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To say I was shocked after listening to Angel’s breakdown of my stupidity would be an understatement and seeing her crying because of my bad judgments broke my heart. I walked to where she was seated and pulled her into my arms. I rested her head on my shoulders and tried to pacify her as I thought of a way to make amends for my stupidity.
I pondered on all she said and I found a loophole in Lucy’s plan, ” Hey Angel, listen” I urged her as she was close to sleeping on my shoulders, “yea, what is it” she asked. “If what you said earlier is Lucy’s plan then she must need me to turn her dad because I am the custodian of the other beast. I house it. If I don’t turn her dad, her plan will fail probably that’s why she is still keeping me because she already has what she needs from me. “I explained to a wide-eyed looking Angel.” Richard you Beauty. That’s true, I didn’t look at it from that perspective. I think you now have the leverage you need on her. So what’s the plan now? “she asked, already back to her lively self.
“I will need to find persons to turn but that’s where the problem lies, where can I find people who really know what they are up against and very aware that their lives will never remain the same again. Jason is a different case.” I said to her. “Um I think you should start with your football team, they know you and you know you, problem solved.” she said like it’s so easy to do. “It’s not as easy you say it , those kids have parents, they have their lives and dreams, I can’t just take that from them just because of my personal vendetta. That’s not cool.” I told her. “Turning them won’t stop them from achieving their goals and dreams, you just have to be the leader that you are and make rules to guide them, remember you don’t have much time left.” she explained. “Alright, I will have a meeting with them soon, but I must break the bond with Lucy first else she will have a connection with each person I turn. Damn, Lucy is really smart.” I said.
“Yea, she is, but you are smarter.” she said as she played with the stubble on my face, “so have you decided who your soul mate will be? ” she asked. “Umm, if I have you will be the first to know. I think we should be on our way now, it’s getting late. So who owns this house?” I asked. “Will tell you another time, let’s go Richy” she teased.
When she called me Richy, I suddenly remembered Daphne, that’s what she calls me, sweet woman. “Something wrong, Richy? ” she asked. “Nothing, let’s go” I replied. “is it Daphne?” She asked raising her brows, “how….did you know that? Just how much do you know about me” I asked surprised by how much she knows about me. “A lot more than you can imagine, shy niggi” she replied. “Shy niggi” that’s what I was called by my fellow comrades because I found it difficult to talk to a woman after Daphne’s death. How did she know that? ” move your legs, shy niggi”she teased. “Don’t call me that” I said, “or what, what will you do ” she teased again laughing this time. I chased after her as we both ran down the passage way.
I have been calling Richard since school closed to see if I could come home but he was unavailable, kept getting his voice mail. He doesn’t behave like this, where the here was he and again he is blocked telepathically from me. Where the hell is he? I called Angel but she said he wasn’t with him. I needed to make sure the blood in that black book were completely dried off.
I decided to check him at home but he wasn’t there too. Probably he is busy, will check on him tomorrow then.
Coach has been acting weirdly the past few days. He will seem moody now, then the next time you see him, he is all smiles and happy. I have never seen him this unstable, something was bothering him that he doesn’t want to share.

The other night while I transformed for the 29th time, I heard his wolf growling and howling in pain. It was really heartbreaking to see him like that. Although I have my own problems with Chelsea and her new boyfriend but his was more of a concern to me.
Now, he sent me a message that I should text the football team members that we will be meeting at the basketball court from 5:30 in the morning, no late coming. WTH, 5:30 am, I am seriously beginning to doubt Mr Richard’s sanity.

I got to the school 5 am prompt haven explained to the security personnel the previous day of a meeting holding early this morning. I sat and waited for them patiently.
I chose so early this morning because I know today is an Holiday, the people of America celebrates Martin Luther King, and I know Lucy enough to remain on the bed, thereby preventing her from listening to what I was about to tell this kids. This meeting is a very crucial one and it will determine my position in the coming war – the losing or the winning side.
Jason was the first to arrive by 5:20am, and then the rest came later. They were all settled by 5:40, I had taken notes of those who came after 5:30 and decided within me what their positions will be within the pack.
“Hey boys, come over here, I don’t want to be heard by an outsider and Luke, go close the doors” I said, the court is big and of course there will be echoes. After they have assembled as I wanted, twenty-one in all. I looked at each of them and asked, “Who wants to win and break this jinz of not beating team A for the last six seasons now?”. They all raised their hands. “Good, but can someone among you tell me what he has noticed about the other team,” I asked, “Yes Jake,”.
” I think they are faster than we are because in all of the years I have watched them, not one of us has ever been able to outrun any of their players. Their distribution is excellent and their throws are exceptional “he answered to several nods and approval.
” Alright, do you all agree with Jake? ” I asked,” yea, he couldn’t have said it any better “were the answers I got to my question.” Do you guys believe in the supernatural? ” I asked and I got mixed answers – yes, no and not sure.” Well, whether you believe or not. The truth is, the supernatural exists, God does exists and other vile creatures. Horrible things happen here every night, have you ever asked yourself why the major health issue in this town has always been anaemia. The truth is, the members of the other team are mainly supernatural beings, they are no more humans and that’s why it is seemingly impossible to beat them because : they know your next move, they see your runs in slow motion, they see your tackles before it touches them and If you don’t even the odds, you will always remain the laughing stock of Aidenville. “I stopped and looked at their faces again and it seems all of what I said have sunk in,so I continued.
” Balancing the scales will cost you as all great things do, it will cost you your death ” I said with confusion written all over their faces.” I meant you will be immortal, that’s the price and you will all have to accommodate new beings in you. You will follow strict rules, every rule broken will come with a punishment and whatever you see next will remain between us . No one must hear of what we just discussed. Am I understood? ” they all chorused,” yes sir”. “Now don’t freak out from what you see next. Jason come here, let’s do this” I said. I threw balls with speed and precision and Jason was able to catch them all, his runs were better now, he was faster. He must have been transforming frequently. I heard “waoh, cool, awesome, sick” and all kinds. “Alright, thanks Jason, tomorrow we will meet at a secured location. You will tell your parents you are going to the woods with Mr Richard for some hard training. Be at the park by 5 in the evening. You can go.” they left hurriedly. “Jason, make sure their lips remain sealed” he nodded to my order.
Tonight I will break the bond and pick a new mate.
I woke up feeling sluggish and sickly as I usually am whatever I slept after raids, it still disgust me after how many decades now . I looked at my watch it was 7:30 am. I had a text from from Richard, I smiled as I remembered what happened yesterday.
He chased me and finally caught me, he just turned me around, he stared at me for quite some time and I returned the stare too. But his eyes kept wavering between brown and red and they glowed too. I should be afraid but I wasn’t, instead I watched in fascination, later he looked away from me and pulled me into him. It was a wonderful feeling as I just enjoyed the heat of his body.
I read his text and just laughed out, he asked me to make fringe as my hairstyle and put on spandex or preferably Latex when coming to the clearing tonight as it was about to go down. Oooooookay!!!!

I was expecting Lucy since Today was a holiday and my expectation wasn’t cut-off, she arrived 8 in the morning looking hot and sweet. If it were before, I would have carried her in and bang that juicy hole till oblivion. Now, I just smiled when she came in and focus on the chemistry notes I was writing.
“Hey sweetie, you have been very hard to find the last few days, what’s happening?” she asked looking so innocent. One would think that she actually cares, watching her smile and play with my beards only fanned the raging fire within, I knew that if I continue to let her touch me, I might transform and it would surely get hungry. I stylishly move away from her, ” So what’s in the bag? Carrots? Apples, my favorite, huh?” as I opened the bag ignoring her question. I found apples, took one and was Crushing it as she stared at me, not happy obviously. I walked to where she sat and kissed her hair, pulling her to me. “You don’t have to worry, everything is alright, okay?” I said as she nodded and went straight for my lips, biting and sucking them.
I kissed her back but my wolf wasn’t happy, it kept growling and growling, I had to stop. I pulled back from her and said, ” Lucy, I need some air” as I quickly jogged outside. She followed suite and was asking questions upon questions. “Do I smell? it’s something wrong? Don’t you love me anymore? Say something Richard! God dammit!!.” I looked at her as she started crying, I had to think of something, ” It’s not you Lucy,” I feigned crying too “I saw an accident involving a family, they are all died, father, mother and child, it was horrible. It’s why.. I….. Can’t….” I couldn’t finish my sentence. “Shhhhhhhh, it’s OK, stop crying, come get some sleep.” she urged me, I continued the pretence as I followed her in. She led me to the bed, I framed sleep because I knew that her next point of action was the black book but Alas! , I had hidden it.
I really wanted him inside of me, I was fvcking Hot, and here he was crying like a five year old. Oh well, he is asleep now, let me check for the book. I quietly approached the drawer, but the book was no where to be found. I checked again, it wasn’t there. What happened? , did he discover my trespassing? Nah, I made sure I cleaned every blood on it but where did he move it to? I couldn’t ask him in order not to raise suspicion. I was gonna check for it another time. But I will need his spare key.
I heard her approach the drawer and pull it and I wished I could see the look on her face when she didn’t find it there . silly biiitch. I continued with my pretence, and after two hours, I woke up supposedly. She was doing her nails, after which she said she would be on her way but not before asking for my spare key. I gave her and kissed her before she left. That book is so leaving this house today .
The rest of the day was
boring and I couldn’t wait for the evening.
It sure came, and it found me at the clearing waiting for Angel. I carried the book with me this time, this house was gonna be it’s new home. Angel soon arrived, and boy oh boy, she sure knows more about me than myself.
I didn’t whistled this time, I howled. She is truly mesmerizing. She dressed like a rock star and I was sure she must have been in the fashion house all day.
She wore a complete latex set that showed her amazing curves, with her camel toe being the prominent feature,her Tips stood out and it was obvious she was really Hot. I was damn sure she wasn’t wearing anything underneath the latex. She was on fringe with her lips and eyelids painted black. I was practically drooling as she was my fantasy come true.
“Hey Richy, you like what you See? ” she asked. Liked? I loved it. I moved for her lips but she held out her hand urging me to stop, “we need to talk first, let’s go in” she said. Why can’t we talk after sex, why now,i complained within. I followed her though but when I saw her ass in that latex, I grabbed and turned her around. Discussion be damned! I took her lips in mine and we kissed hungrily for a while, i moved for her bosoms but she moved away from me, “Richard, we need to talk first, okay” she smiled as she turned to open the door. All through the walk down the passage she kept wriggling her arse side to side deliberately tormenting me.
We finally got to the living room and I could finally breathe. “Have you decided to break the bond? “she asked.” Yes, I need to be quicker in my operations now ” I replied as I continued to stare at her camel toe.” Who then is your new choice? “she asked and bent her head. I walked up to her, kissed her fore head,” you” I replied. “Why Me? I could be another Lucy” she said. “You are not the only one that has been watching” I said. “What do you mean? ” she asked, “Enough of the questions already , let’s do this.” I replied.
“No, Richard. It’s not like that, if you want a new mate. You will have to break the connection you have with Lucy else the pain while creating a new one will end up killing you.” she said. “So how do I break it?” I asked. “I will recite the spell to break it but I will need your blood.” she replied.
Quickly, she drew a circle with a mixture of my blood and hers and then we stood inside the circle. She drew two shapes that looked like fangs, each opposite us with chalk and again drew my blood and hers directing me to let mine drop on the fang shape opposite me.The blood flowed linearly until they meet each other. Blood doesn’t flow that way especially since the floor of the living room was straight with no edges, it must have been magic at work.
The moment the blood met, she asked for my hands, she held mine and urged me to concentrate and release my myself. I did while she kept on repeating some unknown words. I felt something leave me as a strong burst of wind blew through the living room. The wind gained momentum as Angel kept repeating those words. Then suddenly , a pain so severe sprung from my heart as I felt something like a knife piercing it. I almost passed out but Angel held on strongly. Soon the pain spread to every part of my body and I was barely holding up. I was literally shaking but I held on with everything I had. The wind became even more fearsome as picture frames started ripping off the wall and books started flying around. Soon, I felt something enter me and then the wind waned as I collapsed totally exhausted.
I was having dinner with mom when suddenly a severe pain sprung up from my heart. It was excruciating and agonizing. I managed to hold up but it soon move to the rest of my body and it seemed as if my body was on fire. I screamed out in pain as this went on. “Lucy, what is it?” I heard my mom say but I couldn’t answer because I started jerking and when I couldn’t hold it anymore, I fell off the dining chair asI lost Consciousness.
I stretched my hand and grabbed something very soft,that’s strange because I was standing some minutes ago. I opened my eyes and found myself on a king size bed. The room was big too with a pretty drawer close to my side of the bed, the room was painted pink, obviously a lady’s room. I tried getting up but I fell back but I pulled myself up. I had barely move my legs when I heard footsteps approaching my room. The door opened and there was Angel in all her beauty. She was still dressed as when she arrived, I looked at the bed and smiled as I knew it will soonfeel the weight of what’s about to take place next.
“You are up already, that’s quick considering the amount of energy you used to break that bond. ” she said as she dropped the tray carrying the food she brought for me. I just shrugged and kept looking at her as my stick grow in length. “Why are you staring at me like that?”she asked with a naughty smirk on her face,” well, get your arse here and stop staring, or your meal will…. get…. cold” she stammered as her gaze fell on my visibly hardened stick, apparently me wearing a tight pant didn’t help matters. She was visibly taken aback and without much ado, I walked up to her and planted my lips on hers, I then moved to her ears whispering, “Stop delaying the inevitable, you have waited for this moment for decades, why wait a second more? ” I finished with a question. She was already breathing hard.
I continued playing with her ears while my hands found their way to her top zipper and ran the length of it. I removed hers and she reciprocated same. Her hands went to my waist and she unhooked my belt while I feasted on her beautiful bosoms and true to my observation earlier, she didn’t put on anything . I played and danced with her Tips before placing them between my teeth, this brought some “yes, bite it again”.. Oh yeah, music to my ears, I obeyed her orders and bit them harder, they turned red and harder. I couldn’t have enough of her bosoms, they were just two cups of overwhelming pleasure. I later moved to her lower region but stopped, I had a surprise for her. I carried her to the bed, removed her shoes and ripped her latex pants around her arse to her hole. It was just as I liked it, banging a girl on ripped spandex, my ultimate fantasy and what best time to do it than now.
I bit her arse cheeks before moving to her butt hole, “owww, I thought you don’t do that shittt” she teased as her eyes rolled in pleasure. I just smiled and move down to honey comb, she was already soaking wet and really swelled up, this made my job easier in finding her clit. I bit and twirl my tongue around it and it didn’t take long before she erupted. She jerked for a while, before settling down and decided to suck my stick but I declined the offer. I preferred pleasing than getting pleased. I laid on the bed as she mounted me in reverse cowgirl, when she did that i knew I wouldn’t last five minutes. Riding a girl
in that position with her arse on ripped latex reverberating from the movement down my stick had been my ultimate sexual fantasy.
She started the movement, screaming and thrashing her hair as she picked up speed. I soon followed too and I held her waist as I pumped six strokes per second. The reverberation became faster and I started shaking too as I was close to my release. She suddenly snarled and almost immediately too, a growl left my throat followed by my fangs growing, I completely forgot I had to bite her, I quickly turned her around without withdrawing my stick. I continued pumping as my cum started its journey up the vas deferens as we both sank our fangs on each other’s neck before I was separated from her when she forcefully ejected my white laced stick as she squirted a second time.
The ritual completely depleted a already weak me as I fainted a second time
that night.
The constellation suddenly changed as I was watching the beautiful night sky. True soul mates have finally mated. I smiled as I watched the beautiful scene. Angel deserved every happiness she could get, and Richard was that true happiness.

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