. I felt his whole essence enter me, it was fulfilling and for the first time in my life I felt complete. He blacked out after the sex, I didn’t blame him though, breaking a bond and and then creating a new one same night tells the ridiculous strength this guy possesses. I am grateful to now possess such strength too. I watched him sleep and it was of those few happy moments I was fortunate to witness. He slept like a baby though he snored but I think that has to do with the fact that he was beyond exhausted.
I later left his pretty face and decided to clean up the floor when I saw my pant ripped around my butt area. I smiled and remembered how crazy he behaved yesterday. It was clear that he was fulfilling his sexual fantasy and he actually licked my butt hole. He sure knows how to fvck.
I cleaned the room and took my shower. I later dispose the meal I brought for him yesterday but he instead chose to eat me. I prepared another meal, just plain apple pie. It was 4 in the morning when I heard someone moved and then fell, and then curses filled the night. I laughed and quickly carried his meal up to his room. I found him struggling to his feet before he collapsed again. I dropped the tray on the drawer before pulling him up. Damn! He weighed a lot considering his slim frame, I guess it was the other being inside him.
“Thanks dear, good morning” he said so sweetly. I blushed when he said that, so it’s now “dear”. “Why are your cheeks flaming red? ” he asked a question he already knows the answer to.” Nothing, you need to eat to regain your strength, remember…you… “I didn’t finish as he buried his lips in mine, we kissed for a while and I wished it wouldn’t end but I knew where you would lead to and he would surely black out again if he didn’t eat.
I pushed him away teasing him that he still hadn’t brushed his mouth this morning. He just grinned and winked at me as I stood up to bring his meal.
“hmmm, Apple pie, my favorite “he said as he devoured the meal. I laughed as I watched him eat, he offered me a spoon of the meal which I politely rejected, I couldn’t eat, not just yet.
After eating and having his bath. He sat beside me on the bed where I have been patiently watching him clean his body and wear his clothes. “Yesterday was awesome but you do know that we are married now , so you must be careful the way you play with those kids in school, even though I know we have to pretend, there is a level to which I can tolerate .” He said with a firm stance. I playfully punched him and said OK. “you will soon start feeling feverish since you have two untamed beasts within you, I will have to purge one out of you,probably tomorrow. But you have to be careful because just as I felt those pains, Lucy felt worse and now that I have dissociated myself from her, she is no longer a member of my pack
but a rogue. She might not know this yet but soon she will, so until then, you must be very careful and keep your emotions in check, Ok? “he finished his speech. I nodded in understanding.” so who owns this huge edifice? ,” he asked. “Get your arse up and let’s return to town before we are seen together, I will tell you soon, it’s a long story and I don’t want to cry now, I am too happy right now,ok” he nodded as we both climbed down the majestic stairs and found our way to the passage way with our hands together.
I woke up but it was extremely difficult to open my eyes. I finally managed to and found mom looking at me strangely. “Hey mom” I said with my voice a little husky. “What have you gotten yourself into, Lucy?” she asked with a frown on her face. “I am fine mum, you worry too much” I replied. “No, you are not, something is not right here, I saw you thrashing yesterday and only powerful magic can cause that, get some rest, you and I have a lot to talk about.” she said as she left my room in a sour mood. She was right, what has Richard gotten himself into, I hope he wasn’t stupidly practicing magic he doesn’t understand. I will find out soon enough.
I woke up a happy teen. Today is the day, today is the day everything will change for the better, today will change the lives of over twenty kids, today, we will get enough strength to match those mitches. I just couldn’t wait till after school.
She dropped me just outside town but not before we kissed passionately. I walked the remaining distance jumping along the way, I was just excited like a little kid who had been given his favorite candy, crazy right? I prepared for school and unsurprisingly Lucy wasn’t in school. I decided against calling her, just texted her to seem like I cared. I had Angel’s class that day but ignored her misbehaviors and persistent teasing. What the hell was wrong with her? , I thought she was suppose to pretend, she was just behaving like a kid. Anyway, after the class, she stayed behind and before I could say jack, she ran up to me and brushed my lips with hers, and left just as quickly. This girl was gonna be serious trouble.
I got a bus from a friend which I would use in transporting my team members to the clearing. They were all there at the park at exactly 5pm. I parked and they got in and settled down. I told them if anyone was having second thoughts about this, the fellow could leave now, because once the bus leaves here, there was no going back. They said they were no such things as second thoughts. I Started the bus and off we went to the clearing. I had texted Angel earlier to be there before us to open the door before we arrived, I didn’t want the kids to see her display of blood magic just yet.
We arrived after some thirty minutes on the road, Angel was waiting. “What the hell is she doing her? ” asked Jason with a scowl on his face.” Hey kid, careful with your words ” I replied him.” She threatened to kill me coach, so I have every reason to use whatever words I deem fit” he said still frowning and folding his arms. I shot him a fierce glare to show I didn’t like the way he just behaved, “I am sorry coach, I am just not her biggest fan after what she said to me the other day” he said remorsefully. “It’s okay, she only did that to scare you, she is our friend now and your Luna, so you must give her utmost respect, Ok? ” I explained. “Alright coach, I am sorry Miss Lucy for what I said, but what’s a Luna?” he finished with a question. “Let’s go in, will explain that soon.” I said
We moved in with comments like, “awesome , magnificent” and other adjectives filled the air as they took the beauty of the house in. “Alright, settle down, we don’t have much time” I said and after they were seated, I began. “Whatever you are about to become is called a werewolf, meaning full man, full wolf. It is gotten from the bite of an Alpha and it takes fifteen days for the complete metamorphosis. When you become this werewolf, you will have access to powers beyond what you could ever imagine : speed, unbelievable strength, ability to hear from a mile out, immediate cell formation, and immunity to human diseases. But with all these, there are rules you must follow, which are:
Your parents must never know about this,
You must never expose who you are no matter the provocation, You must never hurt a human no matter the provocation,
You must report to me no matter the odd hour I call,
You must not kill another wolf like you, the punishment is instant death by me,
You must answer to your leaders, I will explain that after your first change.
I think that’s all for now, until after your first transformation. So any questions “. They just shook their heads saying they were none. That’s strange, it seems Jason must have told them this already.
” Alright, I will start the biting now, don’t just freak out from what you see next ” I said as I started pulling off my clothes.” why is he removing his clothes? No shitt, he is damn hot” were some of the comments I heard.
With only my boxers on, I moved back and ran to an empty chair, climbed the arms of it and used the momentum to jump and twirl in the air and landed a wolf and howled.
“Jesus!!!!!, mummy!!!!!!, please don’t kill me I will do whatever you say!!! , Holy shift!!!! , he is fvcking huge!!!! , “were what filled the air with Angel and Jason laughing their stomach out and then giving each other high fives, hmmm, they were getting along fine.
I told them to stand up and queue up,” it can even talk “said a horrified looking Eric just before he passed out. The rest did what I ordered, although shakily. I bit each one and including the one who passed out.
” Remember to keep my rules and hide those marks from your parents because they will never heal, they will be scars to remind you of the pack you now belong to. Have fun discovering your new abilities, we meet here in fifteen days, ” I dismissed them as they found their way down the passage way. I turned around and pick up clothes before transforming and then headed to the toilet but Angel followed me. I had barely enter the toilet before she grabbed my stick and administer one hell of a Mouth Action.
I drove the kids home after the crazy escalade I just had with Angel. Their talks centered around how massive I was and each wanted to be just as huge. A few talked about how hot Angel was and how she practically devoured my body when I pulled off my clothes. I just laughed as I realized I now have a New family, actually a pack.
“Who is Richard and what is that scar on your neck?” Mom asked. Shiit, I was in for a hell of questions.

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