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“I am on my way, prepare for my coming.” I informed her on the phone. “No, you can’t yet. I have made amends for my carelessness. You can’t come here, you will only complicate things. I can’t protect him and look out for you too. I…..” she said as she tried to stop me, but I had heard enough of her bullshiit,
“You nearly destroyed what we have been building for centuries now, I saw the moon, he is not bonded with you and that’s the only way to end this evil. I must come ” I explained, rolling my eyes at my disappointment in her.” I will get things right but you can’t come yet, Lucy mustn’t find out that you lived after she asked me to destroy you. Please, by the next full moon, everything will go as planned. “she pleaded.” Fine, you have till the next full moon. I will still keep watch as I have all these years. ”
Angel has definitely gone too far this time. She has almost destroyed all that I have carefully planned. But I have more than what I bargained for. I have been studying the black book for a while now, and I have been able to write down spells, enchantments and ingredients required to make my kind even stronger. But now that Richard is a bit disappointed with me, I needed to hurry up with getting more information from the book before he discovers my end game, that’s if he ever do. I am a full blooded werewolf now, and there is no better way for Dad to witness the ability of this beast first hand than with me, I just have to wait for the next 29 days when he returns. I have tried reading Richard’s mind for a while now , but I haven’t been able to, it just seems like he is being blocked from me. I have tried calling him but I keep getting his voice mail and Angel too was unavailable. Hmmm.
Wheew!!!!!!!!, How could she even think of coming? I mean after what I passed through to safely sneak her out of town decades ago . She should remain where she is, Richard barely has s grip on himself after what transpired between us a few moments ago, he can’t bare another revelation about his past now, not now definitely.
After dropping Richard off at where he parked his truck, who didn’t utter a single word all through the ride back home. He was lost in thought and w wished I could read his mind to see what was eating him up so bad. I guess it’s another love gone sour.
I arrived town just in time to lead them in the blood hunt. As usual, Lucy was absent from the raid since she wasn’t one of us anymore. I couldn’t wait myself to get this curse off me but I wouldn’t use the path she used. We got to our destination – a club. The place was bubbling with kids dancing and screwing themselves. One of them walked up to me as I joined in the fun, but I wasn’t here to dance, I was here for blood as I moved my mouth to his neck and sank my fangs into it.
I still found it hard to believe that I was played by a woman. I never saw the signs but I should have known that my survival all these years mustn’t just because I was immortal but because I was well hidden and protected From the very trouble I had just found myself in. How can Lucy be this deceptive and cunning? . The love was there for God sake,the sex, the passion, the vow, I felt all within me, how could she then pulled this up and I didn’t suspect a thing .
I was out of the house now, I have to stop thinking about what I learnt today since I stupidity bonded myself with the very enemy I was out to stop . After Angel dropped me where I parked my car, I came down and walked to my car. I didn’t say thank you or anything, just started the car and drove to my cabin utterly dejected. One thing I learnt today was that Family is all we got, no amount of love, affection and care one gives or receives from outsiders can change that. I thought I was building a pack but I wasn’t, I was actually building my grave . I got home and transformed. I ran into the woods, growling and howling, as I sought a way of healing my

After drinking from three different guys, I had my fill, I called off the raid to several boos and grunts, but it was necessary before someone dies from the drinking. I dismissed the rest of the vampires while I stayed behind to make sure none of the bodies which fed our thirst died. I don’t like the brutal and destructive abilities I possessed as a vampire contrary to what people think. After checking for their pulse and heart rate, and was satisfied. I left the club and went home. I arrived to find Lucy waiting for me in my room. She sat, cross-legged and wasn’t looking pleased. I just ignored her and started pulling off my boots, that didn’t go down well with her and she stood up, kicked my boots aside and demanded for an explanation. “What is there to explain?” I asked her. “Why did you tell Richard that I am engaged? , what do you hope to gain with this blackmail? Why can’t you just look for someone else? What is it with you and my guys? “. I was really tired of this nonsense, her pretence was nauseating, “you know what, just stop with the questions already. I hate it that you are deceiving the poor guy, the shiit aint pretty Lucy. He is a nice guy and he deserves better than you.” I replied her silly questions. “And you are the better option. You shameless w.hore, you sleep with every cute guy that catches your fancy, and you have the nerve to open that shiit hole and say you are a better option than I am. I am just here to
warn you, stay off Richard, I can’t bear the fact that each day you come here, you smell of him. Just stay off my boyfriend. “she said before storming out of my room. I just smiled within me. I might be a LovePeddler but I did all that to remain relevant in the scheme of things. Damien is the destroyer, Lucy is the psychic while I chose to be the Seducer. I have seduced so many men, I have lost count. But my insistence on Richard was beyond petty competition or sympathy. He is our saviour and my soul mate. I wasn’t gonna allow this liar to use him to make up for her past mistakes. I was really tired and decided to try and rest.
I got up the next morning, did some squatting to make my ass more firm. I don’t want to seduce Richard though, he has to choose his mate but I still have to look really attractive since the day of breaking the bond might be today or tomorrow. I knew he was an arse man, typical of black men. After making sure I could turn every man’s neck that sets his eyes on me 360. I left for school and if Richard knew me, he didn’t show it, though his focus was on me when it came to questions. I didn’t know what he was hoping to get from me but he asked me questions after questions and I answered them all. After the class, he asked me to stay behind. He sat down on his desk and just stared at me for what seemed like hours but more like minutes. I was becoming uncomfortable and asked, “why are you staring at me.” “We meet at the same place, that’s what your partner wrote as I lectured. Talk to him before he loses it. You can go now “he replied rather with disjointed sentences that didn’t make sense to me. I left his class thinking then it occurred to me that he meant he would meet at the clearing and there was no need to wait outside town or for us to go together, probably because of Lucy. He has agreed then to break the bond, still I knew it wasn’t just because of what I told him yesterday, he must found evidence and I wondered what it was. So, that’s why he was bombarding me with questions and questions in class to ascertain my level of smartness, hmmm, Funny guy.
I got tired of howling and scaring every creature around and transformed back to human. I walked around Unclad, swearing and cursing my luck in women. I finally entered my cabin, fell on my bed and slept off. I woke up by 4am and was just restless as I didn’t dream this time. I decided to take some candles for prayers because I just couldn’t hold the pain in my heart no longer,when I saw the brush used to trace out the texts in the black book. It was then I remembered the black book and decided to open it. I did and saw the vain attempts of Lucy to cover her tracks. The blood didn’t completely dry even if I had no idea of what she used in cleaning it in the first place. I saw some texts from those that weren’t completely wiped off and decided to write them down. I changed the location of the book since I didn’t trust Lucy no more. I kept the note in my jacket and plan to show it to Angel when we meet later today.
I saw Lucy in school and winked at her to let her know that I was cool with her, she bought it and smiled back. I mouthed” I missed you” and she chuckled before entering her office, I just had to pretend till I got what I wanted. She thinks she is playing me, and I just have to make her believe so, the game was on. I passed a message across to Angel after her class with me but not before checking if she was capable of decoding it.
After football practice that day, I stayed behind in school, switched off my phone just in case Lucy might want to call and as soon as it hit seven, I left school, found my way outside town without using my car because I wasn’t sure if I will be followed. I entered the woods, removed my clothes and transformed. I ran all the way till I got to the clearing. I saw Angel waiting for me. She was in front of me, I called out her name in my wolf form, she turned around, and I smiled but she didn’t, instead she fell down as she lost consciousness. broken heart .

I got to the clearing some minutes before seven but I couldn’t find him. I tried calling him but I got his voice mail. I decided to hang on a little but if he doesn’t show up, then I will be on my way. Some minutes past seven , I heard something breathing behind me and then my name was called out by a creepy voice, I turned around to see who owned the voice because I was sure that wasn’t Richard’s voice. I saw something that looked like a wolf, no, this being was too big to be a wolf, I mean it was bigger and taller than I am. It smiled when I looked at it, I have been told he was a wolf but I never thought he would be this big and imposing and he can even talk in wolf form . All was too much for me to take at once and so I got a little light headed and fell to the ground.
I felt myself lying on a flat grassland and someone hands on me. I tried to open my eyes but they seemed too heavy for me to open. Then, I felt my lips open, and someone else’s lips covered mine trying to revive me or something. The lips were so soft, instead of trying to breathe, I kissed the lips back, and whoever owned the lips kissed back too and that started the kissing game. We kissed for quite some time and we didn’t seem to get enough of each other, I was finally able to open my eyes when I discovered it wasn’t a dream, I was actually kissing Richard. I quickly disengaged, and managed to get myself up, he was stark Unclad and I wondered why . “Why are you butt Unclad”, I asked him.” I had to transform back when you fainted ” he answered. Jeez!!! He was that huge beast a while ago, he is freaking scary. How can something that huge live in a slim vessel like him, I pondered. I looked at my watch, it was some minutes to Eight,” Put on your clothes and follow me, we don’t have much time and I can’t have any reasonable discussion with you if you are in this state “I said to him biting my lips as I finished talking.
He chuckled before putting on his clothes while I recited the spell needed to open the door to the safe house. We got in and sat opposite each other.” You have chosen to break the bond I suppose and that’s why you parried that message to me in class today “I Said as he nodded his head to confirm my words, ” so may I know what prompted you to “I asked I was completely lost yesterday” he began ” I just couldn’t believe I was played to believe Lucy loved me. I mean, it was so real or maybe I was just in a haste to start a family. I mean to finally find someone who is immortal and still fertile, that’s one in a billion. I couldn’t miss that opportunity. And that’s why I failed to see the signs, I mean we were talking about someone who has psychic abilities, I didn’t stand a chance against her and her games, but when I woke up this morning and decided to pray using candles. I went to the drawer in which I kept them, that same drawer happen to be the one I keep the black book. I opened the book and true to your words of having cuts on my hands yesterday, I found pages and pages that have been read without my approval. Some have been cleared but from few that didn’t dry up I was able to write some texts. Here they are” he pulled some note pad from his Jacket and handed it to me as he continued talking. “It then dawn on me that I have been played from the start. She must have been looking for this book and must have been her end game since I foolishly told her it was given to me by a strange woman while I was still young. So can you make meaning of those texts? ” he concluded with a question.” Holy Shiit ! This is what they have been planning. These texts are the remnants of powerful, complicated spells and enchantments needed to fuse two beings in one being. It means adding the abilities of a vampire and a werewolf. ” I replied him totally awed by the genius of Lucy.” But that’s not possible, my wolf says that both beasts cannot occupy one vessel, the vessel will die” he said.

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